Ferry, Bryan - Simple Twist Of Fate Lyrics

They sat together in the park
As the evening sky grew dark
She looked at him and he felt a spark tingle to his bones
It was then he felt alone
And wished that he'd gone straight
And watched out for a simple twist of fate.

They walked alone by the old canal
A little confused I remember well
And stopped into a strange hotel with a neon burning bright
He felt the heat of the night hit him like a freight train
Moving with a simple twist of fate.

A saxophone someplace far off played
As she was walking on by the arcade
As the light bust through a-beat-up shade where he was waking up
She dropped a coin into the cup of a blind man at the gate
And forgot about a simple twist of fate.

He woke up the room was bare
He didn't see her anywhere
He told himself he didn't care pushed the window open wide
Felt an emptiness inside to which he just could not relate
Brought on by a simple twist of fate.

He hears the ticking of the clocks
And walks along with a parrot that talks
Hunts her down by the waterfront docks where the sailers all come in
Maybe she'll pick him out again how long must he wait
One more time for a simple twist of fate.

People tell me it's a sin
To know and feel too much within
I still believe she was my twin but I lost the ring
She was born in spring but I was born too late
Blame it on a simple twist of fate.

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Ferry, Bryan Simple Twist Of Fate Comments
  1. Procommenter

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  2. Procommenter

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    around. Our Temple of Love is gone now.
    It has been replaced by a garbage dump.

  3. Procommenter

    MORE HARM THAN GOOD, never do things that end doing this as the Good Book shows sinners the way isn't through cruelty or befriending perverts. The righteous are on proper footing. A secret past must be drug out and made forgiven. If I aspire to Oneness with the Creator of All Things then the Kingdom is mine to dwell in. When fall descends and the cold, titty-hardening, ball-rustling winds blow cover from dens, lairs & cubby-holes, church-absent creatures emerge in financially-crippling ways, roaming the under-brush, tangling themselves in thickets.

  4. Daniel Maxwell

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  5. Daniel Maxwell

    All hand grenades waft to 1 side on the grenade-lobbing slide when
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  6. Daniel Maxwell

    “Pigs aren't people. People are people. Let that be a lesson to those people who call pigs people.” — Me, 22 August 2011 @ 4:05 A.M.

    “Honor is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it we can never return.” — Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux

    “Since the creation of the world there has been no tyrant like Intemperance, and no slaves so cruelly treated as his.”
    — William Lloyd Garrison [1805-1879]

  7. Maggie Mcleod

    Absolutely Brilliant, no mistaking that sexy great voice.

  8. José Estêvão Melo de Sousa Melo de Sousa

    Ótima versão do belo clássico.

  9. Susanne George

    Listen to Diana Krall's cover. Restrained, but great I think.

  10. j2867261

    Now Bob's a real Nobel Man... It's sure a nice little feature to a Genius... May God bless him and another great artist and troubadour of life, Bryan Ferry!

  11. billy wol

    Possibly one of the best cover versions I have ever heard. A great cover of a great song. If you want someone to sing Bob,Ferry is the man.

  12. Kevin Diamond

    look man you just don't get it - a cover is not imitation. it is an adaptation. this song has so much energy, life, I love it

  13. Harry Cox

    I am a Dylan and Ferry fan but some songs are UN-coverible. Dylan wrote the song and sings is with such passion because he is singing his personal feelings. This cover just dose not work, the fast tempo dose not suit the sweet and tender song.

    Peter Ryan

    Only someone who has been emotionally involved with Dylan can understand and interpret his work. Joan Baez is one of the few that can really do this.

  14. costas Panopoulos

    Great version!!!!!!Super violin solo.It's a homage to god. FOR SURE!!!!!!!!

  15. nakadrog

    Great cover thanks for posting this. Unique artist and great guitar

  16. RuzicMusic

    Totally inspiring !

  17. xyearsafter

    Tune is the same, but some faster.
    Great version, beautiful violin. My favorite song on album.

  18. Joseph Mills

    I think this is one of Dylan's greatest records. And one of the best covers.

  19. Jon Hwai

    Sorry, but this is terrible. It's not dylanesque at all; Bryan's just singing his lyrics to a completely different tune. It's not homage to the God that is Dylan, it's just plagiarism.

  20. thomas schuster

    That rocks, swings,drives me crazy! The WHOLE album is simply PURE GENIOUS!

  21. gaz fox

    superb tune!

  22. Charles Seluzicki

    Completely inspired