Ferry, Bryan - Seven Deadly Sins Lyrics

You've seen it all before you
You know the truth can be unkind
You fear the worst is hiding
It's when you lose your mind
All I hear is chimes at midnight
Only seven deadly sins
You hear the words denying
You can't believe but you try
When you long for what you don't have
It's why you live and die
You say your love is endless
But jealousy is blind
As we speak I rage and tremble
I must be sure you're mine

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Ferry, Bryan Seven Deadly Sins Comments
  1. Georgia Rose

    The guitar on this song is played by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

  2. Baby Irene

    A superior banger.

  3. theOwl&Pussycat

    Doing a 'thumbs up' for this song seems so insufficient. It's more like being doubled-over by love and love and love for this song

  4. SevenFoot Pelican

    That souns like the Taco Bell bell ringing sound lol

  5. Marcos Figueiredo

    David Gilmour...guitar GOD!

  6. Ramon fernandez

    Que buena voz y un ritmo, perfecto, muy buenos músicos, los integrantes. Brillantes.!

  7. Zachary Apakian

    Lebron trash doe

  8. Mariam Ayub


  9. Benoit Vanhees

    One more superb Ferry song from an excellent album. Deserves more airplay, we always hear the same Roxy or Ferry tunes on the radio, jeezes deejays either aren't adventurous, or just play the music the publicity sector wants to hear, to have the biggest audience possible. Publicity is necessary to promote an album, but the same sector afterwards is only interested in the big hits to promote deo's and chicken soup, toilet paper and cookies... 

  10. Beasty


  11. zzzdogutube

    Thanks Auntie Dear


    @zzzdogutube Hey zz.. Thanks!!   :p