Ferry, Bryan - I Thought Lyrics

I thought – you’d be my streetcar named desire
My way – my taste of wine
I thought – you’d be that flame within the fire
One dream that just won’t die

All night – looking for new love
Impossible true love – nothing at all
Looking for new gods – looking for new blood
Looking for you oh oh

I thought – I’d find you walking in the rain
Just like a wayward child
I thought – I’d find you calling out my name
So foolish is my pride

All night – looking for new love
Impossible true love – nothing at all
Looking for new ways – looking for strange blood
Looking for you oh oh

I thought – I’d be your streetcar named desire
Your man – the one you seek
I thought – I’d take you deep within myself
Subtitles when we speak

Hold on – the flower says reach out
The thunder says no shout is greater than mine
Listen and hold on – untill the day fades out
Smothered in gold

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Ferry, Bryan I Thought Comments
  1. Rich Godsil

    Such a beautiful song - I wish they both had collaborated more over the years.

  2. Carla Afrika

    Brilliant Brian Eno & Bryan Ferry - Genius :-)

  3. Carla Afrika


  4. Alan Naidoo

    I’m into this phase where I only want to listen to Bryan Ferry

  5. Jim Bendtsen


  6. toralc .ctoral

    the Brian-Bryan's together are wonderful !!!

  7. steelyman08

    The atmospherics are unreal. A swirling, surreal carnival. That ending! The finest art.

  8. C Synch

    Eno and Ferry the absolute genuine article

  9. James George. Thorpe

    Hits the Nail of LOVE right on the Head ---- BRILLIANT

  10. Paolo Barberi

    Beautiful song. Actually I came here through the 1920s jazz version which struck me this afternoon - heard on streaming on the NPR website

  11. Werner Bluhm


  12. Ansi Lumens

    I like the way it starts normal and then gets stranger and stranger.

  13. Mark Pattison

    Beautiful Harmonica at the end

  14. Sandra Susky

    My, this is indescribably beautiful..............

  15. David Grunigen

    chill down my spine.....

  16. mathieu hill

    what a revelation this song is... a new fav among many by Bryan.

  17. Daniel Maxwell

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  18. Daniel Maxwell

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  19. Daniel Maxwell

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  20. Mark Roberts

    ENOS music is stamped all over this,absolute class.bravo roxy music.

  21. Mark Roberts

    Stunning, beautiful, all that stuff.

  22. Daniel Maxwell

    With Siamese twins it is always the fucking same, 'cause neither 1's
    to blame for being given a similar, yet different, fucking first name.

  23. Daniel Maxwell

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  24. Daniel Maxwell

    (̅_̅_̅(̲̲̲̲̲̅̅̅̅̅̅(̅_̅_"Along the Far Climb Down"_̅_̅()ڪے

  25. Rich Cooksley

    One of the greatest songs ever written. Just beautiful.

  26. w0mbles

    Just wonderful. Reminds me a lot of Eno/Cale's "Spinning Away"... the silly synth intro that reveals itself to be magical.... The similarity is obviously not coincidental; these are master songsmiths.

    David Kalman

    Definitely a Wrong Way Up vibe, plus some Ring of Fire.

  27. toralc .ctoral

    love love love this song Eno&Ferry love love love

  28. Night Garden


  29. mister E

    Bryan & Brian

    Night Garden

    9021999 1
    Champagne & Caviar!

  30. Thomas Zinner

    Einfach Top !!!!! :-)

  31. Bill Fletcher

    Rediscovered this cd today after many years. This song in particular, is sublime. Great album.

  32. Lucretius Eldritch

    Definitely Eno's fingerprints all over this one.

  33. toralc .ctoral

    delightful ... délicieux ...

  34. keith challingsworth

    I always thought that these two wrote some of the best songs working together, Ferry too poppy on his own and Eno too decadent.

    Kris Scanlon

    monmouthshire1 age old problem with bandmates. they both let years go by and should have worked together long time ago. they shared many attributes including Rhett Davies. I can't overestimate Eno role on the first 2 Roxy lps. Synths tapes and treatments .the original synth whiz with the most dapper ironic front man of all time.

    Patrick Weaver

    Roxy went off in a different direction (into mainstream) from Eno, who got rather lost with Robert Fripp and other eccentric hard-to-listen-to stuff.

  35. MotherofpearlMusic

    Love the album, love this song, love his voice :)

    joão Victor

    I love you!!! Your covers are great!!

  36. DJKevvy Kev

    New to me.
    very good.

    Neil Tucker

    Always good to hear something that resembles his old (and best) stuff.

  37. Nataniel Barros


  38. John Coley

    Great song from a great album.  A treasure.

  39. steelyman08

    Ferry and Eno in harmony. Guess they both grew up and realized that differences can be surmounted after all. The results are sublime :-)


    Absolutely! I'm so glad the reunion finally came about. The vibes are extraordinary!

  40. bill gedeon

    you can tell eno, wrote the music & ferry, the lyrics..

  41. Ric Euteneuer

    Sounds like a perfect melange of Eno and Ferry - which of course is what it is ! Vaguely reminiscent of Taking Tiger Mountain...

  42. HansKst

    It sounds like "Sexy Boy" (Air)

    El Universal Querétaro

    Jajaja. Sexy Boy is a plagiarism

    Udi Koomran

    Really - tell more

  43. amber rosie


  44. marti-grecia odalyz

    THAT particular past tense-is much so the STRANGER - in my vocabulary!!!

  45. Barbara Pilipovic

    ..The perfect one!..............~

  46. angie swatsky

    thats the first time i heard that wow!

  47. ctoral

    woooooooooow I LOVE that song ! Bryan & Brian ! splendid !

  48. Jenna F

    Thank you !

  49. Héctor Montenegro

    At last!!