Ferry, Bryan - I Put A Spell On You Lyrics

I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Because you're mine
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Because you're mine
You gotta stop the things you do
I ain't lying
You better stop the things you do
I ain't lying
I just can't stand it babe
I just can't stand it babe
I just can't stand it babe
I just can't stand it
I put a spell on you
Because you're mine
Because you're mine
I put a spell on you
I put a spell on you
You've gotta stop the things you do
You've gotta stop the things you do
You've gotta stop the things
Stop the things
Stop the things

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Ferry, Bryan I Put A Spell On You Comments
  1. James Farrell

    That's when I knew that I had the funk.

  2. christiane micallef


  3. Marta Quidel

    ¡ Què gran ARTISTA sos Bryan Ferry ! le dàs un clima a este tema y toda tù obra es para parar todo y escuchar.

  4. Doc female

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  5. Light Worker

    I love him so much!! Grrrrrrrr...

  6. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy bryan ferry

  7. risingmoon07

    Bryan Ferry should have been a movie star.

  8. Aiba Worx

    December 2019 🙋🏻‍♂️


    can you name the 2 who sung this song

  10. David Myers Phd Bsc ImechE.

    Superb song of quality.

  11. Yenney Rossi

    Bellissimo brano e interpretazione caro Bryan Ferry ♥ Stupendo video e condivisione ★ Complimenti e Saluti!!

  12. Marta Quidel

    ¡¡¡TEMAZO!!!, Le puedo dar like otra vez? jajaj.

  13. jingo kidd

    the jingo kid was here

  14. scent_of_ the_seventies

    such a shame that modern feminism has totally wrecked the qualities of love this epic exudes.

  15. Roberto Gonzalez

    El glamour en su mas pura expresión. FERRY INMENSO!

  16. Marta Quidel

    Ufff, èste tema tiene un clima...

  17. M Khonger

    Bryan Ferry. Dirk Bogarde. Both cut of the same cloth, eh?

  18. john poulos

    sensual killer bass groove , luv it

  19. Yannis Mavrommatis

    Live in Licabetus Athens... Greece....he was amazing!!!!!

  20. Colette Duke

    Ooosh mr ferry I wouldn't say no to you xx

  21. Lock Star Goddess

    and the model Eliza is Gorgeous fellow #videovixen

  22. Lock Star Goddess

    So Great to see him for the first time at Greek Theater los angeles...in my silver Metallic mini-dress dancing and singing and shakin around like a sexy voodoo doll or one of Tina Turner's. lot Ike _ettes!!

    . this is one of my favorite covers this Screamin Jay hawkins song and there are many but this is one of the Sexiest... #bryanferry #Screamijayhawkins #Rocktober

  23. Iain Graham

    What a base line.

  24. Pete Dimis

    Coooooooool mannnnn!!!!!!!

  25. Ivelina Patrikova

    Smoking and drinkin' beer day time listening to that absolute masterpiece! Priceless! This song brings me to another universe full of joy and love. A feeling that I can not explain. Thank you Bryan!

  26. The Bearded Seeker

    i don't remember hearing this back then but it's very good. the sound really does take me back to the early 90s.

  27. Yenney Rossi

    Bellissimo brano , video e interpretazione caro Bryan Ferry ♥ Grazie mille per averlo condiviso ★ Complimenti!!

  28. Baris Kuruer

    harika, hipnotik, buram buram kalite hele o bas.

  29. david mcchristian

    2 tickets for 8/39 THUR at THE GREEK, Sec B, Roe G, Seats 134, 136 (off the aisle) asking $190 ea Take $ ???

  30. Roberto Gonzalez

    Ferry 100% glamour.....

  31. Mehitable Storm

    Bryan Ferry may be the sexiest man who ever lived.

  32. Colinart

    Nasty. Damm.

  33. lucia garcia

    Thanks for your songs.

  34. Илья Власенко

    Скорость воспроизведения существенно завышена.
    Песня безнадежно испорчена.

  35. Bariantmanc i

    Such a hypnotic bass!

  36. Stefan Milisic

    Jebeno savrsheno

  37. marti-grecia Odalyz

    I put a spell on you... because you're mine. ;)

  38. ana

    Yes😍this is perfect for rainy,early romantic morning!

  39. Sam Delany

    Bryan Ferry is the male Sade, sexy, timeless, classy

  40. joao mirandamendes

    the actress from almodavar's movies dancing on this wowww

    Yannis Mavrommatis

    Great observation

  41. Patricio Martel Avila

    buaaa me encanta

  42. anthony scully

    love this clip. it,s like a cross between bladerunner and casablanca

  43. Toria Ridgway


  44. Siegfried Pretsch


  45. Pavanesound

    People - A delicious live version of this just posted on the 'Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music' facebook page. Filmed in the Piazza Navona. You think the Piazza couldn't get any more beautiful but then you add the sprezzatura of Il Magnifico Ferry and suddenly you need a gelato...Che bello uomo!

  46. GIRLS vs BOYS

    All the memories that come to mind when listening to this music make me feel blue and my heart is aching so badly.
    I wish I could turn back time and be young again. Getting old sucks big time!

  47. david kelly

    Simply Amazing it is perfect just the way it is..

  48. Pavanesound

    I wonder if Mr. Ferry likes the Screamin Jay Hawkins version?

  49. Jacob Sverdlov

    The Best!

  50. Dietpepsivanilla

    Rossi de Palma!

  51. Merete Grimelid

    Bryan Ferry on meretegrimelid.wordpress.com

  52. Toria Ridgway

    I will put a spell on you...! And I ain't lying...!! 😱😀

  53. jarod stewart

    Hi Bryan, can we use one of your videos on our local Marin show, "Marin Artists Showcase" as guest artist? you can contact as at [email protected] Tune in Sundays to the Marin Artists Showcase, 9 p.m. (CA time). Love this stuff. Mariposa

  54. ALAN 711

    Yes so sensual and the music just takes you away.

  55. TotallySafe

    Bryan, simply immense.

  56. Lizzie Sangi

    THE TORCH DANCE is SO good

  57. Pablo Javier

    Principios de 1993. Parece que trabaja Carmen Barbieri, o alguien muy parecida a ella. Temaso. Esta época marca el final del furor de la música en inglés en mi país, desde aquí es un lento declive aunque con joyitas pero ya no con la masividad de los 60, 70 80 y principios de los 90. Los tiempos empiezan a cambiar y empieza a consumirse en las radios mucho latino que ya venía en aumento desde un poco antes. Sumado a la irrupción de la electrócnica y a que los temas pop gradualmente empiezan a sonar cada vez mas cargados al punto que muchos dejan de sonar agradables al oído del hispanohablante

  58. Надежда Мороз

    Какая мимика лица!!!!Харизма голоса!!Обалдеть)))

  59. Jeff Lightnin Ladenheim


  60. princesse lilloise

    This version of this single is the better! Sensual, hypnotic... I'm in love with this Man💋

  61. Aleksandar Jovic

    Great from Serbia 2019

  62. Romany1111

    Louise Goffin (Carole King's daughter) on banjo. Pretty cool that Bryan included her. But then, he IS cool.

  63. Martine HESS

    Très belle version de Brian que ne connaissais pas ! Merci 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻💖

  64. wim steehouwer

    Zeer geslepen. Maar ik heb de voorkeur voor de versie van CCR :-)

  65. FAVI J

    BRYAN trasmette emozioni ecco perché è il number one 🔝✌🎤💪📀👍💪👏❤

  66. Иван Житарюк




  68. Ivan Vukašinović

    Naj naj naj naj naj...

  69. Margaret Martell

    Wow, I absolutely love this. His voice is so smooth and beautiful. Great version.

  70. Tony Stark

    Bryan Ferry = musical and artistic genius, vid matches the song so well. The violins kill me. This is one of those songs that just grabs your soul and doesn't let you go. Nothing formulaic or forced-like mainstream music, it's so evocative and melodic.

  71. Mirella Puccio

    Bryan Ferry, I put a spell on you because je t'adore💘

    princesse lilloise

    @Mirella Puccio. Because je l'Adore aussi 😍💋💖


    @princesse lilloise Pareil for me !

  72. Dariusz Mruk

    Lubię takä muzykę

  73. M .M XO XO

    upload thank you for your kindness🍀🍀🍀🍀💖

  74. T mmm

    uploadありがとうございました(★‿★)❤(。☌ᴗ☌。)♡*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*♡

  75. Sabine Schäfer


  76. Javier Rodriguez

    Even Amy looks impressed

  77. Antonio Rodriguez

    Temazo estilo

  78. Anastasia Koundoura

    You put a spell on me Sir !!

    poppy orsini

    moi Aussie

  79. Zaklina Sosa

    Such a sexy song from a very sexy man.❤

  80. Benjamin Mitchell

    Ferry is a genius

  81. relax bosver

    Stop the things you do and listen to this sensual fantastic song...

  82. Zoran Tosic

    Old Master...

  83. Bethany

    I spent ages trying to figure out who sang the version of "I Put a Spell on You" that I remembered from the early nineties. For years I was convinced it was Chris Isaak who did it, but when I went looking for it I couldn't find the song on any of his albums or anywhere else. I thought the internet must be lying to me. Finally I found a list of covers of this song and listened to them all one by one until I found the one I was looking for, and it was by Bryan Ferry. Hey, he does sound a good bit like Chris Isaak.

  84. z z

    Bill Cosby: "Dis mah jam!"

  85. Mukyna J F

    rosi de palma en un video de bryan ferry :0

  86. edytka

    Hipnotyczna piosenka.💓💕

  87. Гульшат Лавренова

    Прекрасная версия. Просто тащусь...

  88. yakisueba

    Rossy de Palma <3

  89. Orion Star

    Sexy sexy song!! Song Sexy Sexy ! Sexy song sexy! Whichever way you see it.

  90. Stefan Lučić

    So freaking sexy.

  91. garry Whiting

    Stephen Clarke and garry whiting who are now ever proper gay  partners forever together who like pop music with each other and we like the same music together and the same proper stuff together

  92. Dani Rocksaurier

    Robin Trower on Guitars!

  93. Robert Johnson

    It is this kind of music they should play on fashion runway shows and not the endless list of helium sounding wailers and elevator music that feat one-hit wonders. Class and a classic from Bryan Ferry.

  94. Slavko Cosic


  95. loik 8649

    bonne version j’aime la voix de bryan

  96. Ruthann Brown

    I bet he is such a Good Lay...:P

  97. garry Whiting

    garry whiting and Stephen Clarke who are  proper gay partners together who like and love this song from bryan ferry only