Ferry, Bryan - Day For Night Lyrics

Mystery of life
Buried in the sand
Moving finger write
I am longing to understand
Driving away the dark
A shooting star
Can go so far
It's where I want to be
Open your eyes
Day for night
Look what you done to me
Open your heart
Stay tonight
No woman could mean
So much to me
Mystery of love
Do you see
The light of the day now?
Hidden by a veil
Are the ways
Of a cheating heart
Wish I could change your mind
The restless sea
A shooting star
Can go so far
It's where I want to be

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Ferry, Bryan Day For Night Comments
  1. SpammerOvTheGods

    The best song from his best album. I'd love to hear him do New Town and Day For Night back to back live like they are on the album.

  2. กรทอง บุญกร

    All tracks this album never demote, good concept

  3. Cláudia Santos

    Anos 80, só musicão

  4. Mouko#1 The Real One

    5/28/19 views 139.489 likes 345 & hate 17 enjoy !

    здесь для просмотра

    New generation is not able to listen to this. They never notice this magic

  5. PSBelectronica

    Has to be one of my top Ferry songs. ❤️💞

  6. Barry Hemmy

    So sexy,electric and sophisticated yet so so cool!!

  7. Urban Bednarski

    Yes, you're right. This IS one of the Greatest Albums Ever Recorded!

  8. SPYGLASS - Music

    Must be Dave Gilmour playing his signature atmospheric Guitar. He also can be heard on "Limbo" and "Seven Deadly Sins"

  9. Ana Maria Quiroga

    Elegancia y talento... qué exquisitez para los oídos y los ojos. También para la imaginación...

  10. Cecilia Martínez

    !!!!!!! Qué voz!!!!!!
    Es muy Novio💋💋💋

  11. Leah Goodpasture

    My favorite song by him !!! Good for driving with the top down along the coast !!!

  12. tbirdsteve1

    Brilliant album.

  13. george felise

    Few albums, if any...have more ambience & atmosphere.

    Ana Maria Quiroga

    You're so right!

  14. Cynthia Fradelizi

    He exudes class and sensuality. What a voice! All I have to do is listen and I get excited.

  15. andrea East Malling

    I can't believe this is over 30 years old . A classic

  16. Leighton Watkins

    that production though ,,,fecking magnifffffico.

    Brent Richards

    This was when Bryan turned to Pat Leonard. One of my favorite producers of all time.

  17. Cynthia Fradelizi

    Roxy was pure sensuality in a classy way. Bryan Ferry was so good looking and cool before cool was a word. Roxy was sex without the vulgarity that is so prevelent in todays music. What a voice!

    Mick DeVille

    Quite the wordsmith aren't you! So eloquently put.


    I give your statement a double thumps up!

  18. Michael Hoelen II

    My favorite song on Bete Noire!

    Leighton Watkins

    its a toss up between this and name of the game for me,lol

  19. Jack Clark

    memories of love lost

  20. Calvin Carpenter

    amazing song

  21. björn nyberg

    Like this!!!!!!

  22. Mario Bergeron

    The master crooner at his best

  23. здесь для просмотра

    I always come back to this magic song

  24. Steph Howard

    It's to be in love, Bryan Ferry will continue to be the Sultan of Suave for the 80s

  25. Mouko#1 The Real One

    as of  3-1-16 14.897 views  64 likes  4 dislikes the best album....

  26. Andre van Wijk

    Zooooooo goed .....

  27. Clyde Robinson

    If it was any cooler my machine would freeze

  28. Michael Gleneicki

    great album.

  29. TheUnatuber

    David Lynch thought this sone was too "up-tempo" for inclusion in the Twin Peaks soundtrack. IDIOT!

    Ana Maria Quiroga

    I like your nickname. So imaginative. Congratulations!

  30. vpex2

    Ferry is flying high..... wow....timeless stuff...

    Tamara Belmonte

    Preciosa canción

  31. Sharon Howell

    Every thing abut Roxy Music is beyoun cool

  32. Evan Williams


  33. Margaret Martell

    this has to be his best album... day for night is a chilling song.

  34. Briana B

    Bryan Ferry is amazing and delicious.

  35. vnessie1

    Amazing song...how could anyone dislike this??? This is probably the BEST album Brian Ferry ever recorded!!!