Ferry, Bryan - Bête Noire Lyrics

I know you - inside me
Like poison like wine
Now there's no sense in falling
Say you'll be mine
Give me the world around you
Give me the time
Only a dream without you
Say you'll be mine

I've got - inside me
In darkness entwined
I would be lost without you
Say you'll be mine
Reflected in water
Imagined by fire
I will be waiting for you
Say you'll be mine
Beware bête noire
Beware bête noire

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Ferry, Bryan Bête Noire Comments
  1. MeloLand

    Enjoy it....

  2. Murat Baktir

    A very nice sound from 80s

  3. Thomas Lutter

    Irgendwie denke ich hier immer an Österreich - Ungarn . Wunderbar.

  4. Claudio Cafarelli

    Una canzone di una raffinatezza rara

  5. Lu Vi

    <3 <3 <3

  6. Alan Fox

    Looking at the writers credit for the song ferry work with Patrick Leonard one of Madonna co song writers.

  7. Stefan Göransson

    Love this album.

  8. Lady Tron

    Pure class.

  9. bellakannibalona

    Magnifico album!

  10. cja sewell

    The violin is amazing.

    Gabriel Gonzalez


  11. zzzdogutube

    Thanks Dear, Ron