Ferras - Speak In Tongues Lyrics

Everything's different
Something's gone missing
I traveled the distance
To drown out the sound of the noise we make
We talk the same shit
Expecting to shape-shift
But we just jump ship
And swim in the wreckage of what we save

How do we get to the naked truth?
Cause I've got nothing if I don't got you
What have I got?
What have I got?
What if we've got nothing else to lose?
The only thing left for us to do
Is turn the lights out

No more words
I wanna speak in tongues
No more words
Talk to me with your touch
Body vibration is our heart-to-heart
No conversation's a good place to start
No more words
I wanna speak in tongues

You never listen
And I play the victim
Why don't we shut up, come undone
And change who we both become?
I fire weapons
You put up resistance
Either one of us spending
Begin this and end up just enemies



In a better silence
I do need you
In the voice of stillness
I'll never steal you
Feel you
And turn the lights out


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Ferras Speak In Tongues Comments
  1. ML Champion

    I remembered him opening for Katy Perry years ago. Loved his song. He also performed another song I liked, but could never find it

  2. Hâkx

    No mando saludos a la mimosa...pulgar abajo

  3. Christina Tucker

    just found a new fave!

  4. Adra Cadra

    Beautiful voice 😍

  5. Sergio Suarez

    Este Wey es un pinche chamaco cagón!!!!

  6. Sergio Suarez

    A este vato yo lo voy a machetear!!!!

  7. IPVJona

    Nooo ferraas nooo!

  8. Cherisse Tillman

    Yeah...everythings different alright...looks sound and all

  9. Sammy M

    My all time fave way back 2014😍❤️

  10. Hwka whw8w

    O la bebes o la derramas xd

  11. Jay Grant

    I keep imagine a song by Ferras with Adam Lambert and Katy Perry 😍

  12. Daniel Nate River

    Ferras ya estuvo Ferras ya estuvo. La bala fría

  13. DjNavi0

    Pinche ferras, se rehabilito, se tatuo más y aprendió ingles, todo un ejemplo de superación.

  14. WarrantedWhaleo

    "A ese vato yo me lo voy a machetear"

  15. emily adams

    why haven't you sold out stadiums yet?

  16. nani color

    Este es un impostor, mi Dios ferras anda tirando bala fria fun fun fun fun fun...

  17. K1111


  18. Lost in HollyDrugs

    Felipe Ferra Gomez (el ferras)

  19. Jonathan Hernández

    Lo que haya pasado ya se lo llevó su puta madre.


  20. Vladímir Putin

    Ire ama...a ese vato yo me lo voy a machetear

  21. Jesús Avalos

    Ya estuvo ferras!!!!

  22. 冷 m 八 r

    Quien es este wey que usa "ferras", en honor a su idolo felipe ferra gomez xD

  23. edwin jeovani santos cuellar

    Ferras,Kim Cessaron feat The Weeknd , it will be a hit...

  24. German Andres Tenorio Martinez

    Ferras Ferras ya estuvo,
    Ahora la bebes o la derramas

  25. Ilyasss fafouri

    One day you'll be famous , and i'll be there like im his fan i was here from the begenning

  26. TRUE Patriot

    Whaaaatt?!?!? Waisted talent...

  27. Aleh Bruch


  28. Michael

    I can listen to this over and over!

  29. GearsMoustachesAndCliques

    Memories of Ferras singing this on the Prism world tour with Katy Perry are floating back

  30. Bonnie

    that was gorgeous, Ferras. 3:41ish beautiful capture

  31. ATI NA

    Wow... I regret about the time I took to come here.... My god... He just slayed me....

  32. morrisch1684

    Why was this never popular on the radio?!??

  33. tooomas7


  34. Christopher Riggs

    Love him saw him with Katy Perry and Tegan and Sara

  35. Millz Mauser

    and hes heavily autotuned, im sure hes not that good in person

  36. Millz Mauser

    this guy dosent have the look to make it in the industry

    Blah Blah

    Millz Mauser ur kidding right... he has exactly the look.. you're one that would know, right? Mr. No profile photo, boring, probably dresses like everyone out on the streets, mr. couldn't be famous because too average and normal? Yea, that's what I thought. Ferras has an awesome '80s image..

  37. Mars_7

    weeknd wannabe? good music tho

  38. Trolletaby1043

    Se cuelga de la fama del verdadero ferras

  39. Drake Mvl

    Quien Llegó Aquí Buscando Al Ferras?? xD


    Jajaja, like

    Lost in HollyDrugs

    Jaja yo mero

    Gamer Noob

    Drake Mvl jajaja yo

    otro gato

    Yo cabron jaaja

  40. Chrono Cross

    He has a mop on his head

  41. Mark HappyLove

    Love this song !

  42. hereiamlord jesus

    demonic video

  43. LookItsSanti

    O la bebes, o la derramas.

  44. luis alejandro salas

    Felipe Ferras Gomez en que te convertiste :'v, "lo que haya pasado ya se lo llevo su puta madre" 😂

    Victoria Zapata Zamora

    "Anything that happened in the past, has already been taken away by his mother fucker"
    -Felipe Ferras Gómez a.k.a "Ferras"
    (And the guy in the video is amazing too)

  45. MiguelFlou

    Yo llegué aquí buscando a Felipe Ferras Gomez

    Fernando López

    si jaja
    pero para este tipo aplica el "...así bien puto wey"

  46. Brittany Desorda

    I absolutely love this song!!!! ♥

  47. Oscar Loco

    tu sabes papi la bala fria, fum fum fum

  48. JR Tiger army

    i live for this song!!!!! :)

  49. Yolotzin Clara Melo Fuentes

    I love this song and I love you!!!!!!

  50. Omar Lopez

    Champagne 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  51. StarbucksGirl

    Awesome job at the Prismatic World Tour Katy Perry dude.

  52. alex gilbert

    Mixed messages from this video

  53. Lisa

    i Love this video/song so much.....Ferras @ferras You are Truly Amazing ! Much Love and respect for you.... Lisa @Lisalove4sky Twitter :)

  54. Chianne Aurora

    Reminds me of a new age Prince.

  55. Quinton Jones

    Why am I just now hearing this???😍

  56. This Charming LoveHound

    1:15 Katy?

  57. Rachel, Iris and Breeya

    Ferass is the best male artist! Amazing!!!

  58. andrew carson

    he came out gay!!!!

  59. Paula Melgarejo

    you are AMAZING!

  60. Soraia Ferras

    are u my cousin?

  61. Tessa Reipen

    omg!! i love his music so much! normally i don't like music by boys but i LOVE this one! i hope he's gonna be as famous as Katy Perry soon! OMG!

  62. Fernando Licona-Romano Rdz

    paca pum pip, pa' qué le digo que no si sí

    Ramiro Lopez Alcaraz

    para que te digo que no si si

  63. A Alex

    An amazing song!

  64. Backyard Sequoia

    Man I thought this was a gospel song

  65. Kasie Parker

    why the hell does this only have 130k views?! the world is too busy listening to garbage music and knows nothing about Ferras. I've been a fan for years years years and you keep amazing me more & more. Plus your hair in this video is the best part..

  66. Prismatic Smile

    I see you at your own concert in future for sure! 💕



  68. 李元皓

    His live shows is better than this

  69. Rachelle Feliciano

    This song is so so AMAZING !!! I have listened to it more than 100 xs he LOOKS fucking GAWJOUS !!!!!!!

  70. Floor .S

    This is amazing dude! So proud of you Ferras! Keep going!

  71. Patty


  72. Rachelle Feliciano


  73. David Po

    I spent the entire video admiring his hair.

    Rachelle Feliciano

    Lmbooooo its so PERFECT !! HE LOOKS INCREDIBLE!! :)

  74. Domonique Moody

    Why is this the first im hearing this!!! You need a better publicist or something because this song is what my life was missing <3 beautiful voice

    Generra Hall- Le

    He's even better live; sounds just like the record :)

  75. Bryant Williams

    He is gorgeous and talented.

  76. jessamyndukegirl

    I love this so much! When I saw you in Lincoln I thought you were a little strange. But then with this its amazing!

  77. Aldrins Arrechavala Cerda

    Aliens ❤

  78. Marine Ibanez

    Congrats boy! Good job!

  79. Doble U

    La bala fría, ahora la bebes o la derramas

    Mari Morales

    Jaja también recordé eso

    Andres Molina

    yo no sabía que el Ferras también cantaba en inglés! :O


    Andres Molina El Ferras es la ley XD

  80. Christopher Nightshade

    This has a George Michael vibe, glad Ferras is back

    Rachelle Feliciano

    I agree :)

    Christopher Nightshade

    @Rachelle Feliciano see glad I wasn't the only one


    Christopher Nightshade and Prince

  81. Cannio111

    Great song and Beautiful voice!!!

  82. Aldair T


  83. OLIVER


  84. Louise Spencer

    I love you man! Beautiful music!

  85. greimon23

    Tongue's is biblical what's wrong with this world

  86. Kristina Conrow

    love it but i wish on itunes he had dirty leather jacket

  87. Junior Pereira

    Chupa fama.

  88. YoSoYHugo Vlogs

    Ahora la bebes o la derramas.


    YoSoYHugo Vlogs awebo.sabia que iba a encontrar un comentario así

  89. Reynaldo Perez Jr

    This just left me speechless. I seriously love it, and I already know he's gonna become a huge star

  90. Cam Pederson - Luna Muse


  91. faith starks

    Ferras is an amazing singer! Alien 4 ever <3

  92. VanezzapalloAAA

    If KatyCats are fans of Katy Perry
    How can we call Ferras's Fans?.

    Catie Tennille




  93. Kayleigh Girth

    Wow this sounds totally different then when your live. When I saw Katy Perry I thought you sucked but now that I hear this I'm just amazed at how much better you are.

  94. GoldenAge

    True artist! Extremely talented and different. <3

  95. Coleen M.

    the black lady's katy, i think look at the EYES

  96. vodkawithteqkilla

    Speaking in tongues: https://31.media.tumblr.com/2ea03a88cf396169126285007f19d19d/tumblr_inline_ngen5eDH321ql0f75.gif

  97. fardin siddiky

    katy was right he's got talent