Ferraro, Bella - Set Me On Fire Lyrics

Take me back to your place,
Show me how to dance
Let’s go watch the sunset
With me in your hands

Fly me on a jetplane,
Take me to the moon,
Wherever you go,
I’ll follow

Never really meant to start a spark
But this love
This love is like arrows through our hearts
I’m dreaming

Set me on fire,
With endless words
To show my worth
You take me to a place I’ve never known

Set me on fire,
With silent kisses like the sunset
Darkness is our playground we call home,

Take me in your mustang,
Let’s go cruise the streets,
We’ll stay young forever,
Cos love knows my beat

Running free in the daylight,
Feeling safe in the night time,
With your eyes beside me,
This love I won’t fight

Never really meant to start a spark
But this love
This love is like arrows through our hearts
I’m dreaming

Set me on fire,
With endless words
To show my worth
You take me to a place I’ve never known

Set me on fire,
With silent kisses,
Like the sunset
Darkness is our playground we call home

Storms they may come
But I’m here to stay
Cause this heart is my anchor
No I won’t drift away

Fearlessly in love,
With all of your ways
Shoot an arrow through my heart
With your love and embrace

Set me on fire,
With endless words
To show my worth
You take me to a place I’ve never known

Set me on fire,
With silent kisses,
Like the sunset
Darkness is our playground we call home

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Ferraro, Bella Set Me On Fire Comments
  1. Ewa Z

    Hey Bella, what's up with you? We need more of you music :) Ewa from Poland

  2. Miesj Mesjiens

    My gosh your voice 😍

  3. Voinicu Irina Daniela

    Watching this in 2020 ❤️

  4. shit_theory

    what happened to her?

  5. Muhammad Zulfitri

    Love you bella, Jan 2020.

  6. karim benbadi

    2020 still awesome i love your first audition i watch it from time to time again and again , keep it going bella you are the best ❤

  7. taytoo RK

    I hope she come back soon😢😢😢
    Still counting days since 2014

  8. Kelly Mills


  9. josreynolds

    listening in 2020? lol

  10. Karina León

    Watching at 2020?

  11. Brittany Royal

    I loved her from her beginning. Still watching in 2020. ❤️ Love you, girl!

  12. Andrea Gallegos

    what happen with Bella??

  13. Aaron Gosling

    Bella Ferraro sings so beautifully. Thank you Bella. <3 (Dec 2019)

  14. Klaus YSW

    have she stop this career yet?

  15. Halil Tarcan

    I'm watching the turkey still find me ... His voice ... I love you Bella...20.12.2019 Istanbul 01:00

  16. Halil Tarcan


  17. gerald brefka

    She needs to try her own songs like 70s pop style then find her beat through that way

  18. Donald Flowers

    She is talented but the music industry just like movies is congested so you have to either be incredible, market yourself aimed at sex or something else controversial, or pick a genre thats easier to break into like country ( is blake shelton a great singer?). I like her voice, but i think shes cute as hell and thats more of my appeal. She could have likely picked a different genre and made it or a label other than sony ( since they are just money hungry dickheads). Or she couldve marketed herself in a more sexual way ( though i am a fan who wouldve had less respect for her at that point). If shes truly passionate shell find a way, even if its indie releases ( despite what people think, music isnt an impossible industry to break into - movies is far more difficult)

  19. liam rogers

    beautiful....the songs nice too

  20. Enikő Tóth

    you re amazing Bella . grt fr Hungary :)

  21. jhayrie vlogs

    2019 im watching i feel the pain in her voice i feel emotion shes very good pls back bella your voice is unique

  22. chefmarcg

    what happened to this chick?

  23. Evnono

    I remember you 💕, I hope your doing fine.. I wish you kept uploading videos.. I could hear your voice everyday..

  24. Franklin Alves Silva

    Can you please comeback ??????????

  25. marvin adona

    come back. you make a song. voice your Beautiful

  26. JF R

    Thanks for the songs, enjoy your life.

  27. Lorna Tw

    I love this, always keep coming back! X 💗

  28. Kirine

    I really hope you still sing, even if not mainstream. You were such an inspiration for me, dear Bella.

  29. Anna Anna

    Love you Bella hope one day you come bsck to music ❤️

  30. Anna Anna

    She really could make it big I think she could be the Australian adel

  31. Lightmane

    Dear Bella, I just wanted to tell you that I think you're beautiful and I love your beautiful voice. There is just something wonderful, honest, and pure about you, and I love it.
    Be well Bella. Know you are loved by many.

  32. Jess Gray

    Fav song still! Make more music!

  33. Hanaa Aissaoui

    Beautiful voice come back too uss ❤

  34. Aron Roopnarine

    Her eye's 😍

  35. Brian Michaud

    Wow! Again I can't leave this video because shes amazing!

  36. Living4 DREAM

    Where are you now? I hope you are okay girl 😞

  37. Nadhila Amalina

    Bella where are you? Where can we find you?

    Please come back, we love your music and your voice. And if you dont want to, please just be alright!! Praying the best for you <3

  38. Ricardo Lourenço

    2019 ♥

  39. Cian Dowling

    Anyone wanting to know where to find her - @itslilbels on Instagram

  40. Paula Kibagendi

    September 25th 2019
    Love you Bella

  41. James Andales

    Back again. Wishing you all the best wherever you are, Bella!

  42. jason smith

    beautiful. be you nothing less

  43. Diego

    2019 ??

  44. nutty git

    take me on a jet plane, take me to the moon...… ( umm ok.. ) which jet plane is this you would like to travel to the moon on :p - btw FYI I am fun at partys lol

  45. victoria quesnel

    Bella you have a beautiful voice that is precious beyond words .

  46. Maria Tiara Austria Vidal

    Watching at 2019?


    Maria Tiara Austria Vidal yeahh omg

    Simon Jenvey

    Yup it’s crazy how good her voice is,

    Halil Tarcan

    I'm watching the turkey still find me ... His voice ... I love you Bella


    Try 2020

  47. Elon Musk

    Better then Adel. Whatever you doing, not letter how long, I will always wait for a new song from you!


    Elon Musk i find her instagram!!!!! I hope she comeback😢🥺

    Elon Musk

    @PrinceLeonel’s give me)


    Elon Musk @itslilbel i think

  48. MIIN.

    صوتها جميل جدا 💔💜

  49. John Arbon

    just came across this, I will be showing my daughter *

  50. Felipe Domingos

    Eu amo. Cadê a bella que não lançou mais músicas até hoje?

  51. Aprill Roberts


  52. Hind El jirari

    2019 anyone ?

  53. Sebastiana Bernardo


  54. Maggie Dolar

    2019 and I'm still here

  55. Bonllora !

    Oh wow this came out in 2013! I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know how I got here but this (for lack of better terms) is FUCKING amazing 💖

  56. smorrill1959

    So gorg!

  57. Alfie Exton

    I love this and the fact that people in the comments are talking abiotic her like they know her personally even though they don’t if she hasn’t been posting her music doesn’t mean she has been writing but who knows maybe she will post some more but if not that’s her choice but she’s amazing so I dearly hope she does

  58. Russell A. Grace

    I fell in love of course. Its in her eyes.

  59. Sumi's Creation

    Amazing voice...always keep singing..❤❤

  60. Errol Wilde

    Wish this had a rock version. Her voice needs better music, its wasted on pop.

  61. jerramy

    Not just a great voice, or a pretty face, but the expressions she has and a certain aura she projects just pulls you in.

  62. leanne frances

    Beautiful 💚 be confident gorgous girl, you have such a magical talent to express 💕be the divine that you are and uplift us with your exquisite voice ⭐️

  63. donvincenzoo

    2019 i am here

  64. Beautigly

    I saw her on my recommendation, only to know where's she now? I'm basically a new fan of her but Bella where are you now, we miss u

  65. Jacie Stogner

    Are you coming back eventually? I love your voice. Forget all of the haters! They don’t deserve you!

  66. Jacie Stogner

    Your voice is as beautiful as always! 😍😍😍

  67. Saetims_

    I wish she was more Noticed like Ariana and Billie.


    Mute this was a couple years Ago🥺

    Raven M

    @PrinceLeonel’s their point still stands. She's not even remotely famous now, I don't think she makes music anymore.

  68. Hull

    좋은 노래 잘 듣고 갑니다.

  69. Windell Gabriels

    I still have hope that one day she'll come back . . . . . . .

  70. B BG

    July 2019, still mesmerised by this song, just love it.💖
    Subbed years ago, sad 😢 it so quiet on the singing front. Hope she is happy though.

  71. Krystle

    hoping you come back one day.. would love to hear more music, you have a beautiful voice

  72. Риелтор Макс

    ты мой воздух

  73. infinite monkeys

    Bella, I hope you check this channel from time to time. I loved your voice from the moment you first sang. This song is perfect for you and should have been a colossal hit. Love your voice, adore you, and wish you'd make more music.

  74. rindoue dragonus

    This song and your singing. Remind me of someone I once knew, many years ago. On Myspace, though since I'm unsure of the person's name now. There perhaps is no way of actually knowing, as it's been to long and I can't remember what nickname she used. 🤔 It's odd but also a welcome comfort, well none the less. You are a beautiful young lady, who has a very captivating voice. You are an artist who truly captures emotion in your words.

  75. Dave

    Bella, just come back ASAP. The most unique voice from an Aussie ..please find your way back. Your voice touches my soul.

  76. 홍길동

    Cheche Cooley cheche cooley

  77. Introvert Divergent


  78. TXT BTS

    2019? Anyone

  79. akwardhugs

    I miss Bella. I really enjoyed watching her :(

  80. Munshry Tatum

    please sing more songs bella

  81. Corey Junius

    I swear to god, i deal with anxiety and depression and a constant state of confusion on most days.....i was having a rough night and if you read this @Bella Ferraro i swear to god i think i just fell in love with you. The absolute pain, and emotion in your voice literally brought me to tears. Idgaf if you never make music again if its what you choose, just know that you have a gift and i felt that through the speakers to the point of stopping in my tracks to sit and listen. That rarely happens to me. Jeeeeesus, no words

  82. Franz Galahad

    Watching in 2019. Jack Vidgen came back, now hopefully Bella too.

  83. Latei Sailo

    I wish i knew her more..... Where is she now???

  84. dhylen munroe

    I hope she releases something more soon! I miss her voice.

  85. mady guindin

    Your voice needs to be heard

  86. mady guindin

    Mega super

  87. Vanlalhriati Khuptong

    Did she win that title? She is so pretty n her voice is one of a kind

  88. savanna gg

    ☹ please make music again 2019

  89. Steve Lim

    I miss you Bella

  90. Olivia G

    absolutely love this song

  91. Kuben Moodliar

    Amazing talent and pray she is well and making music 🎶

  92. Dana Limbocker

    Your absolutely breath taking.....your a new bread of beautiful all your own....dont ever stop .....your a blessing I could listen to you all day....your a new addition to my music....sense a saw you on one of those music shows ....forever your fan.....i can't wait to hear your next song .......

    Dana Limbocker

    Wow......love ....love....love.....the way you sing....your on replay.....just saying....wow

  93. Ceerstar Ceerstar


  94. xJinx116x

    Hope you're okay doing something you love, Bella💕

  95. Cephas Nahum

    She’s the best singer ever. Every single note gives you emotions