Fenix TX - No Lie Lyrics

Take a chance on me she said I'll be here for a while
I should have seen the lies through her smile
why didn't I lie to you
All the problems that you've had
you'll blame them all on me
take away my eyes so I can't see
Take a chance on me again
I'll try and make it right but I won't hear another lie tonight

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Fenix TX No Lie Comments
  1. Isaac Verona

    First time i heard this i was surprised it is skate punk

  2. Disturber93

    THeir best song !!!

  3. Tariq Ketwaru

    Classic. Don't know why, but I woke up and was like, let me play "No Lie" by the all-time GOATS while I brush my teeth.

  4. No Answer

    My stomach still churns listening to this song.. Haven't heard it since i was 12... 29 now.

  5. Jesse Miller

    4 people lie

  6. alejandro rodrigiuez

    I use to skateboard to music like this

  7. Poutine25

    Great song!

  8. New Jersey Street Riding

    mee too

  9. chris germain

    one of the best punk albums ever in my opinion. Im 28 years old and remember seeing these dudes before they were anything. One of my favorite shows I have ever been too! FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!

  10. HENRY M

    punk rock to cure break ups from stupid girls that dont know what they want. It helps understand their stupidity

  11. CountDruckula

    Sounds a little like face to face (at the beginning)

    David Hamelin

    every fenix tx songs sound like another band's song. I guess that's why they didn't last..

  12. Dean McMillan

    This song is just Great, no words, just 15 years old, thats it!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  13. Kalios08

    @Jookia89 blinks new album might come out soon or later this year.

  14. Kerbieridesagain

    @EllenAiryFairy aww bless

  15. Matthew Steel

    music is tense and consistent lyrics are simple to the point. some bands blab too much

  16. wewa wawe

    true that =0 wa

  17. Galo Freire


  18. Jonathan Freeman

    this song reminds me of all the a holes in my life and how happy it makes me to hate them =)

  19. Jonathan Freeman

    @msherry9 amen.....again.....lol. what happened to good music? god i remem back when i would listen to this song every morning before id go skating or bmx.

  20. Stretch Armstrong is now in your world

    thats the kind of music i wanna make

  21. Jonathan Freeman

    i love this song, fenix tx rocks the house!

  22. NTFLG

    great memories, great times...
    awesome song...

  23. zebrafood

    No Lie!!! This song reminds me of you, ex-girlfriend! That's right! You're an idiot and just plain dumb! Go drown in a toilet you liar!

  24. chiefmojorising1

    hahaha me 2

  25. snablesKING

    these are some true kangs

  26. chiefmojorising1

    fuckin a