Fenix TX - Katie W Lyrics

The nightmares the bad dreams have become reality
At least inside my mind yeah
But no words that you say could ever make me wanna change
Forgive me not when it comes to this crime
I met her before you she wore the sweetest perfume
Her scent reminds me of our first date
I still taste our last kiss
Her name still falls from my lips
She burns just like an old flame
Hey hey I shouldn't speak her name
But she's always on my mind
Hey hey I wouldn't make you change
So don't expect me to try every fault every flaw
Your picture's still on my wall
There's not a thing about you that I would change
Say goodnight say goodbye I'll think of you when I'm high
I know someday you'll be doing the same
Hey hey I shouldn't speak her name but she's always on my mind
Hey hey I wouldn't make you change so don't expect me to try
Hey hey I shouldn't speak her name but she's always on my mind
Hey hey I wouldn't make you change
So don't expect me to try
Hey hey hey hey hey hey don't expect me to try

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Fenix TX Katie W Comments
  1. michael tanuis

    this is literally one of my favorite songs ever I EFFING LOVE THIS SOOOOOO MUCH

  2. Lmeda

    After so many years.... Still My favorite song

  3. Tim Reeves

    Love the song and the band. Saw them a few times and they never disappointed. The cascading “AH ah ah ah ah AH Ah’s” backing vocal on the last few “HEY! HEY’s!” Is and has been my favorite part of the song since I first heard it. Anybody else?

  4. Tim Reeves

    Seeing them open for Blink 182 who open for Bad Religion is still one of the best shows I’ve seen and if I’m truthful, Fenix TX probably was the best.

  5. Black Sunshine

    Was there in the beginning and acknowledging I was right. These guys are awesome. Lechuza was a solid disk

  6. Joe Lovie

    Why is this still my favourite ever song

  7. Ben 10

    June 2019 anyone ???

  8. Mark Brown

    I saw these about17 years ago in Liverpool and I got the bassist to sign my rancid sock outside waiting for my mum's mate to pick us up haha. He was sound as fuck. Top fella. God I miss being young and sneaking out to go to gigs.

  9. Tariq Ketwaru

    To my old flame lol

  10. Gordon Maskell

    glasgow garage

  11. Alex G

    I remember high school, laying on my bedroom floor and thinking about girls

  12. Kat Love

    All the non-smokers are hyped about this song. 😂

  13. Mark Brown

    I saw these in my home city of Liverpool about 2002 2003 like a young Knob head of 13 I got the bassist to sing my sock whilst I was waiting for my mum to pick me up haha. Quality band

  14. Chad Rock1212

    Kate ward 🤔

  15. Luke Purcell

    such a underrated song from a underrated band

  16. 90s Punk Rock Covers


  17. TWT114

    Hey. Wait. I've Got a New Complaint

  18. Mark Smith


  19. jenny tehlia

    Am I the only one that prefers the purple reign in blood version of this song?

  20. 5everin

    That intro is so sexy

  21. Pauline Alary

    Can't wait for their new EP. This band is simply amazing.

    Alvin Garcia

    +Pauline Alary :D

    Mihajlo Zorić

    they're releasing a new ep? noice!

  22. Sean Yeahright

    sickest grr. sound DAMON playing is gibson explorer all black model. and the Valeno all aluminum grr qwirth combination marshall and tumble amps and our won custom "side hatch" cabinets

  23. Cuzjudd

    More like Fenix the Sex

  24. Derpurs Machinest

    I wish Will makes more music! Love both Denver harbor and fenix... Denver harbor more actually

  25. gabriel vera

    her name still fall from my lips.

  26. Kat Love

    Rob Perelman directed this? tha fuq? 

  27. Lana Patricia

    i love fenix tx :)

    G J

    yeah, straight up under
    rated boss music. blink who?

  28. Roachclip4pp

    "its about smoking a lot of pot" (a direct quote from Will of Fenix TX) and his girlfriend not wanting him to,and expecting him to stop for her and him not wanting to... they refer to pot as 'her' so its not another girlfriend but pot. and thats why 'she wore the sweetest perfume' come on I thought we were fans here I guess not.. goodbye.. 

  29. Roachclip4pp

    Mark Hoppus did manage them 98 to like 99 ..

  30. Rob Lanterman

    What? Is that Sonny from POD in the end? Or is it the dude from RX Bandits?

    SoySauce HairDye

    Sonny from POD.  The Rx Bandits never toured with them as far as I am aware.

  31. Erik Downer

    What? Hoppus was never in Fenix TX. What kind of idiot

  32. Mr.Armenian

    The "good ol days" as my father tells me :P

  33. Livvy

    I love that when I was 14 this song meant something totally different to what it means now I'm 22

  34. Tom Chesters

    Mark noticed them, and started managing them, around 97' I think. Then when enema of the state hit in 99' he was too busy, so he passed it on to Rick DeVoe. He also appeared in 'all my fault'

  35. alcon678

    He just appear in "all my fault" videoclip.

  36. 今すぐアーサー

    looks like offspring sometimes...

  37. Danny Cunningham



    he was never in the band with riverfenix/fenix tx, but was friends with them. he made appearances in their band every now and then.


    Follow them on Twitter. I believe they are doing some new stuff soon.

  40. FMFMXRacer

    Fenix Tx were River Fenix before they had to change their name.

  41. FMFMXRacer

    Saw these guys multiple times way back when with Home Grown and Less Than Jake. I wish they'd do new stuff.

    xavier marquez

    what a great show!!

    Black Sunshine

    Homegrown were so underrated. Kings of pop and when it all comes down were track for track brilliance. If you haven't heard, listen.

  42. David Sturm

    dammit replied to the wrong person lol somebody said he was doing fenix before blink

  43. Jonathan Freeman

    he took interest in fenix and did some gigs with them while he was doing blink at the same time.

  44. chris germain

    i was at that same tour only in chicago..awesome time!!!!

  45. Paulo Cereja

    boa musica

  46. Matthew McNish

    You're a fucking idiot. Tom is the man. I don't care for the direction he took his music in, but Buddha, Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch were a few of the greatest 90s albums, and Tom was an incredible vocalist and guitarist on these albums. For the simple fact that I can always have those tunes I will always have respect for Tom. You probably haven't heard half of Blink's music and that's why you're making these dumbass statements. You suck balls. Bitch. Enjoy the awesomeness that is Fenix TX now.

  47. jacenK

    one of the most underrated albums of the early 00s

    Fernando Gonzalez

    jacenK them and midtown best bands :v

  48. Jonathan Freeman

    @Donni95innes he was, in 1997 he worked as the band manager, sang in all my fault, and extended their later band (riverfenix) though not popular at all

  49. Mark V420

    i love this song and i love smoking ganja

  50. dadriun

    LOL 0:42

  51. Seth Kelley

    my drum teacher is the drummer in this video

  52. FMFMXRacer

    Some of the best shows I've ever seen included these guys.

  53. Luana de Castro Santos

    Good ....

  54. Miles Russell

    old pop punk > new "pop punk" (pop rock shit)

  55. Jonathan Freeman

    @xTrettx i give up i feel bad if i get in fights with retards =/

  56. Jonathan Freeman

    @xTrettx lol ok wanabe 20 year old. im 19 i admit i was 13 when i was listening to this but id believe u were older but your grammar is that of a fetus

  57. Chachables

    @xTrettx i don't know what to say about that, mark hoppus had his dignity, and he remained punk, tom chose to continue with AvA, which in my opinion is gay, and doesn't prove much talent from Tom. But I gotta admit, those old days were good and maybe back then Tom was really doing a good job, but now, the only one who is still keeping a little bit of punk in blink 182 is Mark. Respect for Mark for haven't changing a bit!

  58. Jonathan Freeman

    @Chachables he did 3 songs though that still counts it was an experiment basically

  59. Chachables

    @rsboy5 jesus.. you retarded fuck.. if mark hoppus helped fenix tx, that doesn't mean he was in fenix tx then he went in blink 182... god, please make all these stupid people shut the fuck up forever

  60. weinbagel

    @katecakesx3 mine is too!

  61. Jonathan Freeman

    @Chachables fucking dumbass he was in fenix tx for 3 songs that may not be much but he was still in it so fuck off

  62. Chachables

    @rsboy5 shut up you retarded idiot... you are a disgrace as a "fan" of both fenix tx and blink 182

  63. Jonathan Freeman

    @Aranadhel he was there for 2 years

  64. Jonathan Freeman

    @Aranadhel get your facts right, he started with fenix tx and it broke and blink 182 was born.

  65. MadmanAcrossTheWater

    @Eltroim I'm sorry to burst your bubble but Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World, Further Seems Forever, New Found Glory and a band called Far were the beginning stages of emo... before the eye makeup and all black clothes.

  66. audisport

    epic song.

  67. Jonathan Freeman

    @Eltroim mark hoppus was in fenix tx and now is in blink 182 =P

  68. John Casquejo

    I love how this song is about him refusing to quit weed for his girlfriend..i can totally relate

  69. behindthewallsleepin

    whyyyy isnt this on the radio????

  70. 182Fabson

    @Eltroim i think the same of you dude (=
    the era of wear dickies and skateboarding passes and came the era of Justin Fuckin Gay Bieber =p

  71. Andy Rudolph

    I want this shit to come back in style christ. shit brings me back

    jenny tehlia

    Andy Rudolph i will try everything i can , i want it too

  72. Katelynn Wiltrout

    My name is Katie W.

  73. Alice Gilfillan

    haha fuck, back in the day

  74. ineurodreams

    @Eltroim Nail, head....you hit it.

  75. firemedic30ca

    @dayzedaway Meh, i remember emo standing for emotional punk rock, and that was back in the early to mid 90's when bands like jimmy eat world and weezer paved the way for that type of music even though they never really claimed "emo" status until nearly a decade later. Whatever origin you choose to pick though, everyone can agree that the people calling themselves emo today are a far fucking cry from what it used to be.

  76. MrMyM22

    Buenisimo el video de Fenix Tx-Katie W.
    Che una pregunta de donde descargaste el Video de Fenix Tx - Katie W. me podrias pasar la web de donde lo bajaste.O pasa el video de Fenix Tx-Katie W que vos tenes.Porfavor!!
    Nos vemos.saludos.Y gracias desde ya

  77. Christopher Blaine

    miss the old drive thru bands

  78. Carloz noyola

    Fenix TX

  79. NotiNaucalpanK

    heart shaped b ox anyone?

  80. Matthew Dix

    @Eltroim LMAO NICE ONE


    @Eltroim haha


    @Eltroim nice...thanks for being able to disagree w/ me and not have to resort to personal attacks to try to prove it....way cool


    @Eltroim American Hi-Fi- Flavor of the week , Blink 182- Always , Mxpx- heard that sound....yea i think every band from that era eventually...including fenix tx(all my fault)
    made at least one emo song...the money was too much to resist

  84. Danny355

    fucking collosal

  85. Joe F

    plus one best song by them..

  86. Nikolas Manders

    i really wont be happy for you

  87. Julie Lisak

    I sound like an idiot... but what's it about then? maybe it's totally different than what I thought cos I've never been high.

  88. ksm1985

    @pokertoker84 e-threats

  89. Mark V420

    you should get high more often

  90. Darren Wright

    i went out with a girl called katie w at school..... definatlly brings abck memories

  91. audioboxer1

    it's actually.. "i met her before you, she wore the sweetest perfume"

  92. Bieslook

    the part at 2.33 gives me the chills everytime i hear it, i really love this song

  93. Katherine Wood

    whoa. haha my name is katie w...


  94. Johnypunkboy

    lol no censorship of posts goin on here or anything....

  95. Demonic Lamb TV

    my most fav song of all time!

  96. Krazy Kade

    my name is KATIE W!!! and this song id for me!

  97. Katie

    My name is Katie W. This song is cool automatically...but it's good even if that wasn't my name.

  98. iceclimberxxx

    my exgirlfriends older sister's name is katie w and they're both bitches but I love this song and I love fenix tx