Felly - White Lyrics

Luscious blonded-haired chick staring right at me
I think that she aware that I've been feeling unhappy
I'll give you my soul but don't think it'd be attractive
And honestly you blowing me away with the patterns
Winters in L.A., summer time in Manhattan
I find myself asking if I'm really that happy
Should I pack the bags up and start being average?
You give them your soul and they go put it in trash cans
We did too much acid that day back in Staten
Now every time my back bend I feel the reaction
I find myself laughing, knowing they read me backwards
Pax while I'm driving to where the gate need a password
My rich girl another beautiful disaster
She said she only chill with musicians and actors
Can tell by every Instagram photo she asks for
And how she blow a pill anytime she needs laughter
She called me a bastard
Like I ain't supposed to know she sad
I'm only entertainment, what the fuck I know bout that?
Said a killer freeze, never gonna kill again
Tell you I love you and I never wanna chill again
Still got the illest pen
Never get comfortable
Never thought my hatred could make something so lovable
But as I sip a couple couple more to cleanse my sins
Realized I'm as lonely as I've ever been

Where do I go? I got no moves left
Every direction seems so strange
(Yeah, what was the beginning part again?)

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Felly White Comments
  1. Natalie Verdugo

    this song always be bringing back memories from summer 2017 :,)

  2. Jade Cox

    You sound like Mac Miller

  3. Deadpool Gaming

    Doja sampled this

  4. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    What is the sample oh my GOD just flip it DOG...

  5. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    This is the Rap John Lennon just Imagine! Peace 1 Love Felly...

  6. MrShawnjunglehead

    So fucking dope. Love the beat and overall vibes

  7. joshua biggerstaff

    Stumbled on you on Spotify. Now I’m telling all the hawmies bout you felly. Sick sound brah

  8. Cameron Alden

    so ahead of his time

  9. Nikofierce

    PLEASE someone know where can i find an instrumental version of this ? or if Wun two published the track with just the beat ? THANKS SO MUCH

  10. Nikofierce

    anyone here because of Doja ?

  11. Macie Love

    why the fuck u not coming to NC?

  12. Toes


  13. Cadin O'Connor

    This guy is definitely an artist. Keep going! Shit is good

  14. yoChubs

    mac miller vibes

  15. Roman Belov

    Keep it on, nice music!

  16. Oakley Eisel

    absolutely breathtaking. almost makes me cry xD you're so cool, meng. Keep that loving light in your heart, sweet boy. It'll get your far in this world.

  17. Cres

    This on them personal blues i dig it. Made a track similar to this vibe would be dope if you peeped it. soundcloud.com/gcrescent/slip-prod-adoks-crescent

    Omari The People

    its a good tune


    thanks man

  18. R.O.B. UNiQUE

    My Summer Banger!

  19. Wirth Kenny

    love that shit

  20. Eugene Blyther

    u dope homie just came across your music nice stuff check me out i go by the name cash www.soundcloud.com/rapperwithadream i spit all smooth vibes bro

  21. Gabe Clark

    much love from mt young fel

  22. Awry Hixon


  23. Omari The People

    jamaica love your music

  24. Max Mullin

    who made this beat ?

  25. Riley Houser

    This is my favorite song by you man. So real

  26. julianna merrill

    i  love  this  hot  piece of man lol .... like I fangirl too hard yo

  27. Durango Wilsin

    this is some dope ass shit.... spaced video i can dig

  28. Blaked2

    What is the sample in this song?

  29. Twenty Carrat


  30. the intruder

    nigga you rhymes suck your beats suck your trash you ain't gonna live in this rap game

    thanu xo

    Kane Lyon shut the fuck up YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GO AND DIE

  31. J Brown

    just made a new beat check it out! #2273

  32. K Clip

    wun two is a beast

  33. elder reid

    Come to Dc!!!! Joey badass could use some help, idk if yalls beats and pace would mix tho

  34. Brian Love

    "We did too much acid that day back in Staten"

  35. Daniel Kelly

    Eating Nutella on bread to this


    respect from poland ! :D

  37. Ashton Corona

    My favorite beat keep going fell

  38. dcb3ast

    I dont understand how there is dislikes man

  39. Kyle sumption

    come to minnesotaa a play

  40. E S T A N C I A H U N D E R G R O U N D


  41. azam987654321

    I cant stop listening to this

  42. Ethan Calaway

    Make an ep/lp I want to be able to have an actual cd of yours. All your shit is dope tho. Keep up the phenomenal work, your my favorite unknown artist ever!!

  43. RAY RAY

    Mad Chill ! #2273 love !

  44. Abigail Moore


  45. Nick DeMay

    Dope man. Come to Oakland!

  46. SuperRoycethe59

    love it as always

  47. Angelo Isaiah

    Knocked it out the park with this one.

  48. Tre M.

    Felly is the future

  49. moltow13

    felly&wun two = <3

  50. TheMcEpics

    Fells lyrics are next level

  51. Mad Commander

    either the beats too loud or ur voice is too quiet


    either ur to gay or u should shut the fuck up

  52. Maxime Parata

    Big thanks for this album!
    We hear you up to PARIS, and stay tuned!

  53. MELVV

    shit's dope

  54. DVreviewsNick

    Big shout out to you and your team, these music videos are looking amazing,good things ahead for you guys

  55. VidzByDae

    Fel at it again the video and music is still on point man keep it up 👌🙏 repping 2273 from Toronto!!!

  56. DVreviewsNick

    Fucking fire.

  57. Alex Wells

    Delivers a good message of what it feels like to be a musician. Specifically his case. I fuck with this

  58. Ariana Cortez

    You need to come to Austin Texas. Everyone would be so down to pick up what you put down

  59. tomppa

    felly x wun two, too good

  60. Niko Tatakis

    That wun two beat doin wonders. Good stuff Felly more sounds like this please

    Kohl Aufdencamp

    @Niko Tatakis i'd love to hear some more fel on wun two or flofilz. Never disappoints.

  61. # FreeDrose

    like if you're black and like his music

  62. PiccochiMusic

    Felly - White (Video) http://www.ok-tho.com/2015/08/felly-white-official-video.html

  63. Edward Rigby

    Still looks like Santorin to me

  64. cristian negrete

    great work bro. blessing from Chile

  65. Jonny Soul [Raps]

    This video.

  66. Visione Studios

    dude so sick! we should collab

  67. SolidMushroom9

    this shit  dope for real fel, you gon blow up one day and make me so proud! Me and the homies bump you all day bruh stay wavy

  68. FHINQ

    Damn nice work man! Does anyone know how tall he is about, just wondering ;)

    Blood Moon

    probably about 5'8


    +Blood Moon he looks taller

  69. Abel S13

    So much love man! 2273

  70. Wilson M

    I am in love with the cinematics!

  71. bazlowsound

    Wun two production on a felly album yo this is real

  72. Makzey

    One day when you at Hot97 or something they gonna say you look like Asher. Random thought, but i'm calling it now haha


    +MAX FLOWERS for real they are going to ask a bunch of stupid ass white rapper questions

  73. Chilled Rap Sounds

    Refreshing not seeing a video about drinking partying and women! Killing it young fel!

    Chilled Rap Sounds

    @***** The beauty about Fel is he has both sides, he can produce the bangers (gorilla) and sound natural but at the same time songs with this vibe also sound so natural to him.

    Kevin Kazi.

    +Chilled Rap Sounds same thing with the underachievers their new album was based on that one side lyrical other side bangers

    Vegan Artist BJT

    felly is fire and this song is fire but you said that's this song isn't about women... relisten to the very first line

    Vegan Artist BJT

    and he talks about partying and doing to much acid... just saying. doesn't change that this song is 🔥

    Justin Block

    Vegan Artist BJT he said the video not the song.

  74. Daniel Kelly

    Fel reminds me of sean penn in fast times

  75. Kirby Lopez

    Been waiting for this shit since the longest, dope shit felly. Wun Two on the beat tho, ayeeee i see you!

  76. AskEpic

    Reyn Spooner is my Gym song for all kinds of pump all kindsss

  77. Maxwell Young

    fav off the tape!

  78. ak 47

    Felly is so underrated

  79. Carter Ward


  80. William Guglielmo

    That music is from wun two snow. I see you bruh. I see you.

  81. Alex G

    Word wun two is the guy

  82. Michael T

    Probably the best track on tsciw tbh

  83. Gnarly Charly

    first song in a while ive really enjoyed, good job on this one fel

  84. Hellboi

    Good as always <3

  85. Connor Giorgio

    Good stuff

  86. Kayla Amt

    thank you felnuts 🙌

  87. Mike Witt

    Why is this beat so familiar????????? What is it from

    Michael T

    Beginning of the probation video

  88. CJ Beats

    niiiiiice man!

  89. Still Riding

    The chillest song I've heard all week

  90. buckwang

    one of my faves off the tape, keep at it fel

  91. Osvaldo Garcia

    Manhattan, Chelsea piers, by the golf course.

  92. Cameron Levy

    actually i was first so stfub