Felly - What We Do Lyrics

I smoke, you smoke
You drink, me too
You drink, me too
So let's do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Yeah let's do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Can we do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Cause I smoke, you smoke
You drink, me too

Uh, I'm losing myself
Used to say I'd never love a women I'm too true to myself
But as of lately
Don't know what to do with myself
Falling in for this girl feeling stupid as hell
Cause look
I got bigger dreams as I'm texting
The whole damn night
That distorts my direction
And plus you steady stressing
I always leave you guessing
I'd sell you out to music in a second
And that's the problem with me
But still got people rocking with me
You see I'd rather hear the crowd than girls talking to me
It's a dream and you can't put a stopping on me
But look I met you at the airport you soon let me show
I was listening to records you was reading a book
We started talking, conversing
Liked you as a person
You was into art and I was thinking that's perfect
Chill for the next summer, and the next summer, and the next summer
And soon I had a fan base
Couldn't keep my hands straight
Recording shit while you would make me pancakes
Began to grow apart with my progress
Started telling me I treat you like an object
And I was looking at my prospects
Dealing with the nonsense
Couldn't really see you in my process
Now you say I'm selling out for my status
But it isn't my fault that we had to lose the balance
So before you call me fake and see through
Relax lil' ma let's just do what we do

I smoke, you smoke
You drink, me too
You drink, me too
So let's do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Yeah let's do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Can we do, do, do, do, do
What we do
Cause I smoke, you smoke
You drink, me too

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Felly What We Do Comments
  1. Whaley Beatz

    Bro still listening to this

  2. That Stanky

    Why this shit not on Spotify??

  3. Dominic Escalera

    where can I get the instrumental from it says prod by joomanji but I'm looking for a title

  4. p0wnage51

    I still remember the day this came out... The day after I heard careless 36, first felly song I ever listened to then this album, I was hooked, I had this song on repeat for 4 hours along with truth and field to the bull, I literally remember every second of that day, his music has changed my life tbh I'm still a fan but I don't enjoy his new music as much, mainly because it has an r n b feel but I'm still a fan, I'll be supporting him till the day I drop, 5th view on this song on yt and also 2nd like love u felly let's hear some old beats on the next album though haha

    DreamBigImagine _

    p0wnage51 lmao complimented like mf on his old stuff, then gave him some constructive criticism and advice that's the way to do it people, not just say "Where the jazz sample nowww bruh" lol. I'll always be a supporter too!!

  5. Christopher Tiihonen

    As long as I'm hearing Felly that sounds more akin to Waking Up to Sirens over Milk & Sugar I'm happy. Fully dig the Felly that is so jazzy.

    Casey Mays

    Christopher Tiihonen stfu

  6. Sterling Sylar

    dude I love it no judgement I juat hear mac miller a lot, you already know how to make music. lol  maybe is u listen to no rap at all (ik its a death sentence lol) and other sounds your style will def become more unique ant personal ive tried it for  a month and it helps, just a suggestion '


    you have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. i think he is doing a little better than you think

  7. stephen bang

    sounds like ur just copying macmiller lol

  8. chayce getstoney

    bro this shit is dope1 spreading it

  9. Rich courtney

    Super Dope man. Keep it up

  10. Rio T

    can you give some examples of what artist you sample?

    Noah Odinas

    Rio T little bit of mac miller

  11. bushkin54

    Lovin dis from London!!! Keep going!!! Ur doing well!!! Get at me on Insta: So_Prestige39!!! Follow for a follow!!!

  12. Jack Jones

    Ya buddy

  13. Werner Bervon

    This kid has some awesome mad skills...

  14. Yann Abouattier

    You are amazing !!

  15. Ketú Cãt

    Loving your new flow Felly, you keep getting better bro! Please never sell out...

  16. NewEraFlowMusic

    bro check out the song on my page

  17. josh preme

    That instrumental tho... too nice

  18. Awryval

    Cam'ron - Hey Ma

  19. connor kruger

    I don't see how this guy hasn't broke out yet. He's way better than half the artists that are being introduced theses days. Been listening for 2 years. Keep at it fel

  20. Nitro Saint

    Such a chill song i love ittt

  21. TDNZ Productions

    yeah buddy. that's how to do it

  22. Dave Foley Jr.

    not always about the software man. get yourself a really good interface and a 200 dollar mic youll be fine

  23. Jonathan Kenol

    damn son, nice.

  24. BoldClooded

    Check this out! Musically it may not compare to Fel, but lyrically it does.


  25. Effect

    yes,he should have had some bars without it!

  26. Emily X


  27. YeahItsSteven

    damn. i normally don't download mixtapes from youtube artists but you're too good, fel. good shit. i haven't recorded in months but check my shit out sometime.

  28. Sawyer korthuis

    Danm if that's not music I don't know what music is! Stay nice.

  29. Awryval

    Damn Fel you let that "true feel" bleed through in every track. Dope as it gets. What software are you using nowadays for vocals? I always have trouble cleaning mine up and yours are crispy as hell everytime...

  30. PureCents

    yeah fuck that texting all night shit.

  31. wudsiba

    From your recent videos it would seem that you are nursing a broken heart. To me the sign of a true artist is someone who puts their life into their art. I wish you all the best young man.

  32. Josiah Arrey

    Check out my stuff please im just following my dream of being a rappers

  33. JeredtheShy

    I don't think that changly little sound should repeat on every single bar. It's kind of occluding the lyrics and it loses its power with so much repetition.

  34. OlleromMusic

    Yo fel this is prolly one of my favorite songs off restless. Also you got any felly shirts or any merch for sale? if so where?

  35. NERDS

    Great song Felly! Defs a huge inspiration :) Keep it up bruv.

  36. Tearz One

    Your sick with it!!

  37. Benz Muzik

    Favorite one so far, keep it up Felly this is dope as hell

  38. Darren Long

    Mate loving the music... Sitting In Australia at the office loving this track

  39. ToMas StoVall

    Felly I been subbed for a while, you where one of my 1st. Ask for a favor... Check out Conscious - The ReCap - h06 Appreciate it. thx Homie

  40. MrDidymus07

    Great sound , Fel!!!! What DAW do you like most?....and , do you mix and master inside of Maschine or your DAW?

  41. Joshua Plouff

    dope AF bro. u in the right direction, hell u goin one hunna.

  42. Dominique J Byfield

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!! ok this one got me this is amazing fell I'm gonna have to put this on my tumblr lol! This one is too ILL!!!! that beat though

  43. TheVisual364

    reminds of a young mac miller

  44. The real bleezy vlogs 2

    let me get this

  45. MrBDuncs

    im hooked on this mixtape haha cant stop listening

  46. ryanmccaldwell

    Dang fel. you've really improved in massive amounts. and that's saying the least that I can. youre a serious inspiration. for your age and the equipment you use, your music is out of this world good. sounds great. been listening for a while and got quite a few hooked on your sound. keep it up man

  47. Lopez Kushin

    yo you should get a de-esser plugin for those 'sss' in your vocals. dope song toh

  48. BoldClooded

    Check out some of my stuff. Musically it may not compare to Fel, but lyrically I think it may...

  49. lexinfernal

    best song on the..... its ya boyyyyyyy trilly

  50. Conna C.

    Keep it up this is dope.

  51. JaviBHipHop

    Now THIS is what caught my eye to subscribe in the first place! Real Music! Keep going hard!

  52. StepY0urGameUp

    Good shit

  53. KappaCow

    Damn man. Great job on this one Fel.

  54. Arapoib

    Best song on the album.