Felly - What Am I To Do Lyrics

(Whoo, whoo)
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)
I could feel bad check
I could feel

What am I to do?
With 30 bad bitches and we got 4 rooms
I don't trust them and I don't trust the news
Y'all got me confused (Yeah)
I hop in that traffic I head to your room
I'm sick of talkin' about ya other dude
It's something like movies 'cause I'm coming soon
You know what to do

Yeah, if you want war I could give it
If you want more I could get it up
Back as sophomores in your Civic
Now all these tours got me slippin' up
I don't want more of these bitches
I done found one who gon' listen up (Ooh, ohh)
These days I'm tired of thinkin' my body
So tired of drinkin', I'm prolly
On the verge of breakin' ohh
And these lames wanna test me and I'll prolly
Catch bodies, yo problems, don't sweat me no
Go and pass it up
You know that bitch down and turnt as fuck
And I got you right down to show me love
So show me love

What am I to do?
When I'm out of Cali she don't have a clue
But I can't feel bad no it's just what I do (Yeah)
I say what am I to do?
When I need the balance I get in the mood
I can't feel bad no it's just what I do (Ooh)

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Felly What Am I To Do Comments
  1. Barbiee's vlogs 101

    This is a whole vibe ❤️😍😍😘

  2. Tyrel Cowles

    Banging 808 flavor fam!

  3. jacob sagmoen

    Jordan put me on

  4. Marco Antonio

    ¡Buena música para montaaaar! Saludos desde Sudamérica, Perú 😎

  5. RS2025


  6. Kiva Herrera

    Gonna use this in a fire edit for my senior project, @kivaherrera on instagram, check it when it drops in 6-7months.

  7. ocnalB semaJ

    Dude I’m honestly so hyped right now!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Inoshikacho Inoshikacho


  9. ma pog

    This is the one!!! Ganda nito!!!

  10. Ann Lucid

    I cant wait till he comes to Columbus 💕 it's boutta be so fuckin lit

  11. Papa Tango

    This song is meaningful

  12. Lauren Epperson

    Waited long enough. Worth the hype.

  13. Tim Carmo

    this ones even better, way more wavy

  14. The Excity

    This is fucking it chief

  15. Chloe Chavira

    Fire asf felly

  16. Captain Dennis

    Have had this stuck in my head ever since you peeped it dude so I had to listen twice . This will forever bop .

  17. Eric rutledge

    Best song in the album right here

  18. NOAlarm

    Been waiting 🏄


    oh yeah xD

  19. Noah Rhines


  20. The King

    This had me groovin from the very beginning! What am I to do with these vibes bruh??


    https://youtu.be/InNeAojqxts TRAP Brasil lest goo.......

  22. Cody Wilson

    If you haven’t listened to Pretty Girl you need to!

    ocnalB semaJ

    Cody Wilson right???

    Jess May

    we al have

  23. Cody Wilson

    Ok this one is the FLOW! Surf Trap!! Show me love! What am I to do Felly?

  24. SebastianCL

    this slap