Felly - This Is A Rose (Interlude) Lyrics

[Felly:] This is music
[GYYPS:] Give him a dollar?
[Felly:] Nah
[GYYPS:] I have a twenty but...
[Felly:] I just wanna live with this guy
[GYYPS:] Alright we're gonna miss our shit
[Felly:] Oh my gosh, so beautiful, shout out to the money from the drugs hah it's just the drugs showin' money love, Down up left

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Felly This Is A Rose (Interlude) Comments
  1. Parker Edington

    What instrument is this

    Radz hexz

    Parker Edington actually it sounds like a guitar

  2. ocnalB semaJ

    Dude this album is so amazing. At first I wasn’t so hyped. But now I can’t stop listening and it’s hella stuck on repeat in my dome yo. Such flame

  3. Jay Capodanno

    need a Fel/Cousin Stizz collab and needed it yesterday

  4. Hale A

    I love the interludes


    Felly will you please like and comment on this so Ik you a true mans if not its fine cause you already a fire ass man

  6. Dylan Pyle

    Roses r sharp sell me sum dope I'm not a nark

  7. Team Leviathan

    Ey I got first like


    Team Leviathan and first L smh