Felly - She Come And She Go Lyrics

She come and she go, ohhh
She come and she go dog, ohhh
And I'm too busy getting high
That I could never make you mine
And so I'm alone, ohhh
She come and she go dog, ohhh
And I know she goes wherever she wants to
And I can't hold her back and don't want to no, ohhh
She show me love dog, ohhh
I'm too busy getting high
That I could never make you mine
And so I'm alone
But she show me love dog

Cop me the Air Forces
Rockin' like Van Morrison
Pull on your skirt skirt
She keep my hands warm
I walk with the lions and lambs
If you got some time we should jam
I already made enough bands
All I wanna do is play in your legs
But keep me, I've been on the down
I lean, I lean, I lean
Stare through high beams
Know that I grieve every time you leave
I can't find no peace, it's not what it seems
It is what it is, I light up my spliff
We did what we could and we did what we did
And that shit was lit
Fuckin' around though I trouble these women, don't need to
But I know I do know I'm not see through
I'm gonna die til' I ain't so awful, just wanna feel you
Just wanna, just wanna feel, just wanna feel something real
Hit on the go in the automobile
Then we go back to the hotel and chill
Like I owe some ay dios mio
Took me from the bull to the field
She book the flight out to Rio
Would it be weird if I followed you there?
Dodging these bullets like Neo
Close to the edge, don't push me
All I can think 'bout is pussy
Can't help but think 'bout what could be
Lace in my headphones and hoodie
Of course when they come and they go
I can't afford that, she brought me down low
Forgive me I'm touring, can't hit all my notes
One thousand reporters, still wake up alone
She come and she go, damn

She come and she go dog, ohhh
But I'm finna' hit that shit
Imma hit it raw raw raw
Imma hit it raw raw raw
This bitch is gone, God damn
Why you gotta do it to me

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Felly She Come And She Go Comments
  1. beatz_o

    I will never understand people who sleep on soul, this shit comes In waves and Felly keep them waves groovy. Just know some of us truly respect your craft and passion!

  2. Nicholas

    Will always remind me of you Jess

  3. IDK Jean

    "Can't help but to think of what could be"

  4. Real Maddawgie

    This album made me feel types of ways

  5. S-K-I

    this album was a great summer one

  6. whitni bowden

    This is my shiiiiit 💕

  7. beatz_o

    They missing tf out...

  8. Carston Butters

    I LEAN I LEAN I LEAN....this song is my jam on my pbj! felly shoutout form MENDO Cause this album iz sum sauce!!!

  9. Tony Tortellini

    This really helps with my anxiety

  10. Paula Rivero


  11. Chris Workman

    felly with the fire

  12. Boyer

    Got work at 6am... but fuck it. Felnuts gone NUTTY on this record

  13. Moose

    Goddamn fells Finna take it

  14. Héctor

    DAAAAMN <3

  15. rhizah1109

    I chose the right fuckin time to get on youtube. Gotdam....