Felly - Reinvention Lyrics

It's bigger than me
It's bigger than me
It's an addiction, the self infliction
Ay what it is, ay what it isn't
It should be prison, the way I kill shit
You been the same, I'm on a mission
It's an addiction
I brought skateboards to the hood
I look like I seen a ghost
I know one day I'll be a ghost
(But I'm getting better at guitar and shit)
(Yeah, yeah)
It's an addiction
The way I drill shit
She feel the same, I keep 'em
You steady slippin'
That's got you trippin'
Like what's your purpose?
Ay what's the mission?
Reinvention (Ohh, ohh)
Surf trap
Surf trap
Surf trap

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Felly Reinvention Comments
  1. Marcos Estrelargames

    Awesome song

  2. MC Smooth Rapper

    I brought skate boards to the hood

  3. Kyle Kamins

    Make this longer. PLEASE

  4. MUD BOY

    I look like i seen a ghost
    I know one day ill be a ghost

  5. ashtondylan.

    not on some weird shit you bring that mac vibe back. not trying to compare but fr.

  6. michael taylor

    oof this one supa hot ppphhhhieee

  7. michael taylor

    put the tape on soundcloud felll

  8. Los4hunnit

    Wavey just the way I dig it

  9. Lightbulb _bob

    those guitar cords 😍

  10. Tim Carmo

    definitely my favorite so far, but i still have other new tracks to check out

  11. Renz Reginald Macay

    *Wish this was longer! WAAAAVY!*

  12. David Williams

    This is wavy af, wish there were more songs like this

    Dakota McDermott

    I feel, but this is kinda how winters In Brooklyn and wild strawberries were, so I appreciate the variety as well.

  13. Cody Wilson

    Next show in Nor Cal? Surf Trap!

  14. fladagreat



    Mother fucking young FEL

  16. Izaya Magana

    Been waiting🙏