Felly - Realist Lyrics

I'll take a piss in your cookie dough batter
Ripped on the life and got a had full of matter
Doing anything just to get you while it fatter
People talking shit that's what you get if you's a rapper
Really I am not one
Cause to many claim that
Thinking on my toe
I spit it quick I spit it asap
Think that it's so laid back
And rep for my homeland
Tell the flowbots I can ride with no hands
Not a happy camper
I try tho trust tho trust me
Winters get cold in CT I'd be a Husky
Hate loud women
And I don't care for class
All you snobby rich kids can really kiss my ass
Got my finger on the trigger of the xbox controller
Rappers think they nice
Until they try to rap sober
This some funky junk you all get ready for some craft
Flipping up the instrumental
Get a taste of some jazz
Cause I'm moving like that

This be the realest shit I ever wrote
This be the realest shit I ever wrote
This be the realest shit I ever wrote

Summers quick schools long
School sucks move on
Everyday it's the same
Everyday it's too long
I won't bitch
Now these people think I'm crazy
Not a bitch never wrote a song about a lady
Listen bro
You are not a Martian
You're a human
Your life is more scripted
Then the life lived by Truman
How you gona' believe that
The music yo I need that
Writing everyday and makin' beats
Fuck the feedback
Eating coffee cakes and I'm
Rapping 'bout some bullshit
When I grip the top step
Believe I'm gonna hold it
I'm nice with my word play
You spit it in the worst way
Don't care about the green when you feen like it's earth day
Hueymac blocked me I wasn't even hating
I just told him how he sucked and how I really hate him
Causing straight mayhem and kicking in my room
My old shit sucked
But you still but balloon
I'm moving like that
Stop looking at my track
Cause I see you try to follow and you can't sallow where I'm at
Stedy shitting on these rappers in almost every single sentence
Dudes acting tough when they sucking their Pretension
Still reping drive by proud of where I am
The name is still Felly much respect if your a fan
It's to easy to squash any target that I pinpoint
Rock steady small kid with the big voice
I'm ghost, I said I'm ghost this be the realist shit I ever wrote

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Felly Realist Comments
  1. noahg97

    Dude this video got me I to rap years ago, couldn't find it forever

  2. Julien Gianni

    is this a remix or sample of something? i feel like i've heard it before but maybe im wrong, also does this kid still make music what does he go by now if he still does?

    Justin Kilbride

    Julien Gianni pharachyde passin me by

    Justin Kilbride

    he goes by felly. he makes more beats that songs lately but he still has albums and stuff.

  3. shanan st. john

    Still such a banger

  4. Salt Scooters

    Lmao I’m 7 years late

  5. Ashton Corona

    This shit fire as hell🔥🔥