Felly - Pretty Girl Lyrics

Controllin' my thoughts (Ugh)
Stroll in my troubled mind
All of my wants (Ugh)
All of my stubborn pride
Don't mind once
I ain't had sober mind in like nine months (Ugh)
Pretty girl
Won't you move up north and see New York City girl
But she comin' from the beach so she miserable
No I can't help her no mo', no no no no no
No I can't help her, yeah
Blood sheddin'
Blood shed on my bed and this no love lesson
Girl I'm only one fella, I don't love tension
But I love attention
Call me when you done stressin'
Heart weighin' so heavy (Ahh)
Away I'm ghost
I'll wait for you
I don' play it smooth (Aha)
You don't want no smoke
When the top down I drop down like dog town and ride to you
(Uh, Uh)

Every time you leave for me
Every time you leave for me
You don't know what that means to me
You don't know what that means
Don't know what that, trust
Leave for me every time you leave for me (Ooh)
You don't know what that means to me
Don't know that means

Now all that I want (Ugh)
Is you right by my side
Back on my fronts (Ugh)
More I try I don't find nothin' I sought (Ugh)
Come inside late at night, thinkin' why not, (Mmhm)
Pretty girl you got somethin' that I need, don't you leave me girl
I can't stand these empty sheets, I can smell you still
Don't know how to keep the peace, they don't know what to feel
I think it's time to leave the east (Yeah)
Sun shinin', my soul tired
I don't like you sometimes
Baby my fans waitin'
My head's shakin'
I try (Ooh)

Every time you leave for me
Every time you leave for me
You don't know what that means to me
You don't know what that means
Don't know what that
Every time you leave for me
Every time you leave for me
You don't know what that means to me
Don't know that means

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Felly Pretty Girl Comments
  1. MaaBeatz


  2. Ajia Ava


  3. Fatima Palmar


  4. Sal Gutierrez

    You don’t know what that means to me...

  5. orion barouch

    Felly. PLEASE come to Woodstock NY! Perform literally anywhere and you and your crew have a place to stay in my 3 story house

  6. Suguery Rodriguez

    Thank you felly, best song on the album

  7. Suguery Rodriguez

    "Every time you leave from me" you don't know what that means to me

  8. Iaanboi

    Felly staying true like always! Glad to see you still making music and not selling out! Keep up the work you getting it

  9. Jackson Salyer Behr

    This is so good why hasn’t it blown up

  10. Alexandros Sarris

    whiskey and this song gives me the chillz

  11. Adam Galdoni

    Went to your concert in Chicago really felt the special moment for Mack and the vocals were great even on your fifth day straight. Keep grinding your gonna make it big #SurfTrap

  12. Lorenzo Padoin

    the best of this album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Gherbo Galvan

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Surftrap

  14. Michael Lecon

    Get these words out felly. I’m dedicating all the love songs to my girl❤️

  15. Mico

    felly & yung pinch created a whole new beach wave genre of rap. love it

  16. 2cowandchicken

    I ain’t had sober mind in like 9 months

  17. Wolfie Barrueta

    Underrated af

  18. seeyounexttuesday


  19. Ang.x

    Esta bien perra la rola weee

  20. Nomi Nami

    I enjoy it a lot. Good job!

  21. Luke Jones

    My dream is that Post Malone and you collaborate, you've done a concert with him, chatted with him and back 2016, it was rumored

  22. Grégoire Mélin

    nice 😌

  23. Tantu Beats

    Gotta work with Felly

  24. Savage Myers

    Good Song. 🦄

  25. Danny Shot

    You know a song is fire when its just as good sober

  26. Thunder Strike

    This person deserves more love then anyone else, He gave us the good shit, Positive shit, Fuck negativity shit.

  27. Joe.decker16 Akmasta619

    Come to kcmo we met in Mo last year

  28. Augie

    This song had me all in my feelings. Great work Fel.

  29. OutdoorPotential

    Gonna be listening to this fire in Vermont 🔥🔥

  30. Josh de Leon

    Ok this is the best one. Thank you.

  31. Jordan Felts

    I keep coming back to listen to this song

  32. DrummingKid101

    Favorite artist right now🙌🏼

  33. David B

    The more times you listen to this the more you hear

  34. Daunte Caesar

    This a hit or should be

  35. Kampsy

    Man it's so dope to support an artist and watch em grow over time

    Felly's music is gonna live for a long time


    Reminds me of 2014-2015 fel 😕

  37. jimmy j

    Much better than these other white boy rappers dissing each other

  38. Migs Audio

    really nice mix too...who mixed this?

  39. Ryan P

    Please don’t stop

  40. TreyTheBaked


  41. Franky Islas

    Fel you gonna make it

  42. Elizabeth Kepler-Marmon

    A boy sent me a link to this.. what does this mean? I think its a good sign. Right?

  43. HollowGraphic Vibes

    Hope you're having a beautiful day fel (: got you on my mind today.

  44. Lou Doggg

    illuminati  666 u sold ur soul , I cant even listen to u anymore u lost a fan bro...

  45. Sebastian James

    This track slaps harder than the first nun I met

  46. Vujnog

    This album gonna blow up

  47. Dumb Nike Hoe

    Need the instrumental? Could flow off this ?

  48. Bai

    Fucking love this song

  49. freshippy

    Underrated and under appreciated 🔥

  50. Brandon Robbins

    This one stands out, already keep it on my playlist love the whole album tho

  51. Caden Jones

    I'm so obsessed
    Your fucking amazing felly

  52. Mr Surreal

    JESUS this shit is good. Just found you yesterday and I'm not even sure how. This song though....

  53. Jesse Digrappa


  54. YungJæSwæzzy

    Bruh who ever disliked. We need to talk. 😤

  55. Sam Randolph

    He accidentally released Miami today and I screen recorded it. It’s amazing


    Sam Randolph what?!?

    Sam Randolph

    I know right I’ll post it soon

  56. Wayne Claude

    That 15k views needs to be 15mil

  57. Wipo

    Good Felly👍🏻

  58. KellCola

    Amazing song as usual fel

  59. Preston Davis

    Your wave is coming, this banger is proof 🔥🌊

  60. Jamesh

    i kind of like how felly isnt super popular or anything but all of his fans actually like him

  61. Jamesh

    favourite song of all time

  62. Miracle Child

    cant wait for the day that fel starts getting millions of views +, so nice to see how great of a musician he's become and how far he's come from CT

  63. Matt L

    This already feels like my fav song. Damn good shit.

  64. Matt L

    You need to feature with Yung Pinch booiiii. That shit would be so fire.

  65. SpinK PrinkleS

    New Fel🔥

  66. william christensen

    To the 5 people that disliked you are all bitches

  67. KK McFly

    Felly blowin' up this year fo sure, if not early 2019. Got shit with Cole Bennett and have articles by Billboard this year already. Couldnt be more proud of you Chris. Cant wait for your time and to maybe work in the future <3

  68. Isaiah Miller


  69. Hazebro

    felly u are the man <3

  70. Kyle Little

    Yup, yup, yup. We love you fel.

  71. Moneybagbandz

    His style is so versatile

  72. Xing Y

    No hay traducción a español?

  73. Brandon Robbins

    Finally something I think ill hold higher than his waves album

  74. Henry Butterworth

    I haven’t had sober mind in like 9 months🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤧🏄‍♂️

  75. Wander Fool

    Fire as always Fel.

  76. That One Dude


  77. Andrew Borrero

    Man, the past 5-6 years following this mans music has never disappointed me

  78. benny

    strange how he hasn't hit the charts yet, his sound is so honed

  79. Canimaproductions

    fell just got signed. lets get it

  80. ocnalB semaJ

    Dude you always hit hard 🔥so hyped to be apart of your generation bro 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  81. Body Language


  82. Shane FitzGerald

    Love this fel, cant wait for this album!!!

  83. Nathan LeQuébécois

    I love the flow!

  84. Aman Chopra

    VIBES !!!!!!!! <3

  85. Leo Campise

    This art f*cks hard

  86. Galen Salatino

    The Dick Dale of trap

  87. Lesser Dog

    beginning sounds inspired by world in my hands by Saba

  88. Tyler Dane

    Bruh this shit wavy, albums gonna be lit 🔥

  89. Old Man Jenkins

    So hyped for this album!!! 🔥

  90. Oh3Productions

    Man you’re gonna blow up soon

  91. Cemmy

    let's goooooooo fel

  92. chicken nougats

    Everyone here should listen to Kweku Collins

  93. Jeffery Dunn


  94. rope ropesman

    "Last quarter hope my album dosnt leak! " 2273 and fuh yo bitch everyone

  95. Keese D

    It’s like the stuff you hear on the radio but not at all