Felly - Morning Lyrics

Yo these people talk to me like I'm a listen
You love feedin me that dirt, let me do the dishes
The download is out and you can check the digits
I been on my sun shit, yesterday I crossed some fishes
And it was delicious probably cause my eyes low
Cops at house parties keep me runnin from the 5-0
Caught skippin' class but mama got me by the spinal
Dismissin' me from school so I can go and cop some vinal
Its all wins, no losses, but stop fucking hittin up my phone its obnoxious
Most my days I spent making beats to fill my pockets
So I can buy some shit I probably never even wanted
But still I can fuck around and take the throne
I made almost a grand with just a day while I was home alone
Getting big headed and I hate it more than you can know
But damn it feels good to show these kids that like to doubt my goals
Mama I put you in the beama, I love you more than I can fit up in this meter [?]
Pops I ain't forget yuh though I'm standing underneath yuh
I'm sorry if I ain't livin' up to promises between us
My innersense gone AWOL, sippin on a 40 while we listenin to the rain fall
They placin' bets on if I fail, but I'm take off
Kick those fuckers down while they swinging at my ankles
Embrace the thought provoking adolescence
I swear I'll make the world feel every sentence
But now I just smile... kinda like this
Just another morning trying to figure out what life is

Uh duh duh
Figure out what life is
Just another morning trying to figure out what life is
Uh duhduh-duh
Aye ma, put you in that beama
Good morning
I said good
He said good-good morning
Don't ask me to explain this beat either I don't know what the fuck it is
Its, I like it
Its how I feel fuck it
Aight we're done

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Felly Morning Comments

    I love this cuz it sounds like young Mac Miller ❤❤❤


    And Felly fire af too even his old shit 🔥

  2. Ace Lands

    Who watching this in 2018 *like*

    Tanner Schroeder

    I am in 2019 😵🔥

  3. Macie Love

    fel, your shit still bumps hard af, but I gotta be honest. its feeling like you're changin up on us, talking about fuckin bitches a lot more. but shit, do you as long as you're happy.

  4. Omari The People

    The old days was so good

  5. DrSalt

    this old shit is dope

  6. Oakley Eisel

    rad as fuck <3

  7. Mia Severance

    my baby

  8. thomas trujillo

    I love this song because i lost my dad last year and my mom at the start of this year. When he talks about losing his dad it just makes me feel a little comfort in losing my own because i know exactly how he feels. And his music is just good and peaceful. Love felly man.

  9. Omari The People

    Big up from Jamaica

  10. bbyfiji

    what kinda audio effect was on that sample

    Bailey Noack

    Little late but I think it's probably reversed with reverb

  11. Bethany b

    at 0:50 it hella looks like the weeknd

  12. benny

    0:54 someone should make a GIF out of that.

  13. benny

    *ding* kinda like this.

  14. J Brown

    made a new beat ! check it out thanks guys!

  15. Chilled Rap Sounds

    This is still my favourite Felly tune! Love TSCIW album but this shit is tight!

    Omari The People

    Is it still?!

    Chilled Rap Sounds

    +Omari The People yeah man!

    Omari The People

    @Chilled Rap Sounds hahaha

  16. Alexis Gomez

    You got some good ass music, honestly. Try featuring a song with chance, your music is similar to his.. It would be great. Stay clean, champ.

  17. Goon Martian

    Insanely talented Felz

  18. Lott Miss

    felly keep goin..............respect from europe :D

  19. Athziri Grisel

    Eres bueno en esto! :D good!! 

  20. Y raseC

    trynna figure out what life is

  21. tcw00

    My Favorite :D

  22. Delsoo VIBEMUSIC

    of a check in my last preview
    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=294589667393633&set=vb.100005278058071&type=2&theater  tanks! :)

  23. Zakk Brown

    I just wanted to thank you Felly, last summer I saw your grizzly bear remix, and It inspired to get maschine, i just wanted to say thank you, you are an inspiration, I have two beats on my soundcloud if anyone would like to give a listen    https://soundcloud.com/d-cypher-5/now-we-know

    Code Casual

    Gave a listen. Keep workin man they sick.


    really cool stuff

    Zakk Brown

    thank you

  24. Smoking-dank-daily

    Will you produce one of my videos? Hmu on twitter dcoveney121

  25. Jaime Roa

    Not even gonna lie, Felly's beats are on point.

  26. Dear Artemis

    Mack Miller uhm... you heard this guy yet?

  27. Gummie Bear

    I bump all your shit in my car. so amazing love it 

  28. jake karakas

    "sippin on a 40 while we listen to the rainfall" just brings a good feel.

  29. Leonardo Talc

    I need the sample name homieees

  30. Joshua Jones

    U dickridin tha fuck out ScHoolboy Q wit tha bucket hat homie.

    -Dope video tho

    Joshua Jones

    The TROLL has been fed

    Killa Bee

    Your a fool haha, you change your words cause you realize your a fucked up by sayin just a bucket hat, cause TONS of rappers wear them... get the fuck out of here you fat ass un wanted troll.

    Joshua Jones

    Dont feed the trolls that live under the youtube bridge.

    Code Casual

    Aint like schoolboy invented the bucket hat haha

    Joshua Jones

    But he did bring it back bro think about it.
    especially that tie dye one.

  31. MindBody&Beats

    Twuan x Felly soon to come..

  32. Sparkey

    Next generations mac miller? 

    Killa Bee

    Mac n Felly are only four years apart in age, I'd definitely have to say they're part of the same generation...

  33. oscar hoglund

    that banana looks good

  34. Joseph Tristen Jr

    bro, this is real shit, good beats good rhymes. keep it going i wanna hear more

  35. Walker Collins

    yo felly! nasty man, sounds clean. mind if i use this beat?

    Jay Remi

    yo if youre looking for beats hit me up at [email protected]

    True Wiz

    He sells all his beats. Check his bandcamp.

  36. You Dont know me

    everybody can say these words behind eachother, and the lyrics are really easy to

  37. Susanna Aurier

    go felly!!

  38. FTM Taydoe

    Do you use the samson c01u?

  39. WastedHoursProject

    This dude reminds me of someone that came up, use to smoke a lot looked a bit retarded made it big then disappeared. Forgot his name though. 


    @Sebastien Larsen
    Yea thats why I was having a hard time finding who I was thinking of because I keep looking up old artist that no longer make music. Lol fail.

    Jayson Tamura

    @WastedHoursProject This kid slays mac now a days mac went wack lol im poet and i knew it lol

    Sensei Remmy

    @Jayson Tamura

    Jayson Tamura

    @Sensei Remmy Shit your ugly but i don't act like a fool going out of my way to tell  you that, im entitled to an opinion  doesn't make it fact or fiction. sooo shhh ya fooligan


    @Jayson Tamura the new mac miller is the most artistic rapper in the game that i know of, so much emotion in his songs. you can tell he really feels the music

  40. Fezzekat

    Holy shit dude.... respect from here! you have skills. I hope you will make it one day. You just earned another subscriber.

  41. Steve Hill

    Felly will make it one day


    Bravo! If you need some original art for your next EP/Album cover, just let me know. I invite you to view the art that I have created and have posted on my YouTube channel: GOTEAMPHOTO.

  43. shaskalochan1978

    You're the Logic of Connecticut. If you've ever heard of him. You are really damn good. NEVER quit. You got something these fake youtubers don't

  44. Leonardo Talc

    Anyone who knows the sample name of this beat?

  45. Urben

    Check me out. 16 year old rapper currently based in South LA, California. New music coming soon.


    yo mac miller already did this

  47. spel10001

    Asher Miller?  Mac Roth?

  48. Alex Ambrosino

    good vibe to the beat.but you got kids lookin up to you,shouldnt be smoking weed in your video.you may not necessarily be saying it's ok to smoke.but that is the picture you are painting for the younger gen.just sayin.who cares if you smoke keep it to yourself.

    K Clip

    No ive seen the dog rap on Youtube since he was Felly the Kid. His rhymes, his beats and his videos are now aiming to an audience his age, as they did when he was 14. He's grown up along with his music. 

    Alex Ambrosino

    u taking this way off track dude...HES SMOKING WEED IN THE VIDEO.lol dumbass


    @alex ambrosino dude stfu, people young or old watching this on youtube can make decisions for themselves felly isn't telling them to do anything if a kid watches this then decides to smoke weed thats his/hers choice.
    Quit being so naive.

    PLC Msc

    i think fel should smoke

    Michael T

    I hope the next gen smokes weed, shits good for you if anything

  49. Gábor Máté

    Bírom a stílusod.Csak így tovább! Peace from Hungary! :D

  50. Robert McCeney

    BRAVO!  I have subscribed!

  51. Seth Gerringer

    dude you got mad talent. if you're the one producing these beats FUCKING PURSUE BEING A PRODUCER

  52. Dillon

    some of this shit was kinda deep alot of boasting but not all of it. good shit though you really make me think of mac miller with a different style and lyrics but idk i like it good shit

  53. F_Sol845

    I've been working my ass off; I've been rapping since 14. I'm currently 18 commuting to college, going to work afterwards and then doing all my homework and studying, After all that I sacrifice rest to write and make music. Help a kid reach a dream. I'm not in it for the money or fame or even women. I only want to spread a positive message while also prove to others that dreams are achievable. Give me a chance. It’ll be worth it. Join me from the beginning or listen to me when I blow. Thank you

  54. Andrew Clunie

    I'm liking the beat, but the (majority of the) lyrics, style and vibe is kinda whack. nothing new, same old same old depthless material of some kid talking about how he's making money and boasting his life style. Use your platform to promote deeper thinking, don't just feed the same old shit. You are young, so i'm hoping with time you will learn - and i'm sure you will. You have a great opportunity...use it to grow and share, not just selflessly promote. Either way, keep doing what you love..

  55. Neezy

    Dude, steady rocking.

  56. MEMO G

    Your shit dope

  57. Disorted

    You sound a bit like Mac Miller in this, but pretty nice man.

  58. ThaGrowingPains Presents: Live Now Die Later

    they're called 40's or 40 ounces, its like 2 or 3 bucks at a gas station and its the cheapest way to get drunk...lots of beer companies make they're own 40's but it seems like they were drinking some Old English ones.

  59. Eric Cotrofeld

    reminds me of mac miller

  60. hxrsepowr

    of course man. I'm always down. DM me

  61. KHCAirsoft

    theyre referred to as "40's" Short for 40 ounces of beer

  62. Gábor Békéssy

    uhm, could someone tell me, what are they sippin?
    I have seen this big bottled beer or something in many american rap videos, but I just cannot figure out what is that
    :D thanks in advance

  63. Snowspin

    Thanks for breaking the stereotype people have about 'white people' and hiphop with this dope ass beat.

  64. azam987654321

    he looks like the dude from white men can't jump.

  65. hxrsepowr

    Felly better watch them white lighterrrrssss.. 0_0

  66. F_Sol845

    Hey man I've been making music for a few years now and I've finally gotten to the point where I think it's time to share my music. Give me a listen. I promise I'll be worth it. Shout out to felly, big inspiration

  67. Martin Newton

    this beat is craaaazzzzyyyyyyy!! you rode the hell out that beat bra!!! lawd have mercy

  68. GoldskinSoul21

    soundcloud:Gold$kinSoul please check it out

  69. Josh A

    We were womb-mates

  70. Drew Crump

    more delivery and this dude has some serious potential

  71. hxrsepowr

    Ironically I'm falling asleep to this

  72. hxrsepowr

    This is so damn good reeeeepllaaay

  73. hxrsepowr

    That's felly*

  74. hxrsepowr

    So much more respect to Telly after hearing that line about his pops rip !!!!!

  75. BigPharmaBeatmaker

    good production, just an advice - stay away as much as you can from beer, cigarettes and blunts. This sh\t destroyed billions tons of inspiration so far.

  76. Dev W

    only ny

  77. Dalton Odom

    Who needs beats!?

  78. Jayson Tamura

    Whens the new date man or have you let your album off something other then ur website?

  79. Jack Donovan

    what company is the flat panel hat with the Sails or Boats with the '97


    found it yet ? :D , looking for it aswell

  80. b0n

    Bandcamp is cool and all and the album was amazing, but if you put it on datpiff it would get allot more attention.

  81. G Mo

    Shot out to Felly with the banana like Rico in "Belly"

  82. Xavier Coleman

    he has his own style
    fuck sayin he's mac miller
    he is FELLY!

  83. BensVFX07

    robfel.bandcamp.com lol sorry

  84. BensVFX07


  85. LoxBeats

    upload it :D

  86. Jovanny

    Beast shit maan ! . Check me out guys . :)

  87. bluboi

    He's gunna develop himself to a great artist

  88. キント雲

    damn ur growth is impressive

  89. Jack Donovan

    hat with sails on it? what company is it?

  90. colexmelly

    he records with logic pro 9 and uses the effect male speech from garageband

  91. Tom Juliano

    Nice fel keep it up

  92. Mathieu T

    Get studio one.

  93. Mad Jap

    One of the cool as things about getting big on youtube has to be the fact that niggas start sending you clothes for free just to advertise it! shiiiit.... one day man

  94. G.York

    sounds like mac on watching movies with the sound off

  95. skaaaaateboarding

    ssays album

  96. seth schmidt

    this track go hard as fuck

  97. Yasser Balouch

    yo fels i respect you as an artist... lil bro got me listenin to you... Too dam trill keep it up

  98. EJFOO

    ill as ever

  99. Josh A

    I love Felly/Rob so much. He's inspired me a lot.