Felly - Keep The Team Straight Lyrics

Tote 'em around like I'm suppose to, do what I told you
Yeah, hey, praise God praise God
I could, I could not complain now can't complain now, I got money on my radar on my day one
Finna get the squad payed up payed up, keep the team straight

Stay so one hundred I'm Franklin no I can't fake it
I can not fuck with these bankers they on some fake shit
I got my stripes like the Yankees running these bases
I ate that ass it was tasty gotta stay gracious
They love a boy put him on stages I gotta thank ya
Heard there some that come famous now they invasive
She love me back when I was nameless that be my real baby Don't care how long she gon' take me I'm gonna make it

Keep the Team straight keep the team straight keep the team keep the team straight keep the team straight that's all I know
Keep the team straight keep the team straight keep the team keep the team straight

New city tied up my laces I need my [?]
Work through the day and the night shift tired and anxious
Shout out to trip [?] he got the flavors
Keep a homie with the [?] back or my paper
The tighter the jeans the tighter the country I'm at over seas The bigger the bag the more eagles to feed
Difference of dreaming and staying asleep
Weather he on cause he got on supreme, fuck do they teach
I don't see nothing do something unique
Baddie boys running round the streets
Been a while and never [?] a city I wronged
Chinchilla yeah chinchilla my home
Don't talk about it just be about it I'm gone

Keep the Team straight keep the team straight keep the team keep the team keep the team straight keep the team straight (that's all I know)
Keep the team straight
Keep the team keep the team straight

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Felly Keep The Team Straight Comments
  1. Holly Ogata

    Lol i love how rn there's 420 likes

  2. Oleksandr Sokolov

    An anthem for all of the good managers and team workers!

  3. kesivoh freerun

    love it
    so muxchh

  4. Daniel Voltaire

    Felly x XXXtentacion= Vibesssssssssss

  5. Greg Sobokar


  6. The Last Shot 223

    Wavy fel

  7. Alex List

    Keep the team straight 🔥🚱

  8. CreatveMnds


  9. Beautykiillss

    He makes great music to get stoned to 😂

  10. Yung Sco

    Been on Fel since like.. 2014? Still haven't blown up? Trippin

  11. JennaKatie Sanderson

    Love you

  12. top kek

    I get the feeling tell is gonna be on XXL in a few years

  13. irunthepeg

    I can't even listen to this rn so I'm dropping a like and I'll listen to tomorrow cause I already know it will be dope. Been supporting since the days of you and your buddy driving around in the truck rapping. So rare to find a rapper who's also equally dope at producing.

  14. Jacob Gonzalez

    I want a juice box rn

  15. Ukies

    Been following young fel for some time and I still can't believe he's not even bigger than he is. He's slept on for real. This is so fuego

    Goofy Duder

    Ukies he has a huge following in some cities and in some places nobody knows who he is. I'm from seattle and pretty much everyone I know fucks with him. bummer he isn't bigger but he is growing

  16. Fade

    I wanna hear a Felly x Yung Pinch collab

  17. Donovan Salgado

    All these drops have me waaay too hype for Wild Strawberries! The year of Felly is upon us.

  18. Siddadood

    bruh how do people sleep so hard

    Kobe Claybrook

    He's one of the coldest

  19. Jimmy Dean

    you were dope asf at summerfest even tho the crowd was shit

    Zak White

    Fel was at summerfest in mil?

  20. Shinobi •


  21. Shine Life

    Felly keeps the slaps comin 🔥

  22. Tye Dye

    Young Fel on some real shit! Been at it for a minute and finally gettin the fame he deserves! Keep them bangers and chill vibes comin fam we love it! You goin to the top

  23. Petit Suisse

    hei from switzerland

  24. Landon Rittwage

    Only white boy with the culture

  25. Chillin Dude

    ay dropped right before a smoke sesh🔥🔥

  26. Forever悲しい

    2273 Forever B 🙏🏽🔥

  27. vanilla123ize

    felnuts baby

  28. Coffee Drinkee

    2273 yeee

  29. OrangesicleRAINBOWS

    felly always got that chill flow tho. 😍

  30. NARDO

    What heat will be released on Wednesday, hmmmmmm

  31. Arianna P

    WE LOVE YOU FELLLL!! Don't forget where you come from! Much love from the D❤

  32. Ray -K

    before 1k

  33. Andrew Scott

    Young fel on that oceanic wave

  34. BOW

    Wavy asf

  35. King Lee

    notification squaaddd

  36. Yuh Aye

    feel good shit

  37. DecoyTV


  38. Team Leviathan

    Good shit fel

  39. Influence

    first like bitchhhh