Felly - First Things First Lyrics

First things first
First things I got to do
First things first
First things I got to do
And a lot 'bout dem worried
And a lot 'bout dem worried

Them not ready for the wave
Lied up in your grave
Lighters in the damn way
We gon' need some more than chains
Wired up my friends
Fake friends on the way
I'm in a higher place now
Bitch talk to me waist down
Lighter than the day sun
Renegade talk in the whip and it all sound cool
Renaissance man renaissance squad shit I gotta do
Need that collared snake with that dusse
Ballin' all of your hoop dreams
Ballin' on you ballin' on you

First things first
First things I got to do
First things first
First things I got to do (first things I got to)

And it's fuck, and it's
And it's fuck, ya
And it's fuck what they heard
First shots fall and nowhere become lost
They gon' remember your word
In the right mind, let me fit the top floor
They gon' restin' disturbed
Rest on the flesh in the breast in a day
No restin' til rest is assured

(Turn on the radio, nah fuck it, turn it off)
Fear is your only God
24/7 stay on the clock
It's like as soon as I land that's when I take off
Shit I'm a starboy, this a top 40, this a convoy
You know the God's waves, I be on shore
Hold it down, never surrender my worth
Hustle the first through the first
And it's first things first

(Fuck it up)
First thing I got to
Ooooo (Fuck it up)
Never surrender my worth
Fuck, fuck it up
Never surrender
Never surrender my

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Felly First Things First Comments
  1. Sean Kirby


  2. BossBoy 603


  3. RainMan

    Wheres this beat from man, it sounds so familiar. I know I've heard it from another song.

  4. PrincessJasmine

    Why he so underrated

  5. Spencer Cole


  6. daniel bjurman

    People be sleeping on this song

  7. Gino Ortiz


  8. Elizabeth Boll

    Dot Da Genius is Kid Cudis boiiii

  9. Pi-Evolution

    1:17 Went so damn hard! Bless bless Fel.

  10. Hamburglar v1

    Felly is all i listen to. This guy is on the comeup!

  11. Alex

    🙏☀️ perfect

  12. KidLifted10

    Who the fuck disliked.

  13. BlackBearGaming

    Hes got a good producer on his side, Dot Da Genuis. Why isnt he viral yet?

  14. Lesego M.

    You're awesome Felly man

  15. Leon N

    not guna lie i love fellnuts but i feel like this song is lazy and not well produced like ALL other summer bangers hes dropped


    Leon N I'm sure that's why he normally produces more in depth music than this, I'm sure he just wanted this song to be simple and to go, which it does.

    John Henrici

    that's why this is the intro track... intro tracks are never really that good


    .. sun dance, schoolzones, and dirty pockets are all bangers though


    Leon N ...but this song is the BANGER OF ALL BANGZ bro. get you a loud ass speaker and give it another go🔥🔥🔥

  16. Shine Life

    Fel fans be having to carry fire extinguishers now. Play his shit in public and catch an arson charge 🔥

  17. WAHANT

    Youre killing it man, been watching you grow for over 6 years now. You're living proof to me that anything is possible if you just fucking do it. Much love g.


    #2273 for life

  18. DrinkMoWater

    You might've done something right here with that fire beat @FelNut


    Felly your the best man just keep putting this wood into the fire and we will get bigger and bigger

  20. Gabriela Sarceno

    Yas papi 😌

  21. maxwellbwoy


  22. Dom La flare



    Notifications gang gang

  24. Thugnasty Newman

    Felly is too fucking underrated to be dropping this much good music on the regular

  25. Jacob Nazari


  26. logan thomas

    my boy up next 🍓 he even got dotdagenius on this... CUDI VIBES

  27. East