Felly - Endo Lyrics

Yeah yeah come on with the come on get down with the get down

I'm swerving steady, they trying to tell me Armageddon's coming
God-damn I ain't even ready
I throw machetes in my brain when I lack resin
I'm off some headies but they hittin me like abscess
Pardon my tardiness but this shit no absence
Illuminated I be banging shit like crash test
Like, how that make you feel?
How that make you move, smoking weed to jazz music I be in this crazy mood
I look around and its pretty wild what this world will do
Open up for one (moment/woman) now they all controlling you
I shed a tear for my people who ain't here
Reminiscin' on my boy bradley, he died last year
That's some gruesome shit I'd rather not get into
Lookin out my window, blowin' out some endo
I question if this is the life that I should live
Seeking righteousness but then I grip the sin and I give in
Melancholy, bumpin billy Holey, until I'm grinnin
Tell my homies what I'm dreamin'
But they tell me I'm trippin'

But the time don't stop
Uh-uh uh uh
And this is really all I got
Uh-uh uh-uh
You either with me or you not
Smoking on some pot, in the parking lot
Thinking how the fuck to get on top

Walkin down the avenue I stubble
And recognize that most you people never leaving trumbull
And that's sad to me but ain't no diss to my town
Cause honestly I got to get away this place hold me down
I'm sippin berries tea thinkin about my father in life
This instrumental suit me right I had to get on the mic
You know my styles something like the dark mixed with the light
But most my time I'm just bitchin' about some shit I don't like
Apologize I keep letting down the people I love
I'm either working on my crap trying get me a buzz
Down in my basement, at Tommys Ceres
Yeah that's my fella
Used to hit the blunt up in the woods and kick an acapella
Ever since I started rhymin' serious, shit's been brighter
My attention spand be lackin' lately yo wheres the lighter
I write songs that splurge
Nothing like some herb just to get the mood right
And when I'm right mark my words

Cause the time don't stop
Uh-uh uh uh
And this is really all I got
Uh-uh uh-uh
You either with me or you not
Smoking on some pot, in the parking lot
Thinking how the hell to get on top
Let's go

Aye we ridin up
I feel good (x3)
My man davey's in my room right now
He's lookin at the ceiling
We coolin'


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Felly Endo Comments
  1. Jodick serkemsized

    Rip felly.. on some bs now I respect where he’s going I just can’t rock with it

    luke colianni

    Word. His flow goes down water here. He's too influenced by what's popular, and probably thinks this style is whack. But ay we still can bump this so i respect him

  2. P R

    this is the best felly song and the best flo filz song and it has the least views of both

  3. DodgerCityLos

    2018 still slapping this song and so cold! Fire, Great Music.

  4. Diel diel

    back in the days this was the shit, so many memories I feel nostalgic..

  5. Midnight Vibe

    Want the instrumental sooo bad!


    Search for FloFilz - Gitdown, it's on Majestic, they have really great instrumentals and remixes!

  6. OFWGKTA90210

    svg life nigga ( random rap nothing to do with)

  7. eagles562

    Felly does not collaborate with FloFilz!
    He just used the instrumental.


    @SickestRap  Lox jazzysamples said they did.

    wav.yliving 波打つ

    well reply to them and dont just post a comment lol that confuses us all

    Dari Loso

    @SickestRap lol fr fr  


    @eagles562 my bad bro. 


    @lox jazzysamples lol its all good no worries brotha

  8. Travis Charron

    Just did a rap to this beat along with a video, check it out in my channel

  9. tyler hinton

    He is better.

  10. Ali Mario

    Wow! Amazing

  11. Respxwn-

    nice beat, but hes shares strong similarities to mac miller, the voice, the flow, smoking weed.

  12. LoxBeats

    robfel.bandcamp(dot com)/track/endo

    Says its produced by Flofliz. Can't find the instrumental, but I want it too for some freestyles.

  13. LoxBeats


  14. LoxBeats

    dude, you are wrong. I think this is produced by Flofliz a ferman producer that collaborates with felly.

  15. Dari Loso