Felly - Dying To Tell You Lyrics

Love, I know you're tired I'm exhausted, exhausted
She feel crossed (Mmm)
She always countin' on the losses
It's a process

But ohh, I've been dyin' to tell you
You don't need nobody to help you
Girl I know you can do this yaself
Don't slow your roll, asking for help now
I just say ohh you got it
No you just gotta believe it

Love, since you pulled up
I've been havin' long days with no lust
You won't take it to them hallways, girl grow up
I ain't always on my ball game, but show love
Pants ain't Balmain, but so what
I've been havin' long days in my truck
On the van tryna front like it's my tour bus
I ain't on yet baby but give it's a must
That's a bed, that's trust
I poke at yo keyhole, she front likin' me
When she fuck me then play me like Migos
I don't want no taste of your ego
That fake shit I don't necesito
Gon' hit back to back like a free throw
But after that shit keep it g code
Don't go catchin' feelings, I'm already emo
I don't want a plot of your sequel
But all you do is give reasons to leave you

But ohh, I've been dying to tell you
You don't need, nobody to help you
Girl I know, you can do this yourself
Don't slow your roll, askin' for help now
I just say ohh, you got it
No you just gotta believe it

All my profits and all my losses
Need yo body to know
I swear all my profits and all my losses
Gon' need somebody to hold

So ohh, I've been dying to tell you
You don't need nobody to help you
Girl I know you can do it yourself, don't
Slow your roll


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Felly Dying To Tell You Comments
  1. copymykinkos

    this is still probably my favorite video

  2. Mr. Brandon

    Criminally underviewed.

  3. Daniela Aguirre

    Fuuc😧😥i thought i hoped theyd go live in a homeley house and care for their tykes and uhh I mean he'd have her at belgio
    sea's critters dont kno how to act

  4. meoldy Waves

    Keep this up Felly. GreatMusic!
    Rejoyce our souls. Outstanding production

  5. marius nau

    So Good !!!

  6. Cole Rogers

    Sice us with the tab for this gem

  7. Truelove Crew

    Bruh this is So Fucking Good!!!! 😍😍😍

  8. Jake Smith

    if post malone performed this it would go quadruple platinum in 4 days

  9. Nolan

    Didn't know Logan Paul could rap

  10. scvvm

    the most underrated artist your fuckin amazing felly you changed my life.

  11. ocnalB semaJ

    This is one of the greatest things ever created.

  12. Imad H

    Felly you so impressive this video excellent and song is amazing ! Stay up

  13. Zemar Ahmadzai

    felly i just say oh you got it, you just gotta believe it ♥

  14. nxnetail

    a legend in the making

  15. The Excity

    I hope you never blow up the nostalgia i get when i listen to you lasts forever. Crazy artist Crazy musician just crazy good fucking soul man. You deserve all the praise you've gotten and i never thought i'd see young fel on fucking sway in the fucking morning. Kudos my brotha from another motha.

  16. snowrida1

    Fuck sprint

  17. MJLRacing

    so sick!!!!! Well done and the rap game and melody is amazing. The video is so dopeeeeee. Sick ending, yo! Well done, man. Keep it up, Felly!

  18. Rae


  19. Brandon Ortiz

    I’m playing this song over n over again .. cant get enough of it 🔥🔥❤️ it’s lit

  20. BassTurdTurtle

    Felly keep up the evolution. Surf trap ftw

  21. Chris Mancini

    felly you my inspiration bruh. check out this song everybody if you into that wavy rap like felly. its a banger! @t

  22. jgood015

    When that boy gonna get the check he deserves??

  23. Zemar Ahmadzai

    23 stupidos unliked the video

  24. Zemar Ahmadzai

    love it so much my new favourite song and felly should be having about 80mil subs...

  25. New World Order

    I think I've found a white rapper to fill the void Mac left in my heart

  26. Gherbo Galvan


  27. Heydon Ward

    Saw Fel three nights ago at Cats Cradle in Carrboro NC and earlier in January at Motorco in Durham. One of my favorite artists been a fan since 2015 stay true and keep going up brother this one’s a hit!

  28. Dan DePippo

    Dope. Bro has really evolved into a real force to be reckoned with 🤟

  29. Seerch Hurtado

    Finally, a different genre in the auditory aspect of what is handled entrepreneurially as TRAP, very good material!

  30. OneManOneMic

    this is a legendary level video

  31. ocnalB semaJ

    I’m so in love bro. Amazing job 🙏🏼

  32. Ethan Wolcott

    This shit is beautiful really making new waves 🌊 hope I get to collaborate with you one day

  33. Samantha S

    I was here when they were filming the music video and I’ve been trying to find this for a couple weeks lol

  34. Forrest Breeze

    doesnt he kinda look like logan paul?

  35. Christoph Leger

    The one and only murdering the beach vibe

  36. cherry pop

    He the freshest thing since beastie boys

  37. David Azofeifa

    Was this filmed in Montauk?

    Samantha S

    David Azofeifa yeah i was there and saw this

  38. Asa Nowers

    we need felly x landon cube

  39. not_today_satan

    Bought the album on iTunes. Totally worth it. 💜💜

  40. not_today_satan

    Found this felly through one of those YouTube ads; fell I love instantly.

  41. mustafa ibrahim

    The lost paul brother

  42. Ryy

    Sounds like a better young pinch

  43. Nahvae

    Can’t name another artist that can switch up the flow and tone better. Felly is so versatile in his songs, and this album is so well produced. Felly finna blow up

  44. jimmy j

    This is such a great song fel, bird gang


    dumb fires! visuals on point too 10/10

  46. Nate Phillips

    I love it

  47. Achero Belmont

    I need this song without the RAP :( I dont like the trap. But i love the guitar part,

  48. Andrew Ruegsegger

    aye that bitch a siren! it's from like a greek story this is

  49. Nomi Nami

    Felly very nice man!

  50. Party Mike

    Good shit!

  51. jgood015

    fuckin dope

  52. Rafikitrefa

    Soy Mexicano y esta canción me gusta muchísimo ♥️

  53. Rachel Fullingim


  54. MaNuR!O Lee King

    Esta curada la cancion!! Tiene ritmo muy bueno de hecho lo escuche en una publicacion de publicidad de instagram

  55. Connor Giorgio

    This video is so well done! Fire my dude

  56. Ryan Staebler

    Swamp ting

  57. Tomeu Amengual Adrover

    Looking forward to the circus video next please...!

  58. Luke Jones

    I want his guitar!!!

    Luke Jones

    I think I found the model! Ibanez Artcore AG75G MTB Single Cut Hollow Body Electric Guitar Mint Blue Finish

  59. John Nazario

    Wow I love you, keep doing what you do. Really cool music video

  60. crayton dalton

    this guy deserves so much more recognition

  61. Jesse Galanti


  62. YamaAgni

    Yo, this one is a certified hit! 🌊🌊🌊

  63. Dustyn Roberts

    that’s fire dog

  64. FirstPeriodMusic

    came from snapchat, this is fire!!

  65. Angelica Torres


  66. Zane Epley

    How he got chucks with the patches on the outside

  67. Jimmyhendrix420

    Who actually dislikes this go listen to some drake with yo haten selfs

  68. Aaron Vince

    Yo he smashed the mermaid 😭☠️

  69. Paul Taylor

    keep going bro!

  70. Will11King

    Wtf this was crazy

  71. Okami

    This is no doubt the best music video I’ve ever seen.



  73. Brown Sugar Productions

    Faded music video, similar vibe, let me know if y’all fw it : https://youtu.be/j4KszPvWzFI

  74. iDinDuNuffin

    Frusciante vibes

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  76. TAKLA

    Hell yeah man. This shit tight and unique. Keep that grind up muthafucker been with you since probation hahahah

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  78. Justin Smith

    dudes a genius

  79. Cory Hogan

    soooo good

  80. yaballa85

    That boi young fel a beast dawg

  81. Jess May

    Wish his old shit got more recognition, I remember listening to freestyles when he was a kid in school and it ws honestly a bit better, don’t ever merge into the fake fel ⛰

  82. nora hoffman

    ///: I miss his old music without the autotune type shit

  83. Kampsy

    How can you not like the vibe felly gives

    Dustyn Roberts

    Kampsy i know dude like his music fucks with my mind bro i don’t smoke that much but every time i listen to his songs i always want a fatty 😂


    MXZ Productions lol I feel that

    Mic T

    I heard Maple and laughed a month ago. I’m back for more Felly! He fits The vibe in Miami and SoCalifornia definitely

  84. jimmy j

    Damnnnnn son

  85. Aman Chopra


  86. Mr. Brandon

    Great job Felly.

  87. Aye.thats.abstract ATA

    i wish i could get this video 1million likes 😂so good

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    Hey fel, ever given acting a thought?

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    hot fire!!!

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    Felly te amo

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    That vid and song was dope ! Keep doing you thing felly!! 🤟🏼

  92. Braqline Wagner

    Always stylinnnn this whole album is a bop 🔥

  93. RMK

    Great video and very impressive album my dude! Congrats on the label.

  94. Nathansyupp

    Been listening to Felly since the beginning


    Do you feel like a bigger fan than everybody else now ?

    the beast

    Bro same

    Eri Quezada

    Field to the bull ?

  95. karr bergsgaard

    You are legendary brother

  96. Crystaal Calixxx

    everything about the video goes hard🖤
    much love