Felly - Don't Change Lyrics


Please don't waste your time on me
I'm not like everybody else you'll see
No, no, no

Fuck that last shit, I be done with it
That soft shit get nailed to the coffin
Been on that wax while I'm whip in my office
Go too damn stupid to be in the college
My bitch be smelling like chemical product
Ridin' Denali, it flatten my pockets
Shawty won't cut, we gon' cut like a forest
Move through CT and I run shit like Forrest

This shit come in waves, I can't help it I'm strange
Hate everything that I make
Take all my pain to the bank
Lost in the waves of LA
Problems they swim through my change
That mood, it gon' change
I can't figure my brain, no
Don't wanna sit and just think
That's why I'm sipping my drink
Soft as water, hard as stone, I can't let myself go
And everybody wants your soul, man, you've got to take control
Don't let go

Please don't waste your time on me
I'm not like everybody else you'll see
No, no, no

Blacked out, ride my skateboard through the back al
Give my shorty a dap pound
Ignorance on the rise cause that shit sell
Codeine, codeine, homie, get well
Raw flesh, don't investigate shit
You already know what it is
You know I blow out that piff
You know how many fucks I give
You know the function is lit

You're worse than before
When you gon' give up that torch?
And lock all the doors
"Homie don't live here no more"
Shouldn't be stuck in the cage
Lost in my ways
Lost in the waves
Listen to what she might say
"Boy you gon' float away"
"Boy you gon' float away"
"Boy you gon' float away"
"Boy you gon' float away"
"Boy you gon' float away"

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Felly Don't Change Comments
  1. mo Bedda

    What song plays at the end of the vid?

  2. o You

    I love your music felly x

  3. Steph Kirky

    the Fel we all love. California got him now


    Filmed at the cove in PV

  5. Raven Pugh

    Honestly so in love 😍😢😢😢😢😢

  6. Kobey Jones

    Please drop this on other media platforms bro

  7. NJays

    Such a great song.

  8. Mark Pascual

    0:31 what af1 lows are those???/

  9. george somethin

    loving it fel

  10. Eric Woods

    i relate to the final bridge almost too much.. song hits me hard every time

  11. Victor Rabago

    the best of both worlds

  12. nicole.

    this dude is crazy talented

  13. Kyel Craig-dey

    id rock a felly sticker on the back of my 4by. just sayin

  14. Zack Moore

    If I get enough likes on this I will get 2273 tatted on my bicep need help deciding

  15. Fabian Banda

    I like how he mixed two kinds of sounds and emotions into one song, pure genius. keep up the good work Felly

  16. Timothy !!!

    the girl with the curly hair is beautiful

  17. Mike Riggs

    denver is ready. be at Cervantes!

  18. AnsOnne

    omgg all song make you is hsvzisgsjsvsjsvdjsvsgddhdv the best

  19. Ben Holzwarth

    Fuckin nice music can't wait to see you in Philly next week

  20. Naquan Seabury

    What's the sample to this song ?

  21. charlie kush

    keeping it cool n calm..

  22. Steph Kirky

    THE MAN !!!!


    can someone please help me find one of his songs. shawty got wiiiiide angles she do what she want yea

  24. andreg127

    Anyone know where this video was filmed?

  25. David OAXACA


  26. TheEnterpriseFilmz

    Just blaze one up and chill


    One love myh man

  27. Tevyn Little sky

    when you coming to so.dak. 605? #kushsmoke


    605 reppin!

  28. RS2025

    i love the song ofc, the best part is the video though. Him with his homies in a dope place smokin.

  29. Chris Pineda

    never stop making music!! do it for all the virgos felly!

  30. Ada Watley


  31. Chris The Legend

    I would have directed a better video. This was too Dawson's Creek.

  32. Nelicorn

    Boa geil ey

  33. Eloquent Monk

    "ignorance on the rise cuz that shit sell"

  34. Elijah Kane

    Nigga snatched Mac Miller sound crazy


    Get the hell out, two different artists from two different places, no connection.

    Elijah Kane

    Illuminati doesn't mean he can't steal a sound

  35. MrXeresi

    Something goes REALLY wrong with Bass dude at verse!!

  36. Rubi Luna

    I feel this song

  37. Sang Froid

    "and I run shit like Forest" how have I never thought of that

  38. SuperRoycethe59

    get well soon fel

  39. SuperRoycethe59


  40. Day gunner

    been a year since I lasted had to come back ... guess lost in my ways

  41. Im cozy

    eh guys what's the song? at the end of this song I wanna know it. song sounds awesome!!!


    +Andy Vicaire 7th king

  42. Seger Renzaglia

    This looks like a advertiment for hollister or american eagle 😂 but sick 💎

  43. Gabe Clark

    flow coming in waves

  44. Devon Stephens

    you have to have a certain type of taste to fw fell. I stay vibing with his music 🔥💨💨

  45. Juan Holanda

    vai mlq doido

  46. Marcus Kim

    Guy where can I find a sweatshirt like the one he's wearing at 1:40?

  47. seba hara

    that girl is actually fucking beautiful

  48. Elias Dance

    Best Song on earth, best musician, best beats, amazing man

  49. Jus Scott

    Holy shit I want this instrumental released.

    Nathan Shannon

    For real, man

  50. A Rios

    Felly is in his own level

  51. Perfect Harmony

    Move to ct and rush it like f0rest..... Cs go?

  52. Steukhon Heu

    Your music makes me think at night.
    Nah.. It actually makes me go through the night.

  53. Kiwis /

    is that you

  54. wav.yliving 波打つ

    Those big los beats really gonna get you out there lol

    Mike Riggs

    lol bro look where he is at now!

  55. Josh A

    The beat just is so wavy and he goes in with the smooth vocals then switches it up to a dope flow. Such a unique style!!

  56. Goon

    big up felly
    check out my track https://soundcloud.com/yungoon666/never born in the 876 now in the 416

  57. Rogeyyy

    One of Fels best songs <3

    "So please don't waste your time on me... I'm not like everybody else you'll see... no.. no.. no.."

    Fucking awesome.

  58. yoKurz

    Favorite song on the album rn

  59. Matthew Lovering

    This is that shit I like to see Young Fel. Rep 227

  60. Drewith Careyium

    where the hell you live bra, I want to be there

  61. sean mitchell

    Hands down you are my favorite artist by far, no bullshit. You are a creative genius and I really fuck with your style

  62. Melissa Dalice

    the beat weak asf😩😩😩

  63. bradley herring

    2:18 when u high af

  64. mattmo1995

    Next level. Been riding since Drive-By Music.

  65. Dirty Bubble

    I like the complete shift in style. It goes from a really mellow beat to spittin' some trap shit.


    Then back to mellow and repeat lol

    Ross Schoen

    +Pete Rock and JB Smoove It's symbolic of being a bipolar person in this generation.

  66. Hans Torgerson

    2:38 album cover

  67. Andrew Crowe

    this is your best yet fel

  68. Green Mountains

    Who is the guy with the bun? He's been in a few of Fel's videos.

  69. Nermac

    Startin to look like carrot top bruh! Still sounding like an angel doe

  70. Buck5kinmanx8

    Try a different flow, u sound like u trying be black when u rap , but the verse is dope keep it up

  71. J.R. Rothaus

    Good vibes

  72. Goon Martian

    I just want my life to be filled with good times and chill vibes while making stupid memories with the people I love. Now what's so bad about that? Thanks Felz

  73. dread ful

    rich kid

  74. Trevor Gibson

    I bet I have 150 views this week. So chill

  75. Cat Evans

    those transitions are out of this world

  76. Levi Smith

    The Sellins

  77. Erron Mcgriff

    this was made to be chop and srewed

  78. lamyam19

    the girl in this is super beautiful.

  79. brrr unddich

    Be with you Since mpc 500 dude (: Greets from Germany

  80. Musiccudi Beats

    I make beats and I was hoping to get feedback on my mixes and anything will be helpful.

  81. Harrison Duck

    riding since drive by music. riding strong

  82. Shifu Splinter

    Fel about to be the hipsters kool aid hahaha

  83. C. Lane

    You were all deff trippin' after seeing the felcam that showed yall behind the scenes lol. For that, I got mad respect for you. Keep livin' life the way you want to. It's #morethanmusic

  84. Gabe devious

    not close to as good as his newest track, 7th king. still dope tho

  85. david jesus

    excellent job felly dopebeat!

  86. D Merk


  87. Andrew Schumacher

    Felly and gyyps are soooo dope together. Inspiring artist

  88. Kevomighty

    hey what the song called nearing the end?

  89. Redu Beats

    Different but felly is still putting out hits :D

  90. Andy Grant

    It's like the ppl that like Fel like Asher too

  91. JM Visuals

    This CT Kid is gonna hit top charts soon, I guarantee that, look how far he's gone so far.  Keep it up Fel

  92. A.BrownMedia Dang

    jake is too talented, colors and all.. fav video/photographer

    Insta @trulyave

  93. Sean Legend

    How much do you charge for beats

  94. Mableeabl

    This song has lots of emotion!  (except the bit about the chemical products XD)  Im so looking forward to this album!

  95. Fexy

    DL link?

  96. M4ntra7

    Good Vibes.

  97. THE Chris Bailey

    I fuckin respect this shit

  98. Mableeabl

    Yaaaaaaaaasss!   I am dying with tension right now.  I am going to die of happiness when this new album comes out!!!!!!!!

    qwe zxc

    hi mikey


    @adamume ­ lol