Felly - Dirty Pockets Lyrics

Fel be on it, Fel be on it
Swear I got dibs
Ain't no stopping here I promise
Man I promise
A lot of times they try to block you
With that nonsense
We gon' fill our dirty pockets
Dirty Pockets

I said it's too cold
That's why I move slow
And no you don't know a thing
I'm scatterbraineded
Walk around in my graduation
With saturated vision
Cool your aggravated bitching
Go make your life worth living
(F to the E to the L)
Stop trippin'
Peace to the ones who hang at my feet
You coattail chasin'
2273 the ones on my team
Coast to coast invasion
When I get home, they all come along
Wanna go roll one up with my baby
Cause Vegas was too shady
And LA get me crazy
With my hands up, holla
Never had one problem
Been on that cheese like olives
Tryna peace from college
No that money's not what I need
Still I'm gon' cop it like I ain't got it
Then I go split it up with my team
Until we all just sitting' on profits
Dirty pockets

Fel be on it, Fel be on it
Swear I got dibs
Ain't no stopping here I promise
Man I promise
A lot of times they try to block you
With that nonsense
We gon' fill our dirty pockets
Dirty Pockets

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Felly Dirty Pockets Comments
  1. Ayren Johnson

    Man I still bump this years later. No recent comments neither. It’s crazy man. Felly deserves more


    For real homie

  2. M00SE 47PA

    This is so crazy

  3. Edward george

    Whenever I’m feeling down I turn on som felly and let all the bs go 🙏always amazing vibes

  4. Matthew Davis

    FELLY, you are young and talented. Im a huge critic for music and i turn alot of people toward artist. You are the only artist in my 30 years of existence that i listen to everyday. "gorilla" and "fabrics" are my favorite. Keep grindin my guy. 2019 has big plans for you!!!

  5. underground fight club

    fire bro... this is the first song i ever heard from felly and stil my favorite

  6. Petit Suisse

    Bro 🌍

  7. Real Maddawgie

    Phoenix bouta go in 💁🏻‍♀️

  8. gimmieyobooty

    this song always takes me back too good memories

  9. Cameron Gormley

    July 2018 anyone?

  10. Axel Mora

    Damn dude I used to listen to this on the school bus all the time, kinda glad I came across Felly again... best wishes to Felly

  11. ᄉLofiade

    This is truly a great fucking song ✌✌✌✌✌✌🔥🔥

  12. Matt

    we need more music videos like these man from everyone, these are the feel good type of visuals

  13. Art Bags

    still Fresh!

  14. Cameron Gormley

    2015 summer i was bumping this

  15. emilliano gradillas

    Haven't listened to felly in months this brings memories back the concert was lit in Jan 1:17/17🔥

  16. Nikesh'D'Reb3l

    Just discoverd u bro, gon check out more keep doing your thing.

  17. Envagyokaz Szi lya

    Song at start?


    freedom / felly

  18. eZiD

    His flow sucks

  19. jack hilliard

    If this dude got any major exposure he would be top 5 he makes Mac Miller look bad

    James Bushara

    i fw fel but lets not go that far

    ִ ִ

    R.i.p Mac Miller

  20. Ukies

    What is the song at the start


    freedom / felly

  21. Abigail Moore

    I'm glad he's getting famous but kinda sad I hope people don't ruin it for everyone:( fellyfolife

  22. Liam Baker

    Still one of his best songs get this shit on iTunes

  23. Shaman Margus

    this song i found on sound cloud forever ago feels like

  24. Blüe Teeth


  25. Blüe Teeth

    Love you Felly you do great drops and raps love the chill!

  26. Phil Melito

    Still a banger

  27. SLÜM

    Imma huge Fel fan & im predicting by late 2017 this video will be cluttered with new fans. Can't wait till folks catch on man



    Michael Policelli

    Right here got damn wish I found this sooner bro

  28. Will Reiley

    This is STILL a legit HIT... Poor Felly. Doesn't get NO respect...

    Lissi Flores22

    was at fels concert at az mesa was dope woth gyyps as a feat

  29. Theodore Trombley

    Is this copyrighted?


    +SixSideSpeedCuber G dont think so.

  30. Dylan Langley

    I honestly can't stand this guy after listening to some of his shir

  31. Patricia Loyd

    Felly on a track with Chance The Rapper would be hard af


    they should make another acid rap album together


    Or yung pinch

  32. mattmo1995

    Forever one of Fel's top songs

  33. Liam

    what song is that at the end?

    Josh Sharpe

    school zones

  34. riesso echoral

    I stumbled on this guy today making beats on logic then i followed his transition to rapping now i'm stuck to his music good stuff homie you have talent i just subscribe to your channel keep it coming.

  35. Jessica Celaya

    this shit bangs

  36. Jessica Celaya

    this shit bangs

  37. TheBeatAngel

    Lit lit lit lit lit lit

  38. EL Silver

    Hey, can anyone tell me the name of the song playing st the beginning? please

  39. Ben Lake

    I have like Felly for a long time I just want to know why the fuck he hasn't blown up he's better than Eminem all these motherfuckers he's got the new sound that we need in the world but it doesn't rap about bullshit, with a white rapper what else can you ask for to bring the races of loving hip hop together

    Kyle Ya Boi

    You're a moron

    Those Kids

    +Kyle Bortz hahaha

    Jay Hines

    Because he hasn't signed with the devil yet

    Kyle Ya Boi

    Fuck off Jay lmao

  40. Alice Agboola

    ugh cultural appropriation

    The R E V O L T Code

    +Alice Agboola So he's appropriating black culture by rapping? Fuck outta here with that hypersensitive and misinformed bullshit. And this is coming from a black person

  41. R0ssb0ss69

    i remember finding you when you were still in high school at FP hahaha i still listen to those bedroom beats


    Plant a seed and watch it grown all on YouTube 👌🏽

  43. ignacia bravo

    sexy beats...

  44. Trey Hardy

    Lowkey I want him to stay underground forever

    Jacob Veselic

    SAME! found him on soundclodu at like 8k, now hes at like 70k + :'(


    He's about to play a night show at Summerset. He's gonna blow up soon. When he goes on tour for Wild Strawberries just watch. They been grindin for a min

    Tim Carmo

    He's doing good for himself but still it hurts how much he's being slept on

    BM2 _

    He signed to a label now bruh


    Fake fan

  45. NcoolioN

    Here's another generic pussy ass Mac Miller knock off

  46. J Brown

    just made a new beat. check it out would help a ton thanks guys!

  47. Austin Ballard

    man felly. i remember years back you had this whole "family friend rapper" vibe going and i was like "Who is this dude?" and i just remembered you after years and years and looked you up. HOLY SHIT THIS IS SO DOPE. dude this is awesome.

    Taylor Marquis Green

    +Austin “TheMooglyChronicles” Ballard that's cool as fuck!! haha

  48. Cole Tipton

    so young

  49. frank milton

    chance the rapper rip off. make your own style and stop copying. fake mc.

    noah galusha

    How exactly?


    I like 'em both

    Justin Jennings

    +frank milton chance introduced a new style, when that happens its impossible to get it out of your soul if you feel it and its gonna show up in your music style no matter what, its just an influence, hes just trying to use soul in rap like chance but in his own way, and chance hasnt been doing much with it to be honest, i havent heard much this groovy from chance in a while but fel is consitent with his groovyness and experimentation

    Winston Wood

    Way better than chance

    Austin Ballard

    +jay “ogbobbydilmer” yay

    you're right, but you're wrong. you're totally right about the new sound thing and all that, but you're wrong about felly being influenced by chance. felly has been around a lot longer than chance. hes been making music since like the 7th grade, literally. his older stuff is no longer online but i was there and it was good. different, but good.

  50. Verklatscht

    $ not what i need *///* best lifestyle

  51. $tony

    #YaardRap  https://soundcloud.com/stonyrecordings

  52. Dizzy Visionz

    this kid got it yall! #icosign

  53. Jaime Garcia

    Sick beats!

  54. Jack Michael

    Rollin Rollin is 🔥

  55. Jarek Bielak

    Which is the music at the end please ? :o :)

  56. guy0Npage38XBL

    One of the best things youve made Felly. Good job man.

  57. CJP Gaming

    Dope ass songs man

  58. Casual D

    Felly got hoes nigga.

  59. Obi-One Chromosome

    This is top, so chill man. Great for next summer mixtape!

  60. Jorge Rojas

    this dude has some good beats


    @Jorge Rojas yes bruh

  61. Maddy Keith

    where is his hat from????

  62. Mc Opular

    Link me to that bucket hat dude, its killer.

  63. WilliamAguilar

    Felly , hasta mexico suenas ;)

  64. Josh Ramsey

    Felly killed this, check out my latest music video to one of his beats

  65. Dillan

    dope af

  66. Ethan

    Best one yet

  67. Максим Mexicck

    Фелли братуха, тащи зарубежный рап ! Я люблю тебя
    Fellyn, brother , make u rap i love u !!!'

  68. Patrick Santiago

    This never gets old

  69. King.K His Son

    whats the name of the song before?

    ak 47


  70. UberTipp

    no ct shoutout come on

  71. Diceble

    gangster kid

  72. Manuel Suarez

    Great beat

  73. Hellboi

    Why the fuck is this dude so underrated ?


    +TheTaylor Doesn't promote himself enough because he doesn't care about $$$

  74. jeffery karros

    Such a sick song

  75. taquite


  76. gloriousblue614

    This kid is dope. Does anyone know the intro song????????????????

  77. earthbound

    Amazing work😄🙏

  78. MyoujouAdauchi

    anyone know the song in the beginning?


    Felly freedom

  79. Aaron White

    This sounds to much like a Chance the Rapper song.

  80. joey Perez

    easily one of your best 

  81. S-K-I

    aha this is dope!

  82. PaulWetz

    Sick track!

  83. Mef Ka

    Instrumental ?

  84. Michael Sangiuliano

    Dude I haven't watched one of your vids in two years....crazy to see how much you grown. Big ups!

  85. Trigg Davis

    what hat is that

  86. Matthew Psyllos

    beat so nice. pass the blunt

  87. TheTrustShift

    What is that track at the end called

  88. 24 universe

    Name of ending Song ?

  89. Psaiko Baris

    Felly is the best! I love you!!!

  90. Kid Smid


  91. Soulus

    his dancing is pretty awkward and he sounds like hes trying to be chance, not hating because ive seen his other stuff and he has potential.

  92. John Max

    stupid little shits all flashing their parent's money.. lol this is sooo lame. 

    Clyde Hyatt

    @***** yeewww!

  93. Renji Cortez

    Rich white kids.

  94. applinemusic

    1:35 from Kalisz?

  95. Josh Holtsclaw

    How the hell does this only have 31,000 views? Should at least be 200,000+

  96. Y A R D S A L E

    check out my first beat!