Felly - Delta Deathbus To Zion Lyrics

New Flavors
Ain't got time to grow up
Feel like I'm working for nobody bruh
(Fill a mofucka up)
Old shit
Yeah uh but
But aye
But uh still
Fortune fortune
Will uh yeah uh

Fortunately, fortunately connected
I done got gym plugs down a couple exits
I could rock the stamp out make it look sexist
Heard another friend out know that life precious
Thinking that my mind fucked up, still, I flex it
Leave it to the universe and people get me
Baby boy blue jean pull up in the Guess fit
We don't need pesos open up them legs bitch
Far from your regular, my pops blessed me
Walking up them stepping stones up to heaven
8 months of unopened mail on the dresser
Ain't seen the sun I been pale it's my last semester
Jerry thinking that the demons got me
Heard him speaking 'bout me, think I need the audi
If you wanna know how I feel about it
Know the feeling sour cause I feel the power
Far from your regular, something about something about secular
You ain't really got the gas, if you stash love
I fucking with her till she pregnant
And sometimes I wanna see it like Ken Lammar
I just think God is someone been in charge
Cause I can never stay the whole seminar
Tryna pull myself to get it once more
I ain't got time to grow up
I ain't got time to toy 'em
My momma from Detroit I ain't such a little boy
I got all the squad employed
Like thank you very much for showing up
Imma get back to blowing up
Doing dope shit and pose it up
With a new bitch from photoshop
Open up heavens gates we pulling up, you know what's up

I ain't got time to grow up
I ain't got time to toy 'em
My momma from Detroit I ain't such a little boy
I got all the squad employed
Like thank you very much for showing up
Imma get back to blowing up
Doing dope shit

Niggas always talking about nothing
Shut the fuck up or you might learn something
Spend my last dollar on a forty got it buzzin
Probably be live when I step up to the function
This was hard work I ain't never get lucky, trust me
Now this bad hoes wanna touch me, love me
Scummy all these niggas made broke look sexy
Probably planning a sabotage if they catch me
I might pull up with a stick like Crosby
Shit we still drink to swell kidneys
Don't tempt me this clip it's not empy
Since he went down we done switch ten speeds uh
That rent shit, I evolved I grew ten knees
But everybody gotta want what they think they need
And they ain't never touch a stone, on the bill
Me and Fel, only thing we relate to is real
Shake that ass huh

I ain't got time to grow up
I ain't got time to toy 'em
My momma from Detroit I ain't such a little boy
Still tryna fill the void
Like thank you very much for showing up
Imma get back to blowing up

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Felly Delta Deathbus To Zion Comments
  1. deion_trae


  2. MVSIC

    New Flavors >Wild Strawberries

  3. Beautykiillss

    I really want him to make a music video for this one 🍓❤️

  4. Mr. Brandon

    This shit is so good

  5. Greg Sobokar


  6. Ruben Rodriguez

    Favorite so far.

  7. Isaac Wright

    Sounds like dj smokey

  8. LC.Soup93

    Ouhh I like dis

  9. kazuma yokoi

    what do he use software for beat make?

  10. Diego Lovinn 66

    Uhhhhh torrie???

  11. Board & Tumble

    New flavors

  12. Born A True Savage

    this guy went to fairfield prep and i live in fairfield

  13. Carston Butters

    Bangin out the new beats blowin down swisher sweets felly back and he's got those mad flows along with the jazzy raps for those that don't know wild strawberries about crack-alack your mind back to some prehistoric times that your not ready for so, therefore no war all love I'm gonna send this message up above to the Macdaddy himself felly wright me back or put this shit on your shelf. mad love from MENDO, CA. WILD STRAWBERRIES IN THIS BISH YOU ALREADY KNOW IT!.!

  14. Mello Monk

    That collab tho🔥

    Peter Sun


  15. Clutch Anderson

    this that Wave

  16. Pablo Solares

    Is this part of Wild strawberries or is it a separate project?

  17. Dom La flare


  18. Lizwi

    feeling this track

  19. Macie Love

    wavy as fuck. fel stays killing it

  20. wolf dream

    dope shit

  21. Gnarly Charly

    Anyone gonna pitch that 808? no? okay..

  22. B. Winz

    finally some fucking GAASSSSY beats

  23. george somethin

    i love this new shit bro

  24. jacobjeb

    Felly needa get huge fast. This shit too good

  25. maxwellbwoy

    finna taste this pineapple flavour asap

  26. DC13999


  27. RARE ラレ

    Wasn't feeling his last EP but this new project sounds promising.

  28. Tommy Chaisson

    Please come to ECU September 1st weekend bro

  29. panix

    i cant wait for this shit to drop. fel should be on XXL i mean hes better then most these rappers anyway.


    panix http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2017/06/felly-new-song-baby-boy/



  30. beefarlee

    This that cement bro. Comet shit.

  31. NARDO

    Big sound things !!!

  32. Martin Pennypacker

    young fel flavas

  33. corbn

    fuck this is good. the mix seems a little off though, like the bass is more prominent than the vocals

  34. scooby doo

    Wild strawberries in this bitch ya already know

  35. BlueAudio

    Straight Flames

  36. BlueAudio

    Been waiting on this one

  37. Youssef Bounkiba


  38. Sean Black

    Fw my videos, be a day 1

    Spiked Werewolf

    Jpsmooth I subbed

    Sean & Nia

    Jpsmooth I fw yo shit

  39. Riley Anderson

    straight flame! keep it up

  40. FO CUE


  41. Lil Dub


  42. Caleb Merchant

    Good shit feel

  43. gingy


  44. Landon Rittwage


  45. Jus Danny

    Felly & Peter $un Dayummmmm son...

    Peter Sun


  46. wizity districts


  47. Abstract evans

    Good stuff

  48. Adam King

    If wild strawberries don't get fel huge idk what will :/ he's been putting out bangers for too long :), this year the year though

    Adam King

    RMK great point, I just can't wait to see him keep expanding, I love seeing him and 2273 as a whole getting bigger, it's an exciting thing to watch in my opinion


    Dr Dangles fuck yeah man. Been watching this dude for so long!

    Adam King

    RMK hahaha same, I hopped on the 2273 train when fel released milk n sugar, but I still listen to the stuff before that too, everything he's ever made is gold in my eyes

    Mello Monk

    Dr Dangles the game just wack as hell brother.


    the world aint ready for him if he dont make it in 2017, either way hes gonna do great things. (already has)

  49. Jacob Nazari

    See y'all next Wednesday

  50. Arianna P

    Yessssss felly killin em

    Joe Montoya

    Arianna P stfu

  51. Kendo Beats

    Good Fel, Will there be a new beat tape?

  52. Zacky Chan

    Ayee🙏🙏 keep this shit going!

  53. 2273

    Thank you brother

  54. Yuh Aye

    🅱eter $un

    Peter Sun

    Put some respect on my name fam

  55. Ethan Joyal

    New flavors 🔥🔥🔥⛽️

  56. m s r

    wild strawberries is going to be too good

  57. Yuh Aye

    1st bish