Felly - Chicago Nights Lyrics

See I'm just living life
With my homies the ones that know me
She said tell me what it's like
Said I'ma do this for the rest of my life
She wanna know

Chicago nights, I call this life
This shit too real to fantasize
You know them hallways just waste my time
So now I wake up and get on flights
They all Love me, I'm not surprised
My bitch call me I'm still alive
Why y'all stalling man you ain't try
Ya I'm strong God damn the hype
Tell me what's your vice
Is it that prozac or the bombay
You be blown out in the lobby
Leave them snowflakes for the lawn, living my life
Homie when we turn down you can't stop me
No my angels never drop me

See I'm just living life
With my homies the ones that know me
She said tell me what it's like
Said I'ma do this for the rest of my life
She wanna know
She wanna know

Hold up hold up hold up
I got silk sheets and I got dick
Different continents in my clique
Where your confidence go little bitch
We don't stand for that shit
Wrote the jamaica queens in the whip
Rest in peace but fuck you could live
Hit that quick and walk like a pimp
Like that boy slick he shoot from the hip
I been on my shit since a lil dude
They wanna flex like middle school
Try to step in my visual
I flip this like a business though
I get thrown like a give and go
You want racks like thrift shop
That get fat like big pop's
Maybe [?] and some flip flops
Please know they ain't enough time on my tick tock
For me to give a fuck about your wristwatch
Devil like walk this way
He throw me checks all day
He hope my shows go great
I hope my soul don't fade
When the ships don't sail and the wind don't stop
Where every kid turn but against all odds
In the brand new whip pulling up in the lot
Straight up
Wait up tho
Wait up tho
She wanna know

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Felly Chicago Nights Comments
  1. Aaron Goodwin

    One of the dopiest songs I’ve heard

  2. Pyroguy88


  3. Jamal Mohamad

    YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Josh Harrison

    More like thissssssss💯💯😈🔥🤤🤑🥶🥵🤬😱😱😱😱😱😏😎

  5. Ever Villa

    Underated no ?

  6. mitchell g

    Fellys beats are crazy . I fuck with felly , this man's vibe is incredible. My style 👍

  7. Clay G.

    his beat selections are on point

  8. Marley Dittrick


  9. Gregory Norris

    AYeeeee. My dude

  10. Emik Vayts

    Just saw him live! <3

  11. Xing Y

    3:12 song???

  12. ian villanueva

    Felly got that spark one up music. 2273 much love🎧

  13. This is Me

    Beautiful summer night, riding in my Lexus, sexy Asian girl in the passenger seat, listening to this song, and with a blunt in my hand. It doesnt get better than that

  14. Rebirth D

    Good music for ur mind

  15. _chefkoch

    just noticed he aint a girl

  16. IV Sky

    Leaving the trailer?

  17. xDANG3RclosEx HD

    Logan??.. Logan Paul???

  18. This is Me

    This song is honestly too crazy to me! Like I vibe with this shit so hardcore. Love fel and the music he's puts out


    JAMMIN' Felly is just part of life.. BRO u gotta get into this
    _SALUTE from BOSNIA_
    PS: and it the best feeling when u listening to MP3's and a year after u realize there is a video to this and all other HITS
    Damn i love it

  20. pkolls10

    This video is so damn good

  21. Daniel Naranjo

    Lol I'm the 7,000th like

  22. Dallas Gordon

    Song at the end isn't his.. it's 15th and the 1st by Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka

  23. Bucky Brad

    smoother than fellys ass as a baby

  24. jimmy j

    224 chicken headed bitches tho

  25. Dushyant Kumar

    How is this shit still not famous? its july 2017

  26. Moritz RXN

    I like this guy

    Rap Nation

    He killed it! 🔥

  27. Ethan Roe

    The vibes is goat

    Rap Nation

    Glad you're vibing with this one!

  28. Sorcerer

    So Matthew McConaughey is a 20yo rapper now... Okay

  29. DiZeyeNeR Beats

    best song by felly

  30. uri nir

    he did so much weed before that vid

  31. Jc Vallée

    wow awsome Beat too chill with Friends Downtown Montréal !!

  32. Gunjah

    Felly Mackdaddy is the ending song for those still wondering

  33. LukeyPukey611

    Fuckkk this was filmed across the street from where I lived last year! That building with odd windows is a prison or something of that sort and we would see them playing basketball in their orange jumpsuits at the top every morning haha

  34. kucker karlson

    2273 🔥

  35. Mark Lopez

    Concert was lit in Corpus Christi Texas

  36. CJ Rock

    anybody know that song at the end (not the gucci mane one)

  37. ThaProfessor850

    Outro song is MACKDADDY by Felly.

  38. Tye Dye Beats

    Felly type beats hit my channel, CjayQ just bought one of my beats, dont miss out while theyre hot!

  39. ya motha

    both songs at outro please

  40. Falo Mémo

    3:04 MUSIC ????

  41. Joshua Whitney

    straight fire

  42. Shawn Lalmoni

    Damn, This Shits Firee

  43. Sprayin Prayin

    I feel like I've seen him at the lower wacker car meets before.

  44. Jackie Khones

    anyone know if the ending song dropped yet?


    Search MACKDADDY by Felly.

    Jackie Khones

    ThaProfessor850 thx fam

  45. kay

    Annyone know the outro song?

  46. Wubsyy

    song in the outro?

  47. X Lo

    felly needs to collaborate with russ

  48. Zac Trejo

    Hey Youtube chill with the ads bro

  49. Progetto ExtraDry

    Dope! :)

  50. Damon Miller

    Feugo felly😟

  51. Luffy SkyWalker

    Good vibes

  52. Pietrovos

    Zuckles headass

  53. 52^ V1LLA1N

    Russ little brother?

  54. sabrina chan

    wow what a great guy

  55. Ben Smith

    i love everything this guy does. He's well on his way to blowin up, bellee dat. Also, Gyyps looks like Jesus

    Timmy O'toole


  56. Alexandros Sarris

    Dude is the 🔥! 💯

  57. Rak Shake

    Got them gnarly vibes. Keep it real homie!

  58. Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto

    Felly up next

  59. Rezart Çuni

    David Luiz is this you bro ?

  60. Direal evs'G

    whats the song in the outro <33333

  61. Bombay Boyz

    Hey Felly, thanks for shouting out the holy water aka Bombay Sapphire! It's dope to see you representing our base of operations, Chicago! Next time you're in Chitown we'll have to burn one. We live right next to the sky scraper prison you were shooting at for this visual.

    Keep doing what you're doing, you're an inspiration to us!

    -Bombay Boyz

  62. Roberto Rios

    song at the end?

  63. matthew pangelinan

    watch this guy grow from beats in his room to now and it's awesome. felly fel got love from the 671

  64. Alfonso Gonzalez

    anyone know the know of the 15 sec sample at the end?

  65. y d

    What's the song at the end ??

  66. Gibson Gibson

    He has a Detroit vs everybody shirt

  67. You Forget A 1000 Things A Day

    Alright, do your thing, boy. Good vibes.

  68. Ryder Parry


  69. Bobby Thomas

    What's the name of the song he plays at the end of this video with these lyrics? just in time feeling fine blowing dimes till i'm paralyzed let it ride let it ride through the dirty south that's where I shine.

    The CAW

    Bobby Thomas don't know if you've seen it yet but it's called MACKDADDY

    Bobby Thomas

    Thank you.

    The CAW

    No problem my friend

  70. Alec McLean

    keep it up bro I need music to listen to when I'm way up. I climb them trees I'm an arborist!!! living life loving trees roll them up I don't give a fuck

  71. Anthony Aeon


  72. Savannah Underwood

    slayed my life

  73. jgood015

    This is fucking hype. Keep releasing em Felly

  74. Caio Felipe


  75. Tahj Spears


  76. Giannis Methenitis

    Whats the trac k at the ending? its so good

    Bailey Noack

    I dont think its out yet

  77. UbalDoBeats

    Fellys music is laid back and chill asf hes always droppin 🔥 that LFTM song is good too.

  78. KramOficial




  79. Val Almario

    sooooooooo good omg

  80. Jala Pinckney

    what is the song at the end 3:05


    Jala Pinckney 15th and the 1st by Gucci Mane

  81. Ali Hassen

    niiiice !!

  82. Mike jones

    I'm confused

  83. J Barker17

    He's rockin the Lil Yachty shades lolololol

  84. AntTheGawd


    Royce Erickson

    AntTheGawd go look on fels official yt he tells everybody to go here lol

  85. fa fr


  86. Jean Jean


  87. Nolan Degeorge

    Gotta make a vid for sun dance, 7th king or this shit comes in waves

  88. Kaylyn Sosnowski

    1:53 "I got silk sheets and I got dick"

  89. Edward Russell

    felly takes a big ol W

  90. Kampsy

    All I need in life is the sun and good loving

  91. K. G.

    Niiiiiiiiice ;) ..... ❤❤❤

  92. Xenogenesis

    fire !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Rap Nation

    Don't miss Fel on tour!! http://fellymusic.com/tour

    T U R T L E Z

    if i wasnt behind freakin ocean ..

    SPKRBX presents

    CHICAGO 1/7/17
    Tix at www.SPKRBXpresents.com

    V3SP3R FN

    Rap Nation k I wont

    Shinigami XAsura

    No copyright ??

    Anis dz

    Shinigami XAsura wasup roronoa