Felly - Cella Lyrics

Said I only made this beat cause savon did
Got a little bin lad, gotta little ghandi
Frontin' like a big shot ridin' with a blondi
Roll that isla vista, smoke until I'm zombie
Bite into the strawberry
Livin' on my lonesome
Have lil mami come and hit me with a coasta
I don sniff the coka, keep it in my holsta
They asking when I'll blow up
I told em when I wanna
Selling all my product
Wakin' for the sun does
Used to have that big heart, now I'm like fuck love
You thugs give the best hugs
And mista office whya wanna arrest us
No wonda why the whole country holding up they weapons
A few shots to the brain
Drinkin' lemonade liquor have em guess if you straight
Anotha LSD dinner, playin jimi all day
But if you whine in this house imma let you cobain
Drink wine eaten trout that I caught in the lake
They say fel what you bout, said we nothin the same
Where the dogs let em out they ain't eat in a day
She tell me I'm the only shit that she play, girl getaway
Make my vision slowa
Herb getting fired like it missed a quota
Sorry but I'm next you got no controller
And its only getting better
The hottest shit you heard out the cellar, c fella

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Felly Cella Comments
  1. SuperRoycethe59

    herb gettin' fired like it missed a quota

  2. Apulux

    anyone knows where I can find the sound that's sounds like a girl humming?

  3. Marcos Estrelargames

    Hi from Brazil!!! Felly is fcking nice

  4. Michael Lecon

    3 years later and It still kills.

  5. Kwon Orange

    the end beat is soft bloom instrumental

  6. xJBx 02

    The beat though... 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Alan Clayter

    Song still dope

  8. LaLaish

    does anyone know the name of the outro song?

  9. Cameron McLaughlin

    Such a jam

  10. Cameron McLaughlin

    Such a jam

  11. Cameron McLaughlin

    Such a jam

  12. Scott Finn

    how were you riding to strawberry in 2014?

  13. Ukies

    Still love this years later. Anybody know other songs that sound similar to this or have the same vibe?

  14. Evan Kobylinski

    Any other songs by him that are similar to this

  15. beefarlee

    They askin when ima blow up I SAID WHEN I WANNA

  16. Ukies

    This still bumps years later

  17. Jenny Taylor

    What's his real name?

  18. dcitmf

    was that a cowboy bebop reference?

  19. JQ TL

    i think big sean ripped you off a bit with bounce back

  20. Steffy V

    Just saw you live in portland, oh my god bro.... 2273! when you played this song I was so hyped! should have a little video of it up tomorrow or so!

  21. gabriel


  22. SpinK PrinkleS

    Someone got lyrics?

  23. skarkabete

    im here everyday to listen this song

    Brandon Brown


  24. Otto Matic

    "I don't sniff no coke." LAME!

  25. Diaz Durden

    this is so dope, that flow is sick

  26. Action Doxx

    If you like old + new felly beats and rhymes subscribe and watch my videos

  27. corbn

    "they askin when i'll blow up, I told them when I wanna"
    I feel like this explains a lot

  28. Im cozy

    this song is dope! anyone know? the song it shows after this?

  29. max bradshaw

    What is the best at the end?!?!

    Will Savery

    soft bottom instrumental off of son God

  30. fgetgest gersagre

    1 thousand and 420!!!!

  31. Raul Alvarez

    and soon come the fakes jumping into the bandwagon...

  32. Cella Destan

    I thought I was going to hear my name...guess not

    Hinz Twist

    What's your name?

    i Ferris i

    Read her username

    Dakota Wayne Zientek


    he says Cella

    Joseph Guerra

    Cella Destan cella he's talking about a jail-cell


    Cella, my daughter just showed me this video. Her name is Čella. ♡ she's 8!!

  33. M0thaphucka

    major key alert to my bitch for showing me this SLAPPER

  34. shay9fun

    Very few songs that ive found and I replay 4 times

    Damn so glad I discovered Felly

  35. ItsASecret

    where his hoodie from?


    From India - Ghandi made it specifically for him. Bin Laden made this beat 💯🔥🔥

    Mason Curtis


  36. Ben Lake

    Tell fell that you catch trout in a river hahaha

    Chana Watkins

    Freshwater lakes all around me with trout ,lol

  37. Joseph Osborne

    song at end ?
    ive looked so hard plz help

    patrick bauman

    +itZfugzy it's one of his instrumentals, so check on his bandcamp robfel

    patrick bauman

    +itZfugzy I just looked for you because it was frustrating me too... its soft bottom off of his sun god beat tape

  38. Michael J

    would you like to be sponsored by Hype Energy? I like your style man and think we could use your kill. @felnuts

  39. Beats Motel

    Anyone else keep thinking they got a skype message while listening to this song?

  40. J Brown

    new beat out check it out!

  41. SuperRoycethe59

    got a lttile bin la got a little Ghandi

  42. peter Hart

    I'm getting such a mac Miller vibe

  43. SketchySkeet

    This beat... 😭

  44. Andy Sagers

    Top of the Earth link brings you back here. Thought I'd let you know. Felly is the next big thing. No doubt.

  45. Musiccudi Beats

    I make beats and I was hoping to get feedback on my mixes and anything will be helpful


    Fel is one of my Favorite Rappers. Been following him since he started. Keep growing bro....

  47. Jam Flowe


  48. Daniel Conner

    whats the beat/song at the end of this?

  49. CjayQ

    ComfortZone Prod FELLY
    on my channel

  50. KATA Fashion Company

    @WeAreTheTrend Brought me here!

  51. Jellyyy

    This o one of the best songs I herd in a long time

  52. Ron Davinci

    dope track gawd!

  53. Mehsum Syed

    lil homie snapped

  54. Tamemoe

    head bobbin away to these one. You spitting these lyrics out in santa barbara?  

  55. Brandon Earl

    That beat is the nastiest fucking thing I have ever heard

  56. Josh Ramsey

    Best one yet in my opinion, check out my latest music video produced by Felly

  57. 3Lsurftac0

    I wasnt into your stuff while we were at Prep but this is so fucking nice. good shit

  58. Foral D

    Bro this is straight fireee like me and my boys are cookin a little something over here too. Man u got our support, keep it up.

  59. Austin Guiliacci

    man you're my favorite rapper ever but you need to come out with some new shit man. me and my smoking squad have almost all your lyrics memorized. keep it reel

  60. Danes

    respect from the nasty north .
    North Battleford Saskatchewan 
    Thumbs up 

  61. Daniel Guzman

    Another white boy raping bout nothing


    ? ?? and thats hip-hop straight rymes. where you been ?? all your life.

    Bavo de Witte

    Fuck off with ur hate, felly is life.

  62. Lord Quoos

    Everyone in the comments is talking about how far Felly has come, and this is the first I've heard of this guy, gotta check out the rest.

  63. Kostadin Kolev

    He looks a bit like Matthew Mcconaughey with long hair. Good stuff though. 

  64. Jay S

    This shit is dope fam! 

  65. River Beats

    This beat is fucking bananas 


    get trolled

  66. B Script

    keep it up Fel.

  67. disisik

    keep at it bro, big ups from finland!

  68. Lars Swensen

    love your music felly



  70. The Shaolinstyle

    I can't wait for him to blow up, it's gonna be crazy 

  71. Jayson Tamura

    Man if u ever tour you have to come through Fort Collins, CO

  72. 311PICASSO410

    Felly Showing TF Out hahahaha, He found his mojo!!!!
    Dope shit right here!

  73. ksper

    somebody find his freshman tape so we can see what the come up really is

  74. maciej WK

    whats the beat at the end??????

  75. DeraEdits

    roll that isla vista

  76. RainbowGranola

    think I am in love.haha your music is so dope, beat, lyrics, video, errythang. Lame as fuck you haven't made it big yet. Copyright your shit no joke, too ill. People will take advantage of that shit.

  77. ZooDeVille.

    this is haaaard

  78. Underground HipHop

    what camera you use?

  79. Digiphex Electronics

    I know you are becoming the genre like someone who slips on a uniform or costume. It's not really you.

  80. Bruno MG Melo

    I'm addicted on this one !! 50 views are mine for sure..
    Sick instrumental & tune..Keep doing your thing, you got talent

  81. Destin Roeger

    Tell me needs to be the next video for sure

  82. pat burke

    this kid a is nasty

  83. Squanderous✨

    Hottest shit you heard out the cella is c fella 🙌

  84. fenix9885

    I love this track. Dope beat

  85. HellaBeats

    Damn Felly, you have came a long way.. This shit is straight fire..


    I know, I remember when he first started, He looks different but the voice is the same, flowwwwwin


    @KIWIDOGGIE Yeah man, he has defnitely improved.

  86. tomppa

    bless you.

  87. Elijah Lobato

    This is sick as hell

  88. The Stoke Media

    Created a pack for all Maschine users that uses one of Felly's Samples! Check it out on my channel!

  89. marc mcdaniels

    I swear bro you just keep evolving....

  90. D Merk

    Lets be honest here though, if a video was released for Probation, 1 mil views easy my dude.

    BallisticPaperclip™ (EpicNyanCat924)

    I probation is one of my least favorite songs in the album. Cella and Top Of The Earth are hands down the the best .

    D Merk

    @BallisticPaperclip™ (EpicNyanCat924) Who said it was the best?

    BallisticPaperclip™ (EpicNyanCat924)

    @Sports & Music Me, obviously...

    Larry Fisherman

    two years later this has come true. impressive

    Madsol Music

    nah it happened in the same year

  91. D Merk

    Still remember the maschine in the basement when you still were in highschool Fel! Been with you since Pale Kid Raps Normal Speed. Crazy experience to watch someone grow even if its through a screen #2273

    Cole Siegel

    D Merk you went to prep?

  92. OVO BOY Drizz


  93. Connor Giorgio

    Dope boy video and song

  94. J. Foncea

    It blows my mind how far you've come. You're not some youtube rapper/producer anymore. You're a legitimate artist with a professional sound and image. Mad respect fel

  95. SuperRoycethe59

    HARD A.F.

  96. Symone S.

    Do you ever put out anything that isn't perfection? Good stuff Fel!

  97. Psaiko Baris

    FELLY the Boss!