Felly - All Love Lyrics

Hey... yeah... sounds good, nice and jazzy, just the way I like it... uh, check it out now

These days lately got me stuck up in a conscious coma
Mad hazy but still rolling like a walking stroller
My life is just beginning, the world is mine for takin'
So find me living right, summer night, take some bacon
My boys rolling too, freestyling with my crew
I'm not saying this shit's old, but it's nothing new
I'm bringing plus signs, you uptight, I'm untied
I spit till I'm tongue-tied, and bask in the sunshine in July
The rain is over for the moment
I've been digging in the crates, smacking the shit out of opponents
Rocking tanks on the daily, the pumps with some ears
Giving daps to the homies, this is simply how I live, fuck the drama
We got some little mamas, got my boys too
See you bring that negativity so I avoid you
Stay smiling all night, really I ain't trippin
Got them bars like I'm in prison, I'm just happy that I'm livin all love

Don't waste my time and saying "how you been, Fel?"
Man, I'm feelin fine
I keep a plus sign, I like to live slow
I love the sunshine, and I wanna die, oh
So I say it's all love
Don't waste my time and saying "how you been, Fel?"
Man, I'm feelin fine
I keep a plus sign, I like to live slow
I swear it to the song I made and went and dropped and sold

Yeah, you know it, I'm the F-E-L-LA, ain't nothing like it
Say, you been putting on some weight?
You better quit your bitin'
I'm feeling so enlightened
Hoping September never hits
Yo, I like living in the days where you just can't remember shit in the moment
You got some broken focus, change your angle
Mad at me cause I ain't got no ice but still I dangle
Scoping out my prospects and focus on the pros
Make some money off these beats and now my pocket's got some holes but I'm rollin'
The beat tape bumping while I'm drivin'
Started as a kid and never thought I'd still be rhymin'
Funny how it is and still I play it right
Mama send a text, "It's too loud!" when I play at night
This is my medicinal, y'all the hypocritical
Type that make me wonder how this pretty world turned pitiful
Still, I watch them city girls looking so fine
Found me chirping at your man even though you're not mine -gotta say it's all love

Won't waste your time, and saying "how you been, Fel?"
Man, I'm feeling fine
I keep a plus sign, I like to live slow
I love the sunshine and I'm gonna die, oh
So I say it's all love
Don't waste my time and saying "how you been, Fel?"
Man, I'm feelin fine
I keep a plus sign, I like to live slow
I love the sunshine and I'm gonna die, oh
That's just how it goes

Uh, that's just how it goes
Uh, that's just how it goes (Fel!)
Keep your plus signs, find your sunshine and leave me alone, brah
Cause that's just how it goes
Cause that's just how it goes
Cause that's just how it goes
Cause that's just how it goes

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Felly All Love Comments
  1. P R

    man plz make some more jazzy shit like this so good

  2. Wingy-B GALAXYGANG B-Tausk

    🖤🚬all Łøvę💖💯🌬💨💨💨🙏✨🌌

  3. Giannis Methenitis

    This is one of the best song i have ever heard

  4. wav.yliving 波打つ

    I used to listen to this nonstop. mad fye

  5. J. OBIE

    whats the sample?

  6. spiffymal

    I wonder where he gets his equipment from...

  7. Blvbje111 R

    This is to dope fel !

  8. Killmonger

    Dope beat mane

  9. eWFG DSA

    I think it was"daps" ya know when you do the fist bump thing.

  10. eWFG DSA

    I know Im gonna have mad hipster cred.

  11. eagles562

    Givin dabs to the homies, thats just simply how i live!!!

    Javi Jimenez

    eagles562 *daps*

  12. eaux2

    this is a hitt!

  13. Roel Houter

    Only thing I don't like about this song is that he says "I'm gonna die old"

  14. Fritz Frohnatur

    Sounds like Mac...Book pro. :)

  15. Whaddup Marissa

    hahahah this is awesome

  16. Zawi Zawad

    its all love ;) chill and dope

  17. audiohope

    damn hot beat and lyrics with that fine dime in the back

  18. Cody Routhier

    nigga kinda sounds like mac miller when people first started listenin 2 him

  19. rhino

    dem toms doe

  20. Jay September

    Hipster. :P

  21. Snuffulurpus

    Where do you get sounds and samples from or... is it a secret :)

  22. timekillerrr


  23. Morgan M

    he did...

  24. timekillerrr

    please tell me you said giving "dabs" to the homies?

  25. Hunter Garrett

    im dropping a mixtape a week after christmas i would appreciate if you checked it out fel

  26. s010mon

    you inspire me man thanks i subbed btw

  27. Kazual Jackson

    Whats poppin felly fel! First off I just wanna let you know your madd inspirational man. I found you by random on youtube and I juss had to subscribe. I wanted to know if you have soundcloud? I wanna share some my stuff with you but I'm not nice with the vids like you. Lol

  28. Vincent Paul Adarme

    ooh we have the same birthday!

  29. Ted Franz

    this shit is whack and your a whack ass rapper wannbe

    Chandler Nelson

    Gaspar Cello keyboard warrior over here

  30. matthew alvarez

    This is so fresh, i love your music man. I'm from Danbury and me and my bros bump your music all the time. Spreadin' the flow of fel!

  31. Christian Oliver

    you and cam meekins need to collab.

  32. shwinky789

    Lol this guys a good producer but it says in the description "BEAT PRODUCED BY SICKKIDBEATS " so he didn't make the beat.

  33. eagles562

    One of my few fav young mcs..
    Keep doin your thing,
    MAD PROPS!!!

  34. 2ManyBongRips

    Haha oh my god ikr?

  35. Lord Emi

    Ey this is dooope son,

  36. NotASellout

    Your sampling beats are fiyah!

  37. fahmi. wav

    please do!

  38. Zawi Zawad

    this is tight!

  39. ExoTicKillFeed

    i love you.. from hawaii (:

  40. Danny Oriente

    You need to show how you process your vocals

  41. landfishattempt

    he sounds like... felly.

  42. Phillip Phillips

    what's with the Sally Mann picture

  43. Jake Hodgkins

    Still loving this shit Fell!


    hey! im from spain and i cant understand your songs, but it sounds so good! your voice is look like kanye's
    congratulation for your work! now your music is in spain! :D

    Javi Jimenez

    LCKS INTERNET Kanye sucks ass. That’s just facts

  45. IVotorious

    Sounds like a mix between Huey Mack and Mac Miller. ( His voice )

  46. BrowseAndSearch

    much love from TX

  47. BrowseAndSearch


  48. Michael Nixx

    od nice man

  49. Tom Boosk

    I know that pictures !

  50. Ivan Lam

    you sick as hell man!!!!

  51. TheWiseDrummer

    "I knew Fel before he was real real big." -Me in the future

    Tummy Tickler

    you were right dude

  52. Rangerm0use

    Her name is Jessie Mann it was her mother Sally that took the photo

  53. Rangerm0use

    the picture you used is by Virginia photographer Sally Mann of her daughter Jessie it's entitled "Candy Cigarette "

  54. Proxzi sv

    this is dope, fel.

  55. MarcSalinasFilms

    seriously, if you keep doing like that your future will be sooo big. BIG UPS FELLY <3 love you bro

  56. Proxzi sv

    its dope as shit yo.

  57. byT2NE

    can i make a album cover for you? and a background? and can i use ur song in a upcoming speed art im editing right now

  58. PAPA ZOE

    Do you collab? ._.

    What's your email?

  59. boxerpop82

    Isn't that first song by felly? What song is it?

  60. Lucas Paul Scibetta

    haha fuck yea this is tight

  61. TehEmerton

    Hey bro how long you been rapping/beat making for?

  62. ItsYaBoyScer

    ohh ighty juss looking outt lol

  63. ItsYaBoyScer

    no you didn't...because I used the same beat produced by a different kid which his names in the description..

  64. ridleywashere


  65. Jack Mercer

    @SampTrappBeats I wanted to know the sample so I could learn how to play it on piano...

  66. Georgie Boy

    Fel you are one of the realest young cats outhere! keep the good working!

  67. Jack Mercer

    Hey what's the sample on here?

  68. Jamie Brown

    I have a place near me called used book and record. should i buy stuff from there?

  69. eagles562

    Cus this foo aint no lame.....
    He knows wassup.

  70. c00r77

    you keep getting better so i can't quit bumpin it.

  71. KONKER

    Dope homie

  72. SupremeChaosX_

    Happy Belated Birthday, my dude.

  73. Tylar Pon

    diggin the cover art too

  74. Geoffrey James

    what song did you sample??

  75. rokamic

    What up man! Just wanted to drop in and show some support. This song really stands on its own. I love that nonchalant voice of yours, keep up with that homie. And the cover art is so bad ass!

  76. eagles562

    On the replay for a while

  77. Tristan Allagas

    Your talented.

  78. Corey

    great stuff, happy birthday!

  79. john v

    congrats on the palmer squares using one of your beats in their last video and happy birthday

  80. Native Born

    Happy born day. Tracks dope

  81. Saadyah Tzvi

    And happy birthday kid

  82. Saadyah Tzvi

    Dope track fel you're getting progressively better

  83. Joey Tullock

    Happy birthday Felly. You are that dude.

  84. fenix9885

    Happy Birthday! I think the amount of subs and people commenting on your tracks speaks for itself and how far you've come with your music. Good lookin' out

  85. Balance

    soundcloud ~~~

  86. Iain Bowie

    happy birthday fel

  87. mocharizma

    magical flow..

  88. nil

    haha good point, good point..

  89. Jonathan Kenol

    Bòn fèt Rob. ("Happy Birthday Rob" in haitian creole) you got some fans over here..

    Big J.

  90. Eamon Fitzsimons

    yo fel, sickkidbeats is comp