Felly - All Gon' Be Straight Lyrics

I'm always waking up to sirens
Yo pack it, pass it
Anything to close these eyelids
Yo boy trynna bloom like Iris
Someone better strap me up I'm going loco
Wishing I could be back local
Back in '04 mom's Volvo
Yo my days now they move slo-mo
Killing times kicking rocks on that corner
I'm lawless with no order
Trynna be flawless my a order
Shoot like comets straight towards you (please)
Remove your hands imm tryna breathe
Like fuck this class I'm trynna dream
Got what it takes they still don't believe
But know I got a couple tricks up my sleeve
High like the seats on a rover
This is life bro I sleep when its over
Have a little bit of weed with the cobra
Won't stop till I'm deep in a coma
I be who I wanna
Low-key you know me
I keep it rocking like ocean
I slit my wrists and its golden
All I know is I know this
That it's

All gon' be straight
I ain't tripping bro its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
So mind your business bro its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
Like why not I said its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
Like why a lot

From the north
(From the north)
To the south
(To the south)
I'm off like labor day
And I hate to say
But yo please can you shut your mouth
From the east
(From the east)
To the west
Fresh dress off a little bit of west
Till I bench press
Cold shit type of shit leave the bed wet
Said its depressing
(Straight depressing)
Straight depressing how we moving
I wake up and count my loses
Still I swear I'm never losing
This that g shit
For those who don't kill
Speak shit until my throat I'll
Get seasick I got boat [?]
Yo Jesus we move so I'll
I ain't trying be concerned
When these people tangle my nerves
Yo I'm lethal you got my word
My cerebral it move absurd
Back when I was sweeping floors
And just keying to open doors
Let's believe in something more
No excuses take the world
Fel move through on the ones and twos
Letting hell break lose
Smoking L's on stoops
Never misconstrue what the kid gonna do
Movin corners groove to groove
(That's groove to groove)
Up and down like 2 on 2s
Still vibin
And that's great
Same old CT shit with less mistakes
Home set the bar let me lift the weight
I said

All gon' be straight
I ain't tripping bro its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
So mind your business bro its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
Like why not I said its all gon' be straight
(All gon' be straight)
Like why a lot

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Felly All Gon' Be Straight Comments
  1. Tapanga Soul

    Miss this aesthetic

  2. Oscar bautista

    Still here in 2019 !!!

  3. Jesse Fielding

    This shit still goes..

  4. Carson Vandegriffe

    This is one of your best songs... Such good rhymes in your verses

  5. totallynotgayporn

    Bro this shit slap harder than gay porn

  6. Sergio Lopez

    lyrics please

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    uff Suena bien

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    this guy it more people need to know

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    deserves way more views

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    What shoes are those? lol


    reef deckhand 2 blue

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    So good... Why isn't this kid blowin up?

  12. Paul Dumas

    One of your best, so dope.

  13. Ryan Holman

    Too nice Brodie!

  14. I am love

    This kid is mad talented

  15. Delsoo VIBEMUSIC

    have a look on my last preview ,

  16. m a t i c 2 trill


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    yo where can i contact d.r.o for work......

  18. Baby Bruce

    Fan right here in phoenix. U killin it man

  19. Patrick Rose

    Best one so far! Good work man! Check my tape slugs! datpiff.com/P-Rose-Blunt-Steak-A-Dinner-Roll-mixtape.539546.html

  20. MindBody&Beats

    Go peep felly on one of my beats on my channel. Nuff Fiya!

  21. Simon Deleuran

    Its all gon' be straight!!

  22. dkangmang

    This kid has elevated

  23. Vicki Cornett

    Man baby bouy  u are fly.....

  24. XCaIiber

    Song is dope af and chill.

  25. TedBulky

    "I slit my wrist and it's golden" lol

  26. Scott Wilson


  27. Koen

    Yo D.R.O. make a youtube account or somethin your fuckin dope man I love everything you've put out

    Patrick L

    straight the fuck up I was thinking the same thing today! WTF!


    he has one dawg

    Patrick L

    @MindBody&Beats then send a link or some shit

    Noah A

    @Patrick L whoisdro

  28. BOY BAD

    ! million LIKES(If I Could)

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    Mad inspiration, make them white boys in the burbs get up and move

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    Good shit. You're in the right direction, kehd.

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    Felly is the next big thing, a phenomenon.

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    Chill nautilus flip. Damn dope.

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    Excited to be able to say that i knew Felly before he blows up 

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    the beat reminds me of restless

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    Felly and Loudmouth on a D.R.O. beat! Please! This has to happen.
    Diggin' the drop my man. Off to your bandcamp now to pick it up.

  38. yoKurz

    kill em Fel

  39. punchwater

    felly you're more than inspiring for me.

  40. pigeondo

    all gon' be straight! 

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    good shit!

  42. Marcus Manipon

    like walla

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    does anyone know what mic he uses?


    @***** cheers dude.  


    @DJay Sabri Is it a good mic dude? I'm looking to buy a new one. 

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    I wake up and count my losses... Still I swear I'm never losin

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    new favorite fel song #2273

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    dope man love it

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    definitely a laid back vibin feel to it!! Dope shit dude!

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    going places.

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    Yes! Much love from Germany!

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    I've been listening to you for awhile now and this is one of my favorite songs so far. You have a sick flow I haven't heard around that much, keep doing what you're doing man. You're going big one day!

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