Felly - Acid Dreams Lyrics

Ooh, hmm
Let's go

You look so good in a night gown girl
Freckles on your face, let me kiss each one
Fingers on your waist, let me tip-toe up your spine, yeah
You keep it low key with your natural curls
Up in outer space when I make you, uh
Déjà vu like we done this once or twice, yeah

You're beautiful
Something like these acid dreams, acid dreams
You're something I ain't used to, girl (No)
I'm gon' give you everything, everything

Pop star chick, high key boring
Takes my clothes and calls me horny (Yeah)
She plays roles, I think she corny
Get your money, girl, don't worry
Says I'm garbage, just ignores me
Wish my shit was more top 40
Wants my commas, wait for karma
Got that ass just like your mama

The way you look tonight, it's like I'm gliding on a day trip
And I feel so alive, it's like my soul just needed maintenance
'Cause the way you make me feel
Way you make me feel, oh yeah
I can't believe it's real, 'cause

You're beautiful (You're beautiful)
Something like these acid dreams, acid dreams
You're something I ain't used to, girl (No)
I'm gon' give you everything, everything (Ooh whoa)

[MAX (Felly):]
You the one
I wanna see you when I wake up
I wanna see you when I wake up
Well, you the one
I wanna see you when I wake up
I wanna see you when I wake up (No, no, no, no)
You the one, the one
I wanna see you when I wake up
(Wanna see you when I wake up)
I wanna see you when I wake up
(I don't know if this love [?])

You're beautiful
Something like these acid dreams, acid dreams
(Something like these acid dreams, girl)
You're something I ain't used to, girl (No)
I'm gon' give you everything, everything (Oh whoa)

You the one
(You're beautiful)
I wanna see you when I wake up
(Something like these acid dreams, girl)
(I wanna see you when I wake up)
You're something I ain't used to, girl
I wanna see you when I wake up

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Felly Acid Dreams Comments
  1. WhiteBoy Emiliano

    *I wanna see you when I wake up*
    me *umm, like everyday?*

  2. Ketchupboyz

    I wana trip now!

  3. Tien Doan

    uhmm can somebody show me what the actual meaning of the word "acid dream" ?

  4. jongmin choe

    thanks to LOONA Hyunjin, she recommended this song on her radio . and I appreciate that

  5. The Babyhotline

    Are you girlie?

  6. Taylor Winston

    Hyunjin brought me here

  7. E-E

    This is the Yellow era so you KNOW Max supports yellow Aeongie

  8. E-E

    Hello, Orbits! Yes, Aeongie has taste.
    Max is a great person and an ultra talented musician who's been thru tough times and is empathetic to others, so I hope you get to appreciate him, too!

  9. Mstr. Dian Shooky.

    Su música es taaaaan buenaaaaa.

  10. Loranthy Skink

    I’m here because of hyunjin’s suggestion and I’m not disappointed

  11. Tara Modrell

    Elle is bisexual vibes in this

  12. Kristian Osborn

    Felly looks like an offbrand version of Logan Paul

  13. 6333 tata

    the girl in purple looks like monia

  14. Lady Sugarquill

    This song is amazing and also dude has the BEST face. I wanna put him in my pocket.

  15. Malek 227

    This guy never show expression
    I think how film this thing without laugh

  16. 이현

    맨날 듣는 노래 .. 💛🤍

  17. senia Lopez

    Omg they had Elle mills. Why didn't I find this before💙😂💯

  18. Marquis Kinney


  19. 胡桃ブーやん


  20. Young Wiz

    Awesome collaboration

  21. XxMushiSushixX-Fortnite

    2:46 is just nasty..

  22. madison brungardt

    we just gonna ignore Felly looks like a better looking Logan Paul

  23. WhyLife?

    It’s a great color scheme

  24. Chelsea Kerr


  25. janaka v

    Elle mills

  26. Abigail Rodríguez

    Max looks like the latin version of Troye Sivan

  27. 일범


  28. Jordan Tyler

    She doesn’t have curls tho

  29. Cee

    Why do I feel he's a white Childish Gambino?

  30. Undiga Oko Emuekpere

    Theres Adeline but where's Blue

  31. Mackie On Crackie


  32. kiana maree

    ADELAINE !!!!

  33. Aaron10171

    1:00 : tik tok has joined the chat

    1:22 tik tok had left the chat

  34. KarrigaNurik -NURIEV-

    *Drop Instagram ELLE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE*

  35. Chanda Chiti


  36. Trey King

    I legit never got why people obsessed to music videos until I saw this and decided that this is the song I want played on my honeymoon.

  37. Rafael Alles

    Ariana Grande?

  38. Devyy

    Mac Miller would’ve killed the remix 😢

  39. Tarh Tapung

    People in the video are more than people I know in my college 😒😂

  40. 구름

    somebody please explain to me why max hate the Jane

  41. Josh-Samuel Ikechi-Konkwo

    All his friends had crushes on one another from a polymorphic relationship (or a threesome) to the guy craving the lizard. (Ps. Did anyone else notice that when the lizard pooped on Felly’s arm he said, “ooooh” then the song went to “your beautiful...”). Thank you

  42. bruno villalba

    1:24 Kaykay 😍

  43. 하 하

    씨발 표내놔

  44. mrs unicornpoop

    The lizard at 2:46 is everything :D

  45. helen le

    I love Emily & Jane, they really drive the plot ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  46. Lila Hazard

    I have to be precise with you, this wasn't my favorite I never thought that you would curse in one of your songs. But you did my favorite song of yours is love me less and like Dumbo please do more amazing songs like those two definitely am amazed by how good you are at singing and I definitely want to be like you someday.

  47. 김트루

    무한도전 안에서 미남이라고 뽑혀서 뻐기면서 짧은 머리하던 노홍철같은데... 노래만 들으면 좋은건 왜지??ㅠㅠ 근데 비디오랑 같이보면 ㅈㄴ싫어

  48. Tokyo 2.0

    The way Jane rolls her eyes pisses me off

  49. Lazy J

    Dude looks like Logan Paul lol

  50. 바관

    노래 너무 좋아

  51. •{ GachaPasta }•

    so youre gonna tell me that this is charlie from rags?

  52. Miya Wright

    This is the ONLY song I have to watch the video to every time bc it just makes it better

  53. Karina Garcia

    I’m just here for Kaykay 🥺

  54. Tom Mcgill

    Felly do be looking like Logan paul th9


    Am I the only one who did this,
    I would watch love me less on this cheap
    5 dollar tablet and hide in my closet and listen to it and watch Camp Camp while my mom was looking for me and called the cops then my 3 year old sis saw me hiding in the closet so I closed the door but her face
    got smushed but not even that hard but her with her 1 dollar ass cried my mom found me the cops said don’t do this again I got grounded so my phone and tablet got taken away while my sister was doing this in the back round
    👁👅👁 and when my mom left I slapped her took her iPod and told her if u told the
    Depression monster will get u and make u sad forever and u will eat nothing but broccoli 🥦 and listened to more love me less?............
    Just me?ok

  56. Bärbōsä

    Me on drugs

  57. bangtan

    the thumbnail is a copy of electric love....

  58. Veedy En

    these lyrics are crazy. sweeet as hell .

  59. DBS

    와...진짜 좋다


    Can I use a part of your song in a YouTube video

  61. J Box

    Can anyone recommend other songs like this? Song that gives Jazzy New York street vibe

  62. Sefiro TV

    Emily is so gorgeous !!!

  63. Stale Oreos

    How does that work.

  64. Zenaida Quicoy

    No joke and offense but all the girls in this music video is fucking ugly

    Nah im joking all girls are beautiful

  65. 김하은

    2:46 💩

  66. Sunflower O.

    We had lucid dreams
    Now we have acid dreams
    What will be next? 😂😂

  67. 김다영

    Only wanna give it to you!!!!

  68. RayZe B

    OH MY GAWD! Elle looks amazing *.*

  69. meuttsy

    Every music vid, MAX looks like he be taking those drugs.

  70. 하재후


  71. 김수연

    짱좋다. 걍 미쳤음

  72. Kimberly Yalung

    Yellow or purple?
    Love me less.

  73. Lloyd Archer

    Anyone else here from Jeremy Lynch’s studio Updates?

  74. joo park

    soooooooooooo good👍🏻

  75. かちゃん


  76. zx Jose56

    Kind of reminds me of mac

  77. Isabella Böing

    okay but emily really looks like Monica Geller from FRIENDS

  78. Matt Hazz

    My favorite part of the song is 1:03

  79. Um No


  80. shubham soni

    I have these acid dreams where I can destroy all things

  81. Hadassa M. Sylvestre

    Surprisingly good, different and fresh 🍃🍃⭐⭐

  82. Wyland Cinco

    just recently discover LOVE ME LESS and now this.. <3 AHHHHHH MAAAAAAXXXXX

  83. S U C C

    I just don't understand the ending with Dillon, KayKay and Elle. like are they threesoming??

  84. Diana Kim

    Sponsored by Planet Fitness

  85. Penelope Pegg

    Poor Jane honestly

  86. IanJackson33

    Been lovin this song on repeat ever since i heard it back in july


    I love his aesthetic

  88. Daniel Worby

    This is so sick.

  89. Eleanor Alexander

    Kelly = Logan paul?

  90. Sad Guac


  91. Emppos

    Love the fact that his wife is in these

  92. xFadedmistx

    Ive only heard the audio and never saw the video until now... really not what I expected... at all..

  93. Tofukin Araki

    Fkn love this song. Thanks for always creating feel good vibes

  94. Jack Pizza

    I love the bright colors in his videos

  95. Aspenit

    I'm confused

  96. Kelly Yap

    I covered this song on my channel! it would mean a lot if you checked it out!

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    I loved rags. I miss the music style in that movie.

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    Felly!! 🔥🙏💣