Felly - 7 Planets Lyrics

Few days at the bottom
On the top feel better, got a world full of problems
Hold me down, I escape the column
Pray to God, but I praise the dollar
I'm driftin' farther
From a brain that used to bother me constantly
Am I lit on right? and I properly spit prophecy
Better than I was the last time, reminiscin' on the pain of bad times
Throw a little jazz though phat rhymes
We washed up like bath time
Pack it up, this the shit you play when you had enough
Smokin' in the car, got a ash and cups
Feel soo sad, but I'm happy as fuck
Said I used to wanna be on the TV screens
Eazy- E, playin' on my walk, man, mp3
Tryna find a way to breath easy, but that shit won't happen
So I started rappin' to pass time and hopefully
In a few years I'll be globally
Recognized by those who feel dopamine
Every time I hit the mic, I spit soulfully
Damn I feel alive like the chosen one
Cause all my friends 'round here they roll their blunts
And I love to smoke, but get your goals and run

Y'all standin' still and I can't stand it
It's cool, the world yours, I'll take the other 7 planets

Y'all standin' still and I can't stand it
It's cool, the world yours, I'll take the other 7 planets

On some bigger shit, ight, we're done

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Felly 7 Planets Comments
  1. knaturalentity

    whatamigonnadowithmylife type beat

  2. marq

    who's here in 2019? 👀

    Lil Wvp

    marq 👌🏼

  3. Gesticu Lato

    Ouais, vraiment très bon, mais insupportable quand il se tait et fait son modeste au début du clip. Il pose : Brrrr !

  4. david green

    Felly is too gifted to be so underrated.

  5. Dan McManaman

    shots fired at pluto.

  6. Roachfat The Nostalgist

    Felly is Dope. I Love this song.

  7. Petit Suisse

    2k every modafckin years ❄😚🔥

  8. Ill de-Delley

    I remember listening to this thinkin i wanna be like that kid hahaha

  9. Matthew Lovering

    will always be one of my favorite songs

  10. Tre M.

    Classic, one of his best projects imo.

  11. nazir rasooli

    need more shit like thos

  12. Martin Pennypacker

    love this shit mang

  13. Ketú Cãt

    had to come listen to Fellys old shit to remind me how lyrical he used to be.. im happy for his success but hes changed so much :/

  14. Up On The Hill Ent.

    Yung Fel classics.

  15. Sam Yad

    they knew about the 7 eartg like planets :o

  16. Roachfat The Nostalgist

    This Song is Dope. I only found it
    because Nasa found 7 Planets so that's what I Googled. #Authentic

  17. Nathanial Johnson

    man what's happened to felly. used to be amazing, now he's just normal

    Nathanial Johnson

    FFF Ruben me too. I just don't like the past couple albums quite as much.

    Ketú Cãt

    swear to god i had to come back to his old stuff to remind me how fucking lyrical he used to be..


    tru tru but you got to hit a mainstream then you can do whatever you want

    Injay Music

    Ketú Cãt man for real. He was great back in the days of this song.

    Injay Music

    JettLagg maybe, but I do some little pieces of this style in New songs, I just hope he comes back to this type of stuff again

  18. Gson

    playin on my walkman M..P...3. Love that flow switchup

  19. wavy

    never forget 🙏🏻

  20. msnthrp music

    pls let me use this trumpet :D

  21. Dulce Karen Gaspar Mateos

    interesante estilo....sigue evolucionando buen hombre

  22. Devon Casseus

    I really like this guy. Mac Miller got competition.

    kucker karlson

    fellys better

    Martin Pennypacker

    Devon Casseus cus they're both white? fuck that, the whole rap game has competition when felly steps up dawgs

  23. Maddy Keith

    were is the bucket hat from???//

  24. Josh Ramsey

    Check out my latest music video produced by felly

  25. Noah A

    Found out about you by watching this video almost exactly a year ago. I've been a hardcore fan ever since. Its crazy to see how much you've grown and progressed. Thanks for the incredible music.

  26. Jacob Gardner

    anybody know the sample?

  27. Life is Just a Hit

    Dude this is totaly from other planet! DOPE, kind regards from Mexico

  28. kevtarzan

    Put this on Vevo

  29. luis jauregui

    felly make a extended version of this please!!! this song its fire! keep it up!! 

  30. Social Arguile

    good. new mac miller haha

  31. TheTofuworscht

    dope! love the jazz influences

  32. Franky Leandri

    It makes me mad that there's people like Spooky Black and yung Lean that make music that's nowhere near as good as Felly and other "un known" rappers, but yet they're still more popular

  33. Roberto Torres

    Hahahaha haha That's cool the world is yours but I'll take the other 7evenplanets ha nice oh the beat is ill

  34. Louis Archer

    http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=608292 y'all might like this

  35. khroam

    This beat is too dope as well as the lyrics

  36. Ryan Monson

    Real good. Great beat and great flow

  37. th3rd_coast

    Killin it w/ beats & lyrics...stay up homie, WERE LISTENING!

  38. WoNosleepMusic

    Biiig shiiit

  39. darkinterpol

    Excellent work Felly

  40. thefleyeingmonk

    Damn yall white people really be liking this shit hu

    Simon Deleuran

    music has no color..


    Damn bruh really? I didnt know that.


    FOH this aint no jazz..

  41. ChuckOriley

    THUMBS up if fel should spit to my track https://soundcloud.com/george-banks-7/the-feeling-i-got-from-you

  42. kluemenadi

    I love this, dude...I fucks with you from FL. Love your samples too...check me out, and bless! Peace!!

  43. Casual Productions

    Check out my beats mang, tell me what you think. I make beats for the blitzed

  44. 77Media.

    Dope video dude. I used to play hockey with you back in the river hawk days. Cool to see where you at now

  45. Team Synergy Rhymes

    Can everyone go give my channel a visit and check out the music I'm making? I'd really appreciate a view

  46. Zac Beam

    make yo raps longer bro.. you snap

  47. Nicolas Beijo

    Sooooo doooope, wish it last longer!!!

  48. Chris Proctor

    Absolute fire beat and fire flow. Only a matter of time before this kid goes big

  49. The Movement

    This is gold . I wish it was longer !

  50. Rick King

    Keep doing what you're doing b.  You got something here.

  51. sydebsolo

    y'all standing still & i can't stand it thats okay the world is yours i'll take the other seven planets 

  52. Kagwe Muchane

    nah i changed my mind this is dope. i was just salty cus i was sober

  53. chekoblaster

    his flow right here, his words and his style....tssss Felly raps at a whole notha' level. keep it lit yo

  54. windheart

    Last line was wize as fuck

  55. Curtis Fedorko

    he copied chance the rapper its still dope but not original  

  56. thedragonmusic88


  57. Blakely

    that bass hit makes me smile

  58. Ben Smith

    this song needs a second verse

  59. More Ease

    Sick as fucking fuck

  60. WRBweridebikes

    What mic do you use or recommend?


    Keep this shit up my dude ! Much love from Chicago !!


    Riding that beat like a boss damn!

  63. Dennis Pink

    nice job!

  64. D Merk

    Dope Fel. Love Lucid and eversinceaseed.

  65. sai

    my fav song off the album

  66. Dr. Devonte Weston

    mac miller used one of your beats


    maybe he used one of mac miller beats? lol


    but what song i wana hear it ;0

    Dr. Devonte Weston

    it's called diablo. mac miller copied one of felly's beats

    jay m

    @danny kush nah that beat just had the same sample different completely 


    Yeah like @jay m said its the same sample but different... but that's what come with sampling the fact anyone can use it.

  67. TheFrenchZarrior

    Make more mellow shit liske his I habe bee a fan for ages if you did a part the way that this would be promoted evem more and fuck anyone whos says hes the next mac miller hes the next best independant artist who puts efforyt in what he does

  68. auzue washington


  69. earthbound

    Def jam, solid track. You got a huge future in this rap game.

  70. bob Haze

    Keep going man! I got some beats from you and I'll let you hear what I'm working with soon

  71. Johnny Nawatani

    Congrats my dude keep up the good work

  72. Kallen Seiger

    y0 No way. I've been waiting on this one!! Thats cool the world is yours I'll take the other 7 planets.

  73. ODi Productions

    Dope lyrics and visuals. 

  74. Monty Datta

    Anybody know what Video editor he's using?

    Jack Craymer

    Final Cut 7 Pro & DaVinci Resolve Color Grading Software ;)

  75. Steve Hill

    When you make it I'll be proud to say I've been here since day 1

  76. Kiki

    This is amazing(: been a fan since the beginning ill be happy to say that when you make it big


    +Kiki Cat he made it big

    patrick H

    youbuttface7 look at him now

  77. William Valente

    Dude, you are really talented and make sick beats. I hope that someday you will overtake all choose faggots in rap, like 2 chains and Tyga, that only rap about how good they are at rapping and fuck thoose saying that you are a Mac Miller wannabe, in my opinion you are twice as good as him.
    Best of luck from Denmark :) 

  78. MrDjRenagade

    Lil homie is clean

  79. Maximilian V

    Dope song and visuals bro

  80. SPAC36ODD

    Go Felly!!

    Been watching for a minute fam, proud to see how far you've come!

  81. AliceShort

    so sick !!


    Yo this shit is dope! 

  83. Wesley Nieves

    Dope bro. Keep it coming!

  84. SHIBA

    how do you mix your beats ? 

  85. Somuch

    so good !! good work buddy ;)

  86. JediMindMFDoom

    what the hell does Felly know about a walkman??? those things are older than you lol jk stay grindin young buck!!!! Respect

    Michael Brown

    To be fair he says mp3

  87. Manginious

    I love watching you get better!!!

  88. RMK

    Dope dude. Beat was chill, Sample was also used by statik selektah.

    Jake Kavaler

    what song