Feint - Defiant Lyrics

Today this world is falling
But I know, we'll never forget
What we found in that moment

You called out me when I needed you
We're rising up through the dark
I called out to you when you needed me
We are defiant

We made a vow of silence
While the sun is asleep in the night
We'll dream of a thousand reasons
To stay here

You called out to me when I needed you
We're rising up through the dark
I called out to you when you needed me
We are defiant

We are defiant
We are defiant
We are defiant

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Feint Defiant Comments
  1. Kaise NoLimit

    Finally i found this amazing song

  2. Khada Jhin

    Drum and bass is the best!

  3. Flex Down

    Laura Brehm can sing an insomniac to sleep

  4. Plasma Light

    Nostalgic sound❄💜

  5. nope nope

    heard this song a lot before but was never able to find the name. literally found it recently while watching philza's stream. this dude has great music tastes

  6. WoLfMeN_04

    feint and laura have done a good job in this song together. It's one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life.

  7. Yosmel Ramos

    Who is listening this 2019?

  8. james smith

    Ummm dose all your background have to be caucasian I know I see anime but they all white like no tan ish black brown seems kinda you know for all your songs that is posted 😓😑 just wondering why you keep doing those background with of course all straight hair

  9. AllyLuvzFood _

    I hope I'm not the only one who read the genre as dumbass in the thumbnail..

  10. 江波

    Вот решил написать комментарий. Честно говоря, несмотря на жанр, Feint тут очень плохо вписался, эти басы уши режут и мешают слушать прекрасный голос Лоры. Я уж не говорю о том, что соотношение громкости голоса/музыки вообще странное.

  11. сергей петрухин

    Russia with you,nice.

  12. Ángel

    The two songs these two msde together are amongst my favorites <3

  13. Rustudah

    I listen to random youtube music on 2nd monitor. Whichever song makes me turn my head, i get to like and comment :)

  14. Androntov

    This art is awesome!

  15. Zain Al Abdulla

    I had this in my watch later list ever since it came out.. now i regret my life choices :(

  16. Gen Ohmni

    Is it just me or is that hair animation Uncanny Valley central?

  17. Luciferdie

    *WHO IS SHE?*

  18. Colin Chin

    Next collab I want from Laura is, Andromedik ft Laura Brehm.

  19. l33tster

    You can't defy the bloody brilliance that is this collaboration. The vocals hit me so hard I had to hold back tears the first time I heard this

  20. Mars Olivier


  21. og_pfi_dan

    Love her voice!

  22. MGE icon

    This channel is amazing, been listening for a few years now and this satisfies my need for stunning art and music. Perfect!

  23. Dragon Captain


    More like Defeint

  24. JOHN GR

    listening to this on December 31 2018
    one of the last tracks i listen to this year
    Happy New Year people

  25. Andrew Kim

    Damn art work

  26. Le Patchi

    It's insane how I like your work on the animation of this amazing piece from Guweiz.
    It's little things (the snow, the hair and move between head and the body) but we really feel that she is alive!
    Is it you who doing the effects? (Sorry for my bad english from Switzerland) ^^'

  27. Onikage Steve

    xKito Music your upload music with images are always awesome <3 and I love songs Feint and Laura <3

  28. FkMANIAN

    i really love this song <3

  29. Waifu Albedo Gaming

    Damn it the music and background is fantastic💓💓💓💓love it

  30. Waifu Albedo Gaming

    This's what i need

  31. Jess•-•

    These pictures are so beautiful

  32. Leo B

    Feint + Laura Brehm.
    The point of perfection.

  33. Gnimoah

    Feint with Laura Brehm on vocals can never go wrong

  34. Soheil Rezaei

    Hey, I really like how the hair is animated. Could you please tell me which software you are using to edit this background? Could you please make a tutorial in the future if it's possible please? Keep up the good work.

  35. Peter Hans

    Where is Laura from? I ask her on Instagram but she wont answer :(


    She only talk to famous people, and you are not a famous guy

    Peter Hans

    Eysox how do you know?

  36. Nurgles Chosen

    Why don't you guys put lyrics in description?

  37. Rabidsandwich

    "Not even fire compares to the warmth of blood."
    An old saying. Uttered now through dying lips. Often, she wondered what they tasted like, when he smiled at her. What his strength earned by swinging steel felt like wrapped around her. His voice was far from an alluring melody. It was hoarse from shouting at soldiers during drills or issuing commands on the battlefield, but she never wanted him perfect. Knights in shining armor were fables designed to fool the weak into believing there will always be a savior. His every day scent, sweat laced with the leather of his armor padding, that sometimes found the blessing of water, was now the thick of iron in the ground. The cold fell in slivers to bury him, as if he was but a leaf plucked from a tree having floated to the ground, instead of like the white doves allowed to fly. He seemed to have fallen slowly, the arms of time's end cradling him until he laid to rest. How foolish she felt jealous of a power never alive, but always knowing. Waiting for everyone. Never consoling the ones it forces to wait. She plucked up the instrument it left to claim him, proof he belonged elsewhere. Sliding her finger along its edge sharp as he always kept it, she watched that red essence she believed kept her bound to him trickling like a lost stream. Worshiping him, yearning him so fiercely dreams no longer differed from reality, she let his ichor warm her hand. It was the closest she ever got to his heart. Globs pattered her shoulders. Stained her hair. How often she imagined bleeding for him, the pain gladly endured to become his. She covered herself with him in the purest way death taught.
    "Is this what love wants? To show it exists, only to prove its mortal?" She sealed her eyes to not let the tears freeze upon her face, but she was uncertain if they were for herself or for him. "Why is that we can't choose who we love?"
    Softness, so light its touch, caressed her ear. She felt the flower seeking its new home. Saw the tree, with countless withered petals getting swept away, it escaped from.

  38. Hooded Ocxxers

    Laura awesome👍

  39. Akira™

    i miss this feint x laura brehm duo its great to see them back in action :)

  40. Premtim Morina

    Where can I find only the sound of Feint?

  41. Explosive Devil

    I'm a simple man. I see Laura Brehm, I click.

  42. 모모chan

    Shit it's laura + feint <3333

  43. Musenga Ng'ambi

    Its good...very good...but I would have enjoyed it as chillstep throughout. Is producing the same song in different genres a thing ?

  44. Everyone's Fan

    So freaking awesome

  45. Constantin

    I didn't read the title, but after a while of listening I was like: ohh this song is soo good, so similar to faint - time bomb and now while I looked closer at the title - WOW.
    After long break I was still able to guess the author. It doesn't happen to me often so feel special, Feint. You are the 1st one. <3 Love.

  46. AiroMusic

    Feint, Laura Brehm, xKito, I love you all, surely you make the world happier ❤️

  47. Prosto Slavik

    One of the best Drum & Bass duo song of this year

  48. INCEPTION 25

    feint strikes again

  49. Blue Sap

    The picture doesn’t fit should make it people on a cliff.

  50. PURPP-esque

    You crazy as hell if you don't fuck with this song.

  51. Emma Scherer

    awwww yeaaaa !!!

  52. C.O.T. music

    exelent, no, perfect

  53. Maybus7

    I wonder does Xkito upload songs that he likes or that his fan base likes?

  54. Jade Hopcroft

    Beautiful <3

  55. Centiven

    How did spaghetti end up on her head

  56. Yashraj Singh

    Mama kito always know what your soul wants to listen

  57. Rave

    This combo 💕

  58. Ayamekoo Official

    Congrats for 2 millions subs!!
    I know you since xKito Chibi 😂💕

  59. Vasilias XV

    Laura and feint never fail

  60. Zenit Promotions

    GUIWEZ <3
    Thank xKito, you never disappoint me.

  61. Lexs

    my god I can't believe they collab again <3

  62. Сержик Sadnor


  63. FLY AWAY

    Lidity - Deviation

  64. aristateles

    Sick drawing yoooooooooooo

  65. Charlie Eriksson

    hey you have probably done the already but am gonna ask anny whay. Have
    you contacted youtube suport and askt them if the can restore the Trap /
    Chill Trap playlist. The one that up now is super messy and have a lot
    of Future bass and electronic in it. Kind regards :)

  66. ZerolFx12

    Laura I know we will never meet but, i love you ! 😀😂

  67. Nalo

    Wtf is with that kick?? sounds terrible :( I had high hopes until the drop. I love LB & Feint

  68. Slayer X

    Flashbacks from the track words

  69. Twiizy Tibbers

    This duo never disappoints ;)

  70. God's Community


  71. Guillermo Gálvez

    exelente me encanto

  72. nile7

    I wish Laura brehm was my wife

  73. aditya guha

    Best... beautiful.... Thank u so much x kito...

  74. i gotcha you bro

    Honor of Kito🎵


    Great music and gorgeous artwork

  76. Tracy Crissman

    Such a beautiful voice

  77. Ilaf Khalili

    "Dumb&ass", I need to get me some sleep seriously

  78. dead rider-overdose


  79. Wild of D

    Laura brehm...


  80. Джон Сильвер

    Another piece of classic music ^_^

  81. Szary Szerus

    Nice Pretty GOOOD

  82. Jude how rude

    feint? laura brehm? IM IN LOVE

  83. anno1985

    I <3 the Sound of faint.
    I <3 the voice of Laura.
    I <3 drum and bass.

  84. Ruby Red

    The tag that tells the genre of music on the thumbnail says "Drum&bass" my dyslexic ass thought it said dumbass

  85. Ridakax

    Feint and Laura Brehm <3

  86. Noah Rose S.

    Violet Evergarden?

  87. latincristo


  88. A d m

    This song is long posted but when you bring it back, it brings memories ^_^

  89. NightcoreSlayer47

    Thanks Kito and Laura!

  90. Lux0s

    0:00 - 0:23 that sounded so nice... Need more of this Q.Q

  91. Gray Fullbuster

    Waiting for Feint X TheFatRat ft Laura Brehm... 😆😆
    I hope

  92. Turkey

    Feint and laura ILove You

  93. Kizu Ato

    When i see Feint + Laura
    Then i subscribe

  94. Mizuku Idoriya

    When i saw the thumbnail....Drum & bass looked like dumbass....but the song is Badasss

  95. Color Sirens

    Xcatoooooo pls tell me you're gonna upload Aero's new track play your part.

  96. Vibrant Variety

    Laura never dissapoints

  97. PokeTrainer João

    like baby

  98. Henrique Benassi

    Hi Kito! keep on posting D&B!

  99. Memorandum1231


  100. Soul-Eye Animations & More!

    This combo is *ALWAYS* fire!