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28, looking good
She's a fighter, she's a fighter, she's a..
It's been that way since she was born
Modern life poker lives
She carries a bruise upon her face
It's been that way since she was born

What are you gonna do?
I said what are you gonna do?


This is a call to you
To take away the pain
I´ve given it all to you
Tomorrow may be too late
Can't stop the violence of youth
Into the ashes
This is a call to you

Suddenly I can see
She's a fighter, she's a fighter, she's a..
It's been that way since she was born
City lights, looking bright, so much sorrow on the streets
It's been that way since she was born

What are you gonna do?
I said what are you gonna do?



This is the right time, this is the right time



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Feeder Side By Side Comments
  1. SON

    thank you feeder
    ありがとう feeder

  2. andrew turvill

    coming back year after year to this...

  3. andrew turvill

    cast out the violence of youth..into the ashes...this os a call to you

  4. Nico Stelzig

    5 Years from now :/

  5. Blake White

    If we don't act know this will happen to every city town country you name it

  6. andrew turvill

    i still cant believe grant comes from newport in wales, he is pure genuis, and every song is just perfect

  7. India Jay

    This makes me cry everytime


    same man, even years later this upsets me. i love japan!!

  8. India Jay

    Feeder u r the best band ever

  9. Springy3200

    There`s a proper version on itunes as well.....

  10. Springy3200

    #Respect. What i love about this is that the lyrics kinda fit in to the situation

  11. TheDollmaker28

    Still gives me chills...

  12. Ricky


  13. shit311


  14. Adam Weller

    Any way of buying this? I know is an acoustic on iTunes but how can I buy this one?

  15. potatopotatopotato

    Wow, I forgot how awesome this song was..

  16. ガトリング大魔王

    Im japanese Thankyou!!

    ありがとう is japanese thankyou ARIGATOU


  17. gleentealion

    thanks. ;] I'm Japanese girl.

  18. Ashkan92

    this song needs to be played live! one of feeders best just have a listen to the base line, oure trance

  19. Votabreb

    Someone tell me where i can get this goddam song, all i can find is the acoustic version from the borders ep

  20. Saz730

    @arsenal2death Yes I did that! It's not there!

  21. Ashkan92

    @Saz730 just type feeder on itunes mate and ull find it as a single mate!

  22. Saz730

    I can't find this anywhere on iTunes?

  23. Verena

    The sad face of the man on 2:51 still makes me cry.
    I cried the first time when i saw this vid and 8 month later I still do it.

  24. Ashkan92

    @apegg23 feederweb . com or go on itunes and type feeder support these guys their awesome

  25. vanepico

    Bought my copy ages ago!

  26. Ashkan92

    the most epic piece of music history 3:20 to 3:38 gives me shivers everytime best ending to a song

  27. Prentiss Thomas

    R.I.P Atsuko Ise of Sendai (body missing, presumed dead) ;(

    1987 - 2011

  28. Prentiss Thomas

    @dreadnok320 The media sees it as old news, they only return to the place to assemble a documentary on the anniversary next March. The next time that Japan would be mentioned in the media would be in a doucumentary about the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, which would have a metion on the Fukushima Diiatchi explosion. The media, even though they give us the images of Japan's unfortunate events in March, they have to find a way to make money out of it. Two faced maggots they are.

  29. Prentiss Thomas

    I just want to say that I hope Japan recovers asap and I hope that this great nation would rebuild from a disaster that nearly crippled her. I am going there to find my friend who lived near the coast. I don't care about the radiation, im going there!


    Prentiss Thomas Thank you thank you.we've been recovered side by side. I hope your friend would be fine and meet with you ,have a good time .

  30. Prentiss Thomas

    @QwentyJ This is the problem with the music industry, those musicians you mentioned there come from genres that have high audience gains & like Noel Gallagher said in an interview 11 years ago or so in their US tour "designed to sell CocaCola to kids". There is far too much coporate involvement in music. Real talent like Feeder just get cast aside in the "not well known enough to make enough money" category. Music is not just about money, its about talent, passion & breaking down barriers.

  31. Satoshi Daibou

    ありがとう ありがとう

  32. kouta1408


  33. dreadnok320


  34. Ashkan92

    @majkel139 nvm :( feeder just gave me a blush lol :(

  35. Ashkan92

    beautiful song a sapphire deserves all the accolades the world can reward

  36. Ashkan92

    @majkel139 itts barbetta :P haha after hours of listening it makes sense :P

  37. James Davison

    Amazing song guys. RIP all those died in these tragic events.

  38. hsvsupercars

    @luca41383 yes we are

  39. Moose

    45,000th Viewer !!! Why is this still only on 45,000 !!! Share this song with the World and spread the message of Feeder !!!

  40. ヤマウラカズヤ


  41. levcio

    i lov this song:D

  42. James Hoyle

    @QwentyJ You, sir, are epic. The success of the Peas always eludes me considering they rely so heavily on beat over substance, and yet their beats are insubstantial. Paradox, eh?

  43. Ashkan92

    the end part in this song just pierces through my heart after he says this is a call to you for the last time the melody and the way he shout barbertta just gives me shivers

  44. Ashkan92

    a masterpiece i got my beats headphones just for this beautiful bands so i can drown in their songs while i go everywhere <3 please dont stop making heavenly music till i die feeder :(

  45. RFCnathBFC

    How can anyone with a soul dislike this? I'm just gonna convince myself those 2 were accidental.

  46. jd913617

    Christ Feeder really know how to pluck the heart strings

  47. Matthew Butt

    I really hope you sing this at Intro Festival (Middlesbrough Music Live) as this is my favourite song of yours <3

  48. Jack Verduyn

    how can people dislike this song. all the money is going to japan right. those two people are complete idiots

  49. That's Totally Not Okay

    The top suggestion to the right of this vid is rebecca black? Cheers. Muppets. 130m views for that shite and Feeders incredible song for a good cause has less than 40k? Millions of years of evolution right there, you'd think after that time the tone deaf folk would've been weened out but evidently not..

  50. Moose

    @leebrighurst yes, a Welsh Kurt Cobain

  51. Moose

    Don't know what other people might say but Grant is just like an English Kurt Cobain!

  52. Aaron Girdler

    Why the hell does this only have 30,000 views, bloody ridiculous when you have crap like rebecca black with a million odd views, really grinds my gears

  53. DAF Pvnk

    feeder made me cry :(

  54. Jay93Jones

    this should have way more views, its for a good cause and yet people still listenin to the brainless shit out right now that has no meanin other than partying

  55. Stefano Ragone

    Thank God it's FEEDER!!!

  56. darron evans

    brillant song ...ive brought it 10 times of itunes....my heart goes 2 japan...watchin the video really upset me...:(..makes me thank god i live in england....

  57. MCZR32

    Great song. Also if you want music for the Japanese appeal check Linkin Park's Issho Ni. Everyone needs to support Japan so please download the music and help Japan

  58. topgazza

    Great song and because in benefits such a great nation in their desperate time of need its a must buy. Heartbreaking pictures

  59. linus19741018


  60. potatopotatopotato

    ive watched this. at least twenty times.
    This song is amazing, one of the best Feeder songs EVER.
    This song needs to get to number 1.. in england.. and usa.

  61. potatopotatopotato

    @dhoynun well..i guess feeder cant film a video..in like two days..so i guess this is it.. but its still frigign amazing

  62. Josh Beaumont

    is this the official video?

  63. zIsebsmithIz

    <3 feeder such an underated band, and such a good song, and for such a good cause :) <3

  64. HenryCarnage

    love it, relates to the disaster aswel, nice one :)

  65. GraceTheSkies

    Quality tune, wouldn't have sounded out of place on Silent Cry. Check out my bands debut music video whilst here? Just follow the channel :) x

  66. Ashkan92

    28, looking good, shes a fighter shes a fighter shes a, its been that way since she was born, morning life, broken lives, she carries a bruise upon her face, its been that way since she was born, what are you gonna do i said wat are u gonna do, barbaretta, this is a call to you, to take away the pain, im givin it all, tomorrow may be too late, cant stop the violence of you, into the ashes, this is a call to you, suddenly i can see, shes a fighter shes a fighter, shes a, its been that way since

  67. Ashkan92

    she was born
    city lights broken lives
    so much sorow on the streets
    its ben that way since she was born
    wat are you gona do
    i said wat are u gona do
    this is call to u
    to take away the pain
    im givin it al to u
    tmrw maybe too late
    cant stop the violenc of u
    into the ashs
    this is call to t u
    this is the right time
    this the right time
    this is call
    to you,to take away the pain
    im givin it all,to u
    tmrw maybe too late
    cant stop the violence of u
    into the ashes
    this is a call to u

  68. potatopotatopotato

    @s99anewcomb lol im wondering too..sounds like umbrella..lol

  69. Caius

    Feeder are one of my best bands, have all the albums, keep rockin guys!...

  70. s99anewcomb

    Bought.......and thoroughly enjoying it! Does anyone know the word(s) Grant sings just before the Chorus?

  71. Flowi

    Great song for great people of Japan. I'm full of respect and as sad as the tragedy is, the people from Japan are just asewome ...

    All my good wishes and my hope are with them now. And of course I bought the song, 'cause I love Feeder, no question about that! :-) (... even when I missed your shows in my country. :( )

    So, keep on going, care for the people out there and for yourself. All the best to everyone of you and greetings from Germany.

  72. addsfsds

    two stupid goats missed the like button

  73. addsfsds

    Bought! Keep up the good job guys!

  74. QwentyJ

    Just sent a nice e-mail to Radio 1, asking how the musical genius of 'Ke$ha' and the 'Black Eyed Peas' were in anyway better than this song!

  75. Phoenix258

    For anyone who might find the scenes distressing, i've uploaded containing nothing but the instructions on how to buy. Hope you guys dont mind, lets just get everyone buying this song. Im annoyed the radio stations arent fully behind it yet.

  76. DriftK13

    For a good cause and really the only band that made an effort, yet nothing on the charts and no mention on the radios. Hate radio 1

  77. Ian Astley

    @imtomroyle123 Seems that the radio (radio 1 in particular but others too) seem to think Feeder are "not cool" anymore and won't play them. Same sort of thing happened with Stereophonics and Travis also. I dunno why exactly. A real shame - even more so in this case with it being a song for good cause

  78. Joe

    It's a haunting track and I also saw this on BBC breakfast TV as others have commented. I think Feeder is my new Favourute Band, step aside Green Day! I may be buying a lot more than just this one song....

  79. dan205

    Just seen this on Breakfast News on BBC, good idea to use it to raise money for charity and promote the band at the same time, win/win situation really.

    Personally it's one of my favourite Feeder tracks already, will be buying it for sure.

  80. HanimeYT

    @maschinenmensch let's just put it straight, you're an idiot for thinking this is a love song

  81. Jessie Jones

    I love this song xx

  82. Himaro

    great song with greater intensions. will be buying

  83. QwentyJ


    Wrong end of the stick mate. Really the wrong end!

  84. jd913617

    Feeder = my first band I listened to and my favourite still. Never dissapoint. Thank you so much Feeder for your music, dont ever stop :)

  85. Fader209

    Beautiful song. Hopefully with support this can raise some funds :)

  86. Iain MacKenzie

    Seriously, whoever disliked this should be ashamed of themselves. I literally can't think of a single reason not like this song or the cause it is supporting.

  87. Andy .T

    bought it and promoted it! hope it get's to number 1 worldwide!

  88. Ian Astley

    I hope some radio stations get behind this. Not only because it would be great to hear more Feeder on the radio but even more so for people to buy the single and help the great cause the proceeds are going to....

    Anyone heard it on the radio yet?

  89. QwentyJ

    HTF can you dislike this?!?!

  90. Russell Buxcey

    And then one nob puts a dislike...

  91. luca41383

    @Feederweb and we are the fans of the best band in the world

  92. HattyMarris

    Fantastic song for a fantastic cause.

  93. ilikefilmandmusic

    Thank you, Feeder.

  94. Daniel Jacks

    No dislikes. Hope it stays that way.

  95. shaboobal1

    Three good reasons to buy this song: for respect, its a mint song, and feeder are the best band ever!!

  96. sonicadv27

    i'm gonna buy this song but meanwhile i'll just rape the play button repeatedly.

  97. Flo Müller

    EPIC! Let Music be the Way!

  98. Laura Witherford

    What a great idea a great song for a very good cause :) I love feeder and my heart still goes out to all the people in Japan, hopefully by buying this song we'll be able to help them out and also have another great feeder track to listen to. I don't think there is any reason why you shouldn't buy this song.

  99. Ashkan92

    this is slowly turning into one of my favourite songs ever , feeder just penetrate my feelings like an arrow to the heart <3