Feeder - Idaho Lyrics

I've got nowhere to hide
When her ghost lives inside my body
I feel the weight from within
As the lids of my eyes get heavy

Yeah, are you feeling it too?
Yeah, I hope you're feeling it too

Here I go, let them know I'm heading back to Idaho
All the way to USA, I've thought about you every single second since I got home
I may find a better view, find a better... view

There's someone I left behind
She found a place in my mind that's steady
A constant wave of regret
I need a change in my life, I'm ready

Yeah, are you feeling it too?
Yeah, I hope you're feeling it too

Here I go, let them know I'm heading back to Idaho
All the way to USA, I've thought about you every single second since I got home
I may find a better view, find a better...

Yeah, are you feeling it too?
Yeah, I hope you're feeling it too

Here I go, let them know I'm heading back to Idaho
All the way to USA, I've thought about you every single second since I got home
I may find a better view, find a better...

Here I go, let them know I'm heading back to Idaho
All the way to USA, I've thought about you every single second since I got home
I may find a better view, find a better... view

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Feeder Idaho Comments
  1. SlammedZero

    As an Idahoan, I approve.

    Gee Emm

    As an Englishman in Minnesota, great potatoes! ;-)

  2. Nikhil Rajbhar

    Memories of 2012 are back.....

  3. Idaho M'bika

    my name is idaho xD

  4. Raymond Bock

    be honestly , i lover with this song

  5. jessieghouls

    I the hoe potatoes

  6. X X

    "ancient aliens"

  7. Isaac Davis

    Born and raised in Idaho. Beautiful state if you guys get a chance to visit. 

    Owen Coventry

    +Isaac Davis im from bonners ferry hbu

    Isaac Davis

    +Owen Coventry
    I'm from Richfield.
    Just north of Twin Falls

    Owen Coventry

    +Isaac Davis nice

  8. DirtRich

    Under appreciated much?

  9. Carrie Smith

    This band is great, shame they're not much appreciated compared to all the other terrible bands kerrang! are always harping on about.

  10. luis Gonzalez

    ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Present NANO-MUGEN Compilation 2012 ;)


    +luis Gonzalez i can't find Masafumi Gotoh's vocal in here... where is he

    M A R

    @SHATCH in Japanese edition of Generation Freakshow


    @M A R ahhh, do you have any idea where i can find the full version of the japanese Idaho? i only found snippet of it. Gotoh's voice really fits the song damn.

  11. NicTheGreek1979

    133,805 views? Are you fucking kidding me?


    its nice, less chance of people jerking off a good band for no reason

  12. Sean Sibley

    look it up ass ole stop hating on idaho.

  13. Anna Patrisha Jose

    The first time I've heard of this band was from the Nano Mugen compilation 2012 by the Asian Kungfu Generation. Awesome music guys. <3

  14. Sean Sibley

    im from idaho the tv was invented here an napolien dynamite was filmed/based here

    Al M

    Think you will find john logie baird is given the credit for inventing the television. Scotland.

    Nick Turtle

    @Al M Colonials.

  15. BridgyP

    how the hell has this not got millions of views? This song is awesome!

    I'm glad kerrang radio at least supported the band, they're a bit of a forgotten British treasure really

  16. NubletPie278




    telling you to get a room is not engaging an argument lol your of your head. your just looking for an argument are you not? im just going to block you now instead coz your doing my head in with your SHITTY* comments...................

  18. NubletPie278

    Nope. If you didn't come here for an argument, why did you engage in one?


    shut up man i didont come here for an argument. anyway your FUCK202 so you cant say shit.

  20. NubletPie278

    Looks like you got two for one.


    i was here for the good music not your shity comments

  22. NubletPie278

    Unfortunately FUCK202 was brutally murdered in cold blood by OregonNascarFan on 28/12/12. I do not believe FUCK202 would want a room with that bastard.

  23. NubletPie278

    No, it didn't really work and we aren't "both as bad as the other one", I am superior in every way to OregonNascarFan simply because of my coherent, crisp, complete and ethical comments whereas his are just rambling bullshit.


    FUCK202 / OregonNascarFan GET A ROOM! XD love this song like all the rest catchy well put together an lovely lyrics feeder never fail to inpress.

  25. Splacebo Foggins


  26. PedroCascadas

    2 x tickets to Feeder at Brixton Academy tomorrow night, unfortunately we can't make it :( look on eBay for seller 'kingpedro1st'

  27. PedroCascadas

    I've got two tickets to Feeder at Brixton Academy tomorrow (Friday) 23rd Feb and unfortunately we can't make it :( Buy it now price is £55 for both. I've listed them on eBay, look for seller 'kingpedro1st'

  28. misunderestimated1

    Great song.....even better when it's sung live to me and countless others at the Portsmouth Guildhall! More please!!

  29. Celestica Demonix

    Happy birthday, Grant Nicholas!!! <3

  30. engerlishgirl93

    has the argument between the americans ended yet?

  31. TheViolinCalamity

    In the Same Way that You are a Genuine Youtuber, since You Capitalise Most if not All of Your Words ;)

  32. Vi80NZ

    Fantastic Band...

  33. slowpc

    I want Feeder to win a free trip to the USA ... I missed their last one , still have my ticket :( YEARS ago!

  34. Howard Lew

    and has been for 20 years...

  35. Scott F

    Dammit! Why can I only like this once >.<

    Feeder = Epically Fuck Yeah!

  36. DE IRU

    THIS is why I love Kerrang!

  37. Saint Claire

    This band is really cool!

  38. sacha hamilton

    thank you Daniel Mays for bringing me to this song its ace.

  39. Freddie Jones

    he is a nice guy! was a fun day!

  40. lugar2005

    watched this live at reading last weekend. insane

  41. Aisha Ali

    Worst thing I've ever seen.

  42. Catfeak

    my teacher is the person talking during those scenes, hes on the left

  43. wooly51

    Am I the only person that's furious that this has 39 dislikes?

  44. Tom Jennings

    yes to seeing you boys in london in november

  45. DJ Star

    fucking hell its danny mays !!

  46. Tom Jennings

    how has this got so little views

  47. SexRobotOfDoom

    Um...there was no sarcasm here, please look up the term. I don't think you really understand what sarcasm is.

  48. slowpc

    Well , feeder you released your "USA tour" Memory track... do we have more info on a US tour or song or anything!?!?!?!?

  49. Daniel Tanti

    Idaho's game on Facebook is pretty hard ...

  50. Caden Pardo

    "I'm 33 and have an IQ of 150."
    Well, looks like the keyboard warriors are at it again.

  51. Izzyman1441

    hahahaha that's pathetic... calling me and FUCK202 trolling faags (you spelt that wrong by the way) when your the one who is bitching because your ears don't function properly or you have a shitty taste in music. You have nothing else to do other than bitch about this successful band. What the fuck crawled up your ass and died? :) And by the way I have a wife so I am not a closet queer, and like FUCK202 said, who do you want to beat?

  52. Izzyman1441

    If you think that the song sucks then why the fuck do you listen to it you little shit sack.

  53. Ross Daniel

    We give a fuck ye?! lol

  54. AteX

    YAY, new songs in Gran Turismo 6 :D

  55. MikeScrima

    Ah that's the one that I was forgetting! Thank you!

  56. Victor Sardinha

    Dota Band.

  57. MikeScrima

    I live in Boise, Idaho! This song, "Private Idaho" by the B-52's, and a brief mention in Sublime's song "April 26, 1992" is all that we've got haha.

  58. Lorn MeToo

    I HATE FEEDERS!!!. Reported for intentional feeding

  59. cyan crow

    when you play at lol and you find a feeder :'(

  60. iOdrevan

    @iwave2 Hello, their song Just a Day was in GT3. The rest of the world does know :L

  61. Tristan Libke

    lol ok buddy chill out..

  62. potatopotatopotato

    When the heell are they actually going to come to USA. :( pleease Grant and Takaaa!!! :(

  63. iwave2

    For Christ sake when is Feeder going to sign with a major label?? such an underrated band, the rest of the world deserves to know about Feeder one of the finest rock bands out there

  64. Nicolas Sanabria

    the worst word a DotA player can hear in his life ... specially when its in his team

  65. blabbyblah1

    Very good.. from idaho..

  66. Izzyman1441

    Too bloody right mate, too bloody right :(

  67. SexRobotOfDoom

    Then it was pretentious.

  68. Rui Pinho

    League of legends are full till the head with the name of that song xd

  69. Daniel Tanti

    This song reminds me of the old Feeder :)

  70. Boabywankenobi

    ....still got it :-)

  71. DriftK13

    Don't think it was literal mate.

  72. aca lignja

    noob feeeder

  73. Cretu Lucian

    report this guy for feeding

  74. ThePosies

    i rememmber this only had 700 views a week ago but its so god damm catchy i keep coming back FREAKING LOVE FEEDER AND THEIR CATCHY CHORUSLINES

  75. SexRobotOfDoom

    That's pretty sad. Killing yourself because of a band?

  76. Peter

    that's a bold statement

  77. butsex iSslippery

    yay what the hell. i lived in idaho falls pocatello twin falls sun valley and now i'm in boise FML

  78. GreetTheSacredCow

    Used to love Feeder. Sadly, they suffer from an utterly formulaic later career.

  79. Teegan Bear

    I live in the mojee town and white RUPERT sucks

  80. SheepyPixie

    Unless you live in Boise, where it's at least bearable.

  81. Alek de Dóchas

    idaho is my least favorite place of birth.

  82. Alek de Dóchas

    But we all go to ride electronic bulls whenever we find the time.

  83. Jacopo Barberis

    No problem.

  84. f c792

    thing not think..

  85. f c792

    I agree with you with the Nirvana's similarity...I went re-listen I just wanna live and I still think that this parallel is a bit forced although now I understand what part of the song you are referring...the very beginning of the melody sounds alike but I think it's an unconscious think...sorry for any mistakes I'm not english

  86. Jacopo Barberis

    I felt uncomplete so I tried to find out similarities even in the chorus, at first only the intro and verse reminded me of something. The intro it's totally the same of smells like teen spirit bridge and the verse is like the prechorus of I just wanna live but when the voice stops the notes are taken by the guitar instead. However it's not a bad song.

  87. f c792

    I'm not gonna thumb you down just because you critizised them but honestly I really can't hear nothing of "I just wanna live" in this song. and neither of the others..even though it's true that Feeder and Foo Fighters share basically the same music genre so maybe you can get suggestionated, but the melody is totally different from that of Arlandria

  88. Jacopo Barberis

    The intro and bridge is the bridge of Smells Like Teen Spirit. The verse is the pre-chorus of I Just Wanna Live. And the chorus is Arlandria's pre-chorus mixed with Like A Rolling Stone chorus. Now I'm gonna get thumbed down because I criticized them. So I say this before, hold your insults I'm not even gonna deal with you if you comment so.

  89. Teegan Bear

    I live in Idaho nothing really cool here

  90. potatopotatopotato

    in a good way?

  91. potatopotatopotato

    just curious. why does grant and taka look so emotionless in this video? haha :O

  92. potatopotatopotato

    its been a day man.. now its got 18000

  93. Larsen988

    @aezapkh yeah if only other people knew this trck is just OMG i love it Oh Btw peeps use this to get it on your pod: bit.ly/Odg6gy?=ojdhg

  94. Xuân Đây

    omg sejuani is a feeder

  95. heavym3tal

    Speaking from Pocatello, Idaho ---> You guys rock!

  96. Hargenmyer Taintshires

    OMG yea bro! pizzaaaa!

  97. ameerhamid89

    I desperately hope that 'In all honesty' is the 4th single from this brilliant album.

  98. ameerhamid89

    Chris who?

    Just kidding ;)

  99. Badkitten94

    well.. I don't really think that people from Idaho wear cowboy hats and stuff.. The only things I know about Idaho is that it's against the law to fish on a camels back and ride merry-go-rounds on sundays.. Oh! and it's illegal to give your boyfriend/girldfriend/wife/whatever a candy-box that weight less than 50 pounds :D
    and don't forget that in Pocatello you may not be seen in public without a smile :D

  100. Oscar Canchucaja

    Good Video, Feeder is a great group.