Feeder - Figure You Out Lyrics

Hold back my racing heart
When I think of you
Somewhere deep inside
A place where dreams come true

I reached to kiss your hand
That healed an open wound
Some things can be a part
Sometimes we can't refuse

I just can't figure you out
Some things you can't explain
It feels good when you're around
I'll figure you out

An angel's voice cries out
Soothes the aches and pains
Good things come to life
As blood runs through my veins

I see you're all alone
The light is shining in
The smile and beauty beholds
Fills me with warmth within

I just can't figure you out
Some things you can't explain
It feels good when you're around
I'll figure you out

Now I wait
Sitting here in the dark
Now I have a chance
A better life
A brand new start
Brand new start

It feels good when you're around
I just can't figure you out
I just can't figure you out
Some things I can't explain
It feels good when you're around
I'll figure you out

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Feeder Figure You Out Comments
  1. Rendy Syahdan

    Great music and great video👏👏👏

  2. Rippa Soundingz

    Taka is a wetboy! Taka is a wetboy! Nah nah nah nahhh!

  3. Matt Stanford


  4. Say Roseanna

    The break obviously did them the world of good: Since 'All Bright Electric' they sound rejuvenated and better than ever. Grant's writing has hit a new peak and he's found a way to work his mature voice into the music. 'All Bright...' is there most consistent album since 'Yesterday...'

  5. Страж Га'Хуула

    You guys are awesome! Are you going to have a trip to Russia some day?

  6. Danno

    Great tune! 👍

  7. The fernan De leon

    Bery good

  8. Jony

    normaly I listen to 5FDP and stuff like thies but I have to say thies sounds really nice

  9. Gratt Gbs

    Fuck you

  10. Lu-lu Murillo

    I want the lyrics

  11. Thomas McAndrew

    Love it!!!! Really looking forward to the Best Of tour

  12. Adryan Santos

    Ótima música 🤘
    Abraço do Brasil

  13. romi peri

    that's amazing!

  14. Lu-lu Murillo

    A masterpiece

  15. Hamid Mirzajani

    Gay gay sissy boys

  16. Pat Phelan

    Royal Blood ? Figure it out , Figure you out??

  17. camilo12ish

    0:04 song?

    Dav ide

    camilo12ish It's "Veins" by Feeder

  18. Andrew Pickering

    this was filmed right near where I live, totally brilliant

  19. bd6480

    Said it before but this is an utterly fantastic song. Gotta love feeder.

  20. marina lima

    Muito bom

  21. Сергей Клюкин

    Неплохо :)

  22. James Roberts

    my mate was in this

    Евгений Жалнер

    my old house was in this :)

  23. PaulAlan Cornelius

    My ex wife could not figure me out.😂😎

    Gee Emm

    Nor could BOTH of mine.

  24. 1227 Conway

    Fuckin Feeder..... yeahhhhhhhhjjj

  25. ajkirkman

    Great place to film a video, beautiful scenery of Rivington and great music to go with it!

  26. Sarah Keeping

    Loved this when I heard it at the album launch. Been listening on repeat. Can't wait for the tour in March ❤

  27. Idler's Dream

    Excellent video guys, great idea to involve fans. This song & all others on Arrow are so feel good, it's a joy to listen to!

  28. Bella Flores

    beautiful, always beautiful.... THANK YOU FEEDER <3

  29. Dav ide

    Awesome video! I really love it. I love all the colours and the Idea of doing this with fans has been wonderful! The smiles in the end of video are so beautiful, I think it's one of the most beautiful video by Feeder:)
    Come to italy, please!


    Dav ide

  30. Harry

    Another great unique video for a great unique song

  31. Steve Price

    Great video guys... real nice story!
    I'm campaigning to get CC and Tommy in the next one though! 👏👏

  32. mnemos

    Can't beat a good walking video!

  33. MasanariOha

    Feeder, I love your music. Fuji Rock Festival 2018 !!!

  34. Ashkan92

    That was heartwarming! A great song fitting of a great collective video!

  35. GreyHart

    Delighted to have been involved with this project. Massive thank you to Feeder for letting me be involved and an amazing job to those who filmed and edited it. Incredible...

  36. Dennis Fang

    Best video we’ve had in years

    lord geoffrey

    absouloute shit, no attitude, no energy. looks like a fucking jacamo advert


    lord geoffrey Hi Geoffrey,
    Firstly, I may be a fat bitch, but I’m not a faceless wimp hiding behind a keyboard with threats of facial spitting and whipping out abuse whenever I can. If Feeder released a rap album, I’d give it a listen and likely swerve it and not listen to it again, much the same as I did with Weezer’s recent effort, a band that is a favourite of mine. Echo Park and Renegades are by far my favourite albums by Feeder and I’m not too into the radio friendly sound of Pushing the Senses, but the mini album on the Best Of is very solid, seeing as they wrote and recorded it whilst on the road. As for this song, it’s a palpable and solid indie track that has that anthemic touch that Feeder are well known for, and the video is a standard uplifting story. I had a lot of fun shooting the video and it’s nabbed me an interview with Grant, so I’ll be sure to mention your obviously solid and well-structured thoughts on this song. It sounds like a slightly cleaner cut from Polythene so you’re obviously a Buck Rogers/Just A Day obsessed goon with nowt to say except bile. Have a nice day pal 😘

    lord geoffrey

    ok crybaby ill leave you alone


    lord geoffrey don’t remember crying, but alright fella, in a bit

  37. The Davis & Dennis Show

    Great work boys!

  38. The Davis & Dennis Show

    Omg I've been waiting for this for so long!!!