Federal Empire, The - I Never Liked Your Friends Lyrics

I wished you well
Even though you're sleeping with somebody else
You said "go to hell"
But I wonder if that's how you felt

Where'd you learn how to talk like that
You know one day you're gonna wanna take it back
I think I know who fed you all those lies

I never liked your friends
I never want to see them again
No matter how this ends
I'm never gonna try and pretend
I ever liked your friends
I never want to see them again
You know that I love you
But I never liked your friends

(I love you but I never liked...)

Where are you now
Cause I've been hearing that you're so strung out
And feeling down
Well maybe it's the company you're keeping around

Where'd you learn how to act like that
You know one day you're gonna want to change it back
I think I know who's messing with your mind

I never liked your friends
I never want to see them again
No matter how this ends
I'm never gonna try and pretend
I ever liked your friends
I never want to see them again
You know that I love you
But I never liked your friends

I never liked your friends
I never want to see them again
No matter how this ends
I'm never gonna try and pretend

I never liked your friends
I never want to see them again
No matter how this ends
I'm never gonna try and pretend
I never liked your friends
I never want to see them again
You know that I love you
But I never liked your friends

I love you but I never liked your friends
I love you but I never liked your friends

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Federal Empire, The I Never Liked Your Friends Comments
  1. shady


  2. Weston Rigsby

    The grill man is head shotting everyone with burgers

  3. Noobie WatcherZ

    Heard this song on radio recently on 107.7 the end ....thank god for pre-job driving music.

    The Federal Empire

    dude that is awesome what do you think of the video !! It was fun to make

    Noobie WatcherZ

    @The Federal Empire 1:27 blue shirt guy sticks out the most to me. It's pretty funny.

  4. Michelle Sigwerth

    This video 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏

    The Federal Empire

    fun right !!

  5. Guvner Gaming

    99 people like your friends

  6. Hell Penguin

    Came on the radio an hour ago and heard it for the first time. Not many songs that get me singing along when I haven't even heard them before. :)

    The Federal Empire

    that's massive !!! Please come to one of the live shows we have

    Hell Penguin

    Hope I get the chance to at some point. Been loving the music so far.

  7. Enoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani

    When Tame Impala and Lovely The Band has. A baby


    that's awesome thank you can we use that when we describe the band

    Enoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani

    @CarolinaLiarOnline give me your facebook to become us friends :)


    @Enoc Raul Villavicencio Huamani the federal empire or carolina liar

  8. Bob Bryar

    Saw them perform last night opening for Palaye Royale in Saint Louis, y’all did great.

    The Federal Empire

    right on we are gonna be back that was soon. Wanna join us ?

  9. MarcSkeetMarc

    Just saw them in Chicago. They put on a hell of a fucking show!!!

    The Federal Empire

    right on !! That was a crazy night !

  10. Greyson Ashby

    I saw y'all at milwaukee for fm 102.1 you were way better than the angels and almost as good as cage the elephant, keep it up.

    The Federal Empire

    Thank you !! Come and join us for some more shows !!!

  11. Brice Marchant

    I think my favorite part is the dudes face @ 1:28

  12. Mika Moon

    ROFL!!!! Team Jacob!!! That punch!!!!!!

    The Federal Empire

    Right dudes going for full power

  13. Mika Moon

    Ohhh I'm in love with this song!!!!!!

    The Federal Empire

    come see us live !!!!!!


    Isn't that the guy from twilight?



  15. Adraido

    Is that the lead from Dragonforce?

  16. R a B B I T

    Great video, really caught my attention. The song to match!

    The Federal Empire

    thank you

  17. Hiraghm

    Good party...


    great party

    The Federal Empire

    the best kinda party

  18. NO NVM3 NO NVM3

    great voice Great song:) I Really like this🔥

    The Federal Empire

    come to one of the live shows

  19. Patrick Grimm

    Figure what type of label you are sumerian.i mean at least somewhat try, don't just aim to RISE above the rest...

  20. HashBrown Doyler

    underrated song

    The Federal Empire

    thanks we are really charting now too!! It's amazing and thank you for finding us !

  21. Felix Rivera

    lmao same dancing guy from the Allen Farben video

  22. descendantsjay lover25

    Birthday party gone wrong lol.

    The Federal Empire

    So right !

  23. Rodrigo Castro

    i loled

  24. Edu Shinoda

    Nice song! Sonando en Radio Doble nueve, Lima-Perú

  25. Declan Welsh

    Radio DOBLE NUEVE. Lima Perú.

  26. Randy Keyser

    Tell me what I’m looking for I should’ve asked you earlier I always wondered what happened to you I like the video to great job!!


    thank you

  27. Cirilo Cheryl

    Suena en Radio Doble 9
    Lima Peru!

    Max Griffin

    Sabes xd

    Edward Sanchez

    Cirilo Cheryl venía por tu comentario hermano

  28. Sleep_Paralysis_King

    So far from, from what songs ive heard, this band doesnt make a bad song.


    right on

  29. Tiffany Alvord

    So good!! So amazing!!!

  30. Roger Goza

    This video is great

  31. Clint Beasthood

    What the hell happened to this label? Jesus.
    This label has gone down the drain fast.

    The Federal Empire

    Where does the drain take us though..... if we can get to the ocean and make it a beach get away I'll take that ... right ?

  32. Max Matthews

    Should I unfollow Sumerian?


    I promise they still have cool music too

  33. DaLyn Bauman


    The Federal Empire

    Does this mean the track is fire or should we burn it and start over ? Asking for a friend

  34. AJRiot17

    Never have i related to a song more

    The Federal Empire

    right share that story it will free you !!!!!! :) thank you for finding us

  35. PassiveGuy

    Шо? А почему так мало просмотров?
    Американское быдло охуело пропускать релизы ноунеймов?

  36. TheBestProxy

    1.5times speed

  37. Forside


  38. Jared The Silent Destroyer

    I lost it with laughter after the crowd started fighting each other.

  39. Isabella Archer

    Love this band. Love this song. Love this video

  40. God World

    Хах, забавно😅😄

  41. Cali John

    This could be song by so many people that relate. It will also bring up the question while you are singing it, "Do you really feel this way?"

  42. PSN: mike_dropped

    Anyone who can't relate to this song means they're the asshole friends. Great video for a great song!

  43. Гавриил Резонов

    Где перевод этой песни?

  44. Senior Ordenanza

    So it seems Vic has been having a hell of a time between making albums with The Relentless

  45. Daniel Walker

    Yeah, like that guy would waste cake.

    The Federal Empire

    that caked was always meant for me !!! Thanks for finding us

  46. Daniel Garcia

    Nice shoutout to Stirling🤘🏼

  47. Andi N.

    hahaha GET IT GIRL!!! <3 Now That is what I call giving someone a king-size grillin'!! :))

  48. Robert Keating

    I loved it guys keep up the hard work and congrats on the new deal

  49. Devin Low

    4:40 Lindsey Stirling goes full beast mode.

    Deyalit Mercedes

    It was Lindsey??? O.O

    Total Playlists

    @Deyalit Mercedes Maybe, but maybe not, it was a bit hard to tell, it could have been though.

  50. Nils Stewart

    My dad stunt coordinato it and my brother is in it and I am in it it is a really cool song

  51. iknowyouarebutwhatami

    Once again Sumerian...what in the fuck are you doing? Fuckin shame.

  52. Daniel Walker

    Love you guys!! Great music as always, Love seeing you with a record label. Wishing you the best!

  53. RetroGame Crusader

    I like it.

  54. Shayke Speeer

    LOVE IT!

  55. jose jose

    Sumerian y Federal...la van a liar parda!!!
    Ya ha empezado en vídeo, estáis preparados???
    Bravo Chad & company

  56. Austin Engemann

    Haha I dig it! I'm always down for some good ol' metalcore to break stuff to... but not gonna lie, I love this

  57. Anna N. Miller

    Andrea is my queen!!! Amazing

  58. Carling Music

    I really like the part about not liking friends!

    PSN: mike_dropped

    So....the whole song then?


    Too funny! Big boy was getting dowwwwwwn!

  60. Parker Edwards

    Such. A. Hit.

  61. cubworld

    Yeah buddy! Federal Empire!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Gavin Rudolph

    Absolutely love it!


    It's not terrible, so that's good but It's not really Sumerian Records style....hmm idk I kinda like it I guess



  65. Scott Morgan

    You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  66. Steve Fury

    Has an old school feel to it, I like it

  67. Ivã Reis Pereira de Morais

    Hahaha! I've never seen Lindsey Stirling getting angry. 🤣

    The Federal Empire

    straight up cooked a dude

  68. kieron birkett

    The fat guy tho made my day 👍👍

    Scott Morgan

    kieron birkett vlogs That’s Dave Child. https://youtu.be/cRy2qWpRJfc

    Rodrigo Castro

    i'd love to befriend the fat guy in the party hat

    Sugarcane Baby

    Id dance with him lol

  69. Al Psahir

    WTF is this?

  70. Dorcha Solas

    Cringe records :S

    Phillip McLeod

    cringe metal elitists like you

  71. Kaylee Headrick

    Two words: American Satan

  72. Bruno Araújo

    Not a great music (not that bad also), but the video is awesome! lol

  73. Anthony Man

    This is a band that would be much better received on a different label. Danny Worsnop's solo music sounds like this, but at least he won't get crapped on for it because he's in Asking Alexandria. It HAS to be released on this label. It's like that scene from Mean Girls where this band is the girl crying about being friends with everyone else and wishing for unicorns and rainbows, and Sumerian's Fanbase is the gay guy who yells "She doesn't even go here!" Sorry guys. You don't belong here.

  74. Pav B

    *insert meme: what the hell is this *

  75. Michael Monka

    Very summer vibe.

  76. Jon Villalpando

    Cooooooool <3

  77. Tarmo Tyyri

    So much vocals processing / auto-tuning makes me sick.

    Phillip McLeod

    what a weak snowflake

    Phillip McLeod

    @A looks like we got another triggered troll

  78. upstateFPV

    Seriously sumerian records. You represent real talent!! So wtf is this garbage doing in your label? From born of Osiris to this... Today has become a bad day indeed

    Avenue Teal

    It's called broadening horizons. Like Hopeless Records signing Dying in Designer, an Emo rapper

  79. イチゴみるく


  80. Bart

    jajaja great song

  81. Ali Sage

    Booboo Stewart?

  82. Matthew Delphia

    no. just say no.

  83. Teon

    What the fuck is this

  84. The Kim In The North

    O dear o dear o dear....
    What have you brought upon this cursed land????

  85. jake callahan

    What is that thing the singer is holding and moving his hand around on?


    It's a vintage cake stopper from Japan it has no other purpose.

  86. Yagami Light

    very cool!

  87. Maria Paula Acosta

    this is awesome

  88. TrxshMan

    That was nice, video was pretty sick too

  89. Demir Resic

    Good song to play when you flake or bail

  90. liz s.s

    I really like this music video

  91. Rennan Seven

    Vic - American Satan ❤️

  92. Sanfilippo Angelo

    Super video good

  93. ViceofSLP

    looks like ash is going broke

  94. Junior Santos


  95. Morgan Paviol

    Its its um um Booboo Stewart

  96. Abi Paige

    Omfh this vid and the lyrics are fucking awesome

  97. The_OG_Smith

    I dig it.