Federal Empire, The - Glory Days Lyrics

All of my life I've been in this fight
Killing myself just to find the light
And telling myself everyday I wake
That sacrifice is the price I pay

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Watching my time always slip away
Losing my money and my mind today
Struggle so hard, never sleep at night
Chasing these dreams just to stay alive

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

I spent blood, sweat, tears and pain
Waiting so long for the glory days
Slave my life away
Working so hard for the glory days

Hearing these voices feeding my fears
My worst enemy is in the mirror
Telling me quit but I won't cave
Until my name's written on my grave

Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

I spent blood, sweat tears and pain
Waiting so long for the glory days
Slave my life away
Working so hard for the glory days

Working so hard for the glory days
Working so hard for the glory days

I spent blood, sweat tears and pain
Waiting so long for the glory days
Slave my life away
Working so hard for the glory days

Working so hard for the glory days
Working so hard for the glory days

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Federal Empire, The Glory Days Comments
  1. [ Ultravlad]

    awesome song

  2. Ashley Masha

    The best song, do a music white me

  3. Troy van Diepen

    Just amazing😍

  4. Fauzan Adhzima

    Go to borneo

  5. Random Listener

    Song is extremely good and got something what makes me bring back to life in work. Thanks for that 👀👌. Big fan from Poland.
    PS : Idea of game was good but the game performance was underdeveloped as we would expect. This is just an old game, new games are being made, or the same with new graphics and a different plot.
    Of course, the old games that are still playing are Legends.

  6. odw1n

    Did EA killed the band aswell?

    The Federal Empire

    nah we've got a song in the top 30 on Alt radio across the country check out the rest of our songs please!!!
    and thanks for checking our page

  7. Hoàng Linh Nguyễn

    FOund this song by accident. Best accident ever

    The Federal Empire

    right on ! How did you find us

    Hoàng Linh Nguyễn

    @The Federal Empire through Youtube recommendation. It was by chance I think. Still, this song is great.

  8. Tania Poppitz

    Your so good

    The Federal Empire

    thank you! Are you able to come to any of our live shows in the states

  9. Dr. Medic

    Guy in the thumbnail be like: I grinded for this view.

    The Federal Empire

    that's the truth the grind is real!!

    Dr. Medic

    @The Federal Empire
    Awesome! I got responded to!
    Do I start keeping count now?
    I see all the cool kids on twitter keeping a list of what celebrities responded to them...
    Thank you Federal Empire, very cool!

    The Federal Empire

    @Dr. Medic yes !! Get into that party, pour yourself a beverage ,take your shoes off , and relax.

    Dr. Medic

    @The Federal Empire Praise be!
    Good luck, it's arguably harder to get discovered nowadays because radio is dying.
    But you hit it off by getting in the command and conquer trailer (despite the game being bad imo).
    I'm just curious, did they give you a chance to play Command and Conquer Rivals early?

  10. Syed Hassan


    The Federal Empire

    thank you!! Have you heard the rest of our music ?https://open.spotify.com/artist/4PjHNisXpQqSDXOJBFRK8p?si=ShBlvdQUSzGF2IEmGhVT0g

  11. wick Kini

    Who's here from D.dobrik😂

    The Federal Empire

    Did he use glory days too? That dude is a KING !!!!

  12. Ally Brown

    I love Chad Wolf and I loved Carolina Liar, so of course I love his new sound too.

    The Federal Empire

    Sending love back to you !!!!! Thank you . Are you coming to any of our live shows this year?

    Ally Brown

    Cant spend money on anything but the necessities currently!! Wish I could tho! ❤️

  13. Emmanuel Perez

    Fuck you CNC Rivals i dont like you

  14. shadowgames

    I only recently discovered this but i love it ^^


    glad you found us

  15. Daniela Gomez

    He gives me Boy Epic vibe


    is that good I hope so !!!

  16. Dramislav

    Ending school be like...

  17. Elián

    We will, we will r... ah wrong song

  18. antitroller101

    Now if this was used for something like a original C&C reboot, this song would be beyond fitting :3

    The Federal Empire

    lets make that happen !!!

  19. Randy Harbison

    Carolina liar old lead singer?


    you know it !!!!!

  20. GhostAssassin

    this has the same calp beat of the minecraft parody hacker

  21. ohbloodyhell_man alphadog756

    U got to ad the music

    The Federal Empire

    have you heard our other songs ?

  22. Gemk Mem kof

    Command&Conquer 🔱

  23. Ryan Canela Brandão

    Where the hell am i living ? THIS IS GOLD , greetings from Brazil !


    i like gold !!!

  24. ananda gabrielle



    love to you

  25. CrookFumDaBrook YT

    Who came here from the FNAS 4 DLC Reborn

  26. Official_wesley

    All of my life
    I've been in this fight
    Killing myself
    Just the find the light
    Telling myself
    Everyday I wake
    That sacriface
    Is the price I pay
    Oh, yeah
    Oh, yeah
    Watching my time
    Always slip away
    Losin my money
    And my mind today
    Struggle so hard
    Never sleep at nigth
    Chasin' these dreams
    Just to stay alive
    Oh, yeah
    Oh, yeah
    l spent
    Blood, sweat tears and pain
    Waiting so long for the glory days
    Slave my life away
    Working so hard for the glory days
    Hearing these voices feeding my fears
    My worst enemy is in the mirror
    Telling me to quit but I won't cave
    Until my name's written on my grave
    Oh, yeah
    Oh, yeah
    l spent
    Blood, sweat tears and pain
    Waiting so long for the glory days
    Slave my life away
    Working so hard for the glory days
    Working so hard for the glory days
    Working so hard for the glory days
    l spent
    Blood, sweat tears and pain
    Waiting so long for the glory days
    Slave my life away
    Working so hard for the glory days
    Working so hard for the glory days
    Working so hard for the glory days


    truth right ?

  27. Spoon

    Rivals isn't the C&C we expected, but honestly it's really decent for a mobile RTS, atleast better than the last two C&C games.

    Chengyun Ma

    Spoon You means Twilight and RA3?


    First one is C&C4, but what is the other one?

  28. Farhan Ashraf

    Are donking kong have nice game Beliver f*ckk altrom are should

  29. В. Е. К.

    Мне нравится. От этой песни хочется жить!)))

  30. Julia Pereira Haendchen


  31. Toh Phimmasenh

    Hey guys i want to use one of your old songs "show me what i'm looking for" on my facebook. i need the permission from you. what do i do? the song is so beautiful that i dont want to change it, thanks


    go for it sorry i didn't see this sooner

  32. Locus x Brute

    Tbh rivals just ruined the series to the ground but really c&c started dying from tiberium twilight


    It really started even before that.

  33. ANONIM A.

    why haven't I heard from you before ? this song is a masterpiece! greetings from Russia )


    thank you

  34. BiliBoom

    i miss carolina lair


    Im right here

  35. Ashley James

    Man this is a good song! I love listening to this when I'm going for a run, really pumps up my speed. Love from India 💚


    good we like to keep are friends healthy and alive !!!!

  36. Sky the EXEhedgehog / fnafRULZ

    Who else is here from Five Nights at Sonic’s 4 DLC reborn


    Sky the EXEhedgehog / fnafRULZ, I’m here from command and conquer Rivals


    Same dude

  37. Knowledge

    100% underrated


    just building !! thanks for finding us

  38. Leonardo Gomes

    vlw gui

  39. llecmaerd

    Thank you, nasty game! Very cool!

  40. Tse Jacob

    I don't get why Command and Conquer Rivals get so much hate.Yes,I know it's been a long while since the last major C&C has been released (or even destroyed Westwood). Although the scale and the way how they executed isn't anywhere like on PC, it's still good enough to have something fresh on the series and mostly an original idea game on mobile market.Besides, it's a very fun,fast paced, strategic game (even though top ranks are dominated by P2Ws) and you really should give it a try before bashing it using the name of C&C Veterans.


    That's not C&C. C&C means PC.

  41. Aten Industries

    Strange that so many people only got introduced to this through C&C Rivals.. as did I. Amazing song tho, one of my favorites now! :D


    thanks for finding us

  42. Waseemb8

    This is a banger Need more of this


    we all need more

  43. VictorZzz Zz

    Very good ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  44. • senhora jeon •

    *_UAU ♡_*

  45. Bea

    muito fodaa

  46. Melina Cruz

    Carolina Liar😍


    thats me

  47. XxCrossingzProjectz_OfficialxX

    It's for FNaF 4 or FNaF SL


    2:33 owo

  48. Valdemar Krüth

    and that game is Five Nights At Sonics: 4 DLC


    C&C Rivals

  49. Valdemar Krüth

    good song and just for a traller for a horro game

  50. Cerena Yates

    Radar developer used your song in his game

  51. Hana Ko

    queen, have not heard

  52. Slu5hy

    I want a new song can’t wait


    new one is coming this week

  53. S S

    My childhood MURDERED!!!!

  54. Fnafboy 1000

    Who came here from the fnas 4 reborn DLC trailer? 2:33 that’s the part


    Im coming from Command & Conquer Rivals.... Shit Game, damn ur lucky with yours


    I did owo

  55. SensationChaser

    Estupendo !!!!!

  56. Future hero

    I actually played that game and it was great the same command and conquer


    You're new to the franchise, then.

  57. Benthehitman32

    My new favorite song Go Blue

  58. Future hero

    Now that's how you make command and conquer great again

    tRonald Dump

    fuck off EA shill


    Yeah. Too bad there's no actual game to attach this song to. Rivals? Don't kid me.
    Even CNC4 only had Nod soundtrack being decent, rest just doesn't exist.

  59. Афанасий Иванов

    Эпичная песня!! (I from Russia)

  60. HESSEL538

    Press f to pay pay respect


    RIP CNC.

  61. Amy Fridley

    First Command & Conquer: Rivals, Now FNaS 4 DLC.

  62. GHOSTDR44

    TFE! When you coming back to Arizona?!


    tomorrow night !!!! Van Buren

  63. Martin Hrnčiřík

    Need lyrics video :D


    did you find them

  64. Jim Sroka

    Honestly you guys are better live verse all the auto-tune bullcrap


    thank you

  65. Vaibhav Jain

    Shame that it doesn't have million views.
    Love from India ♥️


    we can get it there !

  66. SirGecko

    Also my new favorite band and song. Greetings from Florida!


    thank you sorry didn't see this sooner

  67. SirGecko

    This would’ve been good for BFV not a garbage mobile game. EA Games, pull your crap together!

  68. onE mEmbEr studios

    Press "F" to pay respect to C&C

  69. KeybladeWXV


  70. John Arbuckle

    *Can't spell death without EA*

  71. Ali C.

    If there is a song that best describes Command and Conquer these days, this is it.

    You had one job, EA! *ONE JOB!*

    Mugiwara Darwin

    EA: I didn't get the memo, Kane-san, I am a-sorry!


    @Mugiwara Darwin *skeptical Kane*

  72. heckelsum

    This song will explode.

  73. Sergeant Arch Dornan

    Glory days for c&c have passed... F

  74. Kacper Badura

    This song perfectly represents the Death of a Great franchise by the hands of GREEDY company.


    still grateful for you stopping by

  75. SirGecko

    EA Games brought me here

  76. Vasu Vardhan

    Guys waiting for your new song. Make it 😍


    new one is coming out this week !! Subscribe to us on Spotify

  77. Douglas McConnell

    Love lyrics,beat great work Guys !!!

  78. Александр А


  79. Χρήστος ο ΚΑΚΟΥΛΗΣ

    This song is so fucking good that it made C&C Rivals appear like it was an amazing game

  80. André Mekaro

    Use this song while im studying. . And it work so well~~ Thank you for creates this ☆


    thank you !! did it' help

  81. BiPolar SUnshine

    The only good thing about the new C&C is the trailer and this awesome song


    Nah, just the song.

  82. Telfar Goldbeared

    I hope you reach your glory days soon. Tho i have to say your lyrics are sooo relatable, beat is beatifull and i really think that something so epic can never hide away :D GLORY DAYS HERE YOU COME <3


    thank you we are working our butts off

  83. Simon Thai

    I'm so sorry that EA used your song for a giant piece of shit.


    Well, that was a nice bait of EA's right there.

  84. Prosniper907

    Fucking EA




  85. M Sang

    Fucking awsome music
    Fucking... just fucking game

  86. - Royaliate

    The funeral song for CnC. #RIPCnC

    DareDevil 60

    Yup #RIPCnC


    Agreed #NotMyCnC


    Forever in our hearts.

  87. Ryan West

    Here comes EA fans!

    Danny Park

    Ryan The Spoon ANTI fans, actually.

  88. Ali Alami

    Thnx EA For Show Me This Wonderful Song
    Fuck You For Shitty Game

  89. Alpha Werewolf


  90. HUNK

    A good song used for a beloved and murdered franchise...


    Ice NoMoreOppression

    yeah they re past the process of stabbing now they're twisting it and have put salt inside the wounds to make us roll in pain but i shall not fall for their little game I'm not a part of the system ,oh Im not I'm above it
    for some reason indie games that are made by devs that have way less funding and back up tend to make way better games lets say Arma< battlefield , Mount and blade < for honor....

    games and stuff

    HUNK rip

    Fnafboy 1000

    Like fnas F

  91. TheBurkGamer

    Great song, shame it was used in that abomination of C&C game.


    At least something good came out of that thing by more people getting to know the song. ;)

  92. tupe felipio

    At least one good thing came from the new Command and Conquer trailer trash - finding this song.


    I know, right?! :)

    DareDevil 60

    This is the only good thing that came from a Bad CNC trailer


    So true, man. So true.

  93. RedHaze

    Too bad this good song was used for such a trashy, souless mobile game

    Waylon Woolsey

    Well that’s how I found the song” so that was a good thing”


    Still rivals is fun game rly. They succesfully reform rts on mobile, except loot boxes

    A boy from Thailand

    The RTS had been restored, but not this game... It's the Art of war 3:global conflict created by the russian gear games studio.

    A boy from Thailand

    I played both of them and my opinion: Art of War 3 are voted to be 1st of moblie RTS Followed by Digital garbage's Redsun&Expanse RTS and finally EA C&C rival!


    Really... I discovered this on spotify ... For my goodness

  94. AwkwrdPrtMskrt

    Perhaps the only good thing about Command & Conquer: Rivals.

    Arseniy Kucha

    AwkwrdPrtMskrt have you played the Devil may cry? Fairly classical piece, loved by many. It has this iconic mc - Dante who had this badass image. Now, in the latest release of DMC his image was changed to depict a certain guy, who produced the game, making Dante to look like some whiny teenager. Imagine the frustration them fans had. The case with Kane is somewhat similar.


    Arseniy Kucha I know of DMC, and yes, Dante's new look stirred quite the storm there. But I don't think it's the same case with Kane, as he still retains the bald head, beard and moustache look.

    Arseniy Kucha

    AwkwrdPrtMskrt yes, no arguments here. But perhaps his rather zealous fans expected more polygons and love in form of dedication to the image. Shame, EA doesn't trade in love these days.


    Arseniy Kucha That I can understand.

    Alexandru Cocolici

    you are god damm right

  95. Ravindu Herath

    Command and conquer - rivals


    don't do that

    A boy from Thailand

    I kan'tta do that!
    Orca bomber

  96. tyranny

    command and conquer rivals trailer!!!!!!! had no idea that was a C & C game until they said it at the end, i must've missed it, and that was a bit of a shock as the older games were my childhood. cant say im too happy about how it looks now but, what can you do. good trailer, though



    CNC: R sucks bro

  97. G Todd

    Heard this after the Caps won the Stanley Cup.. great song!!

  98. Y Marina