Fear Factory - Slave Labor Lyrics

My chains are paper thin, and they're welded with ink
Sealed inside a legal trap, so tight blood don't leak
A contract with the devil for a life of disdain
See me in the limelight, an indentured slave

I blame myself

God, help me pour this gas on me
I need to drown in flames to be free
Help me pour this gas on me
Help me pour this gas on me

God help me pour this gas on me [x4]

Choke another product for the mass to consume
The flocks of mindless sheep that have been corporately groomed
Ignorance through apathy like drones in the hive
A slave on the prayer wheel in conformed disguise

I blame myself

God, help me pour this gas on me
I need to drown in flames to be free
Help me pour this gas on me
Help me pour this gas on me

I sold my soul [x11]

God, help me pour this gas on me
I need to drown in flames to be free
Help me pour this gas on me
Help me pour, this gas on me

God help me pour this gas on me [x4]

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Fear Factory Slave Labor Comments
  1. Sebastian Barrera

    spotify NOW!!

  2. Wolfman Roy

    The truest Godly people are more than likely Satanists because even Jesus Christ was mistaken as the Devil due to his hatred for established spiritual and government authorities and money guzzling uncaring religions and the Revelation of John practically says Jesus Diablo ain't yo savior no mo! Love your enemies kids... Until I come back and beat them senseless with my irony rod of hope and freedom! Mwahahahahaaaahahaaahaaajajajaaa!

  3. Ryan Norman

    God help me poor this gas on me!!!! Fucjkkkkkkm

  4. i m m x r t a l

    My mix literally has filthy frank rapping absurd porn titles

  5. Tony

    Workers who made your iPhone...suicided...

  6. surgedfactor

    put it at 1.25x speed and it sounds like a pantera song lmao

  7. Robo 55

    One of their better albums
    And we all have sold our souls
    So stop whining about it

  8. MelinaDesireé Bondaz

    Love it! ImI

  9. rod rod

    Everytime dude next door used to cranck up some horrible music I put my 2 studio monitors 110w rms each on the window and blast archetype for around 30/40min, or till the whole neighborhood get silent, lots of fun, see... I need silence...Archsilence

  10. MethodoneOfficial

    Spotify needs to FUCKING add this album!

  11. The End Of The F***ing World

    Why the fuck isn’t this on iTunes

  12. Herschel Walker

    Some may disagree, but Descent is the hardest song they've ever wrote, listen closely.

  13. Ivan Nikolov

    Not sure if I like Christian more on bass or guitar. Great musician

  14. Jackie Yoshi

    PISSED OFF! Imma blast this till I calm down.

  15. LucasShu Meh

    When I play this song with
    The 80’s action hero I at least
    Have 66 kills

  16. Víctor Fortress


  17. Anderson Silva

    Selling clean vocals burton a few minutes later...I'M RICH!

  18. Kyle Machart

    I ll take one entire Archetype album on spotify please

  19. Blickmin75

    I've sold my soul...

  20. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    I just realized the feet are in the position Jesus' were on the cross.

  21. Ruben Villanueva carrasco

    Muy buenos

  22. Demonic Pic Grinder

    My fave album since soul of a new machine. Still a mega fan . On the metallica World magnetic tour Melbourne had Lamb of god supporting which I did appreciate. And I think it was Sydney that got fear factory . I really was shattered we didn't get fear factory. As I needed to hear Archetype and corporate cloning live . the machine gun drums live would of been titanic.

  23. Kowabunga US

    Why isn’t this album available on any streaming services?

  24. Alessandro Bernardi

    Playing this on your way to work makes you really think about your own life...


    This is hard AF

  26. Curtis Reeves

    2019! Third degree burns don’t stop me from loving this song

    Mitchell Kelly

    Think of it as being forged in fire, like something from FF

  27. the SUBMARINES

    I have a tattoo of a skeleton burning in flames and i give credit to this song here FF

  28. Cynik

    Fear Factory + old Sepultura with Max + old Machine Head

  29. J Swagner

    God damn it’s a shame that this album basically got deleted. There’s some good fucking tracks.

  30. TimberWolvesX X

    I blame myself

  31. GhostComputer1997

    Holy shit..

  32. 21innocentbystander

    This song is just nuts.

  33. Lukáš Šulek


  34. casperado666

    Next song bros:
    you're welcome

  35. Marco P.

    Test song

  36. Andreas Pölsterl

    God help me pour this gas on me!!!!!!

  37. Jesus Savior

    dont take my comment down ever again say sorry

  38. Jesus Savior


  39. Justin Nehls

    She wolf from megadeth has same intro

  40. nivel hacramate

    biaaaaaaaaaatch :D

  41. weather Less

    "Slave Labor" contains references to the self-immolation of a person against the corporate world, e.g. Kathy Change."Cyberwaste" contains references to anonymous Internet users who express haughty opinions only because they are "safe behind the cyberscreen".[3]The title track "Archetype" is directed at then ex-guitarist Dino Cazares: "The infection has been removed/The soul of this machine has improved." Frontman Burton C. Bell has said in an interview that "'Archetype,' defines what Fear Factory is, completely. It has classic Fear Factory parts, and the heavy/melodic vocals, but without being forced or contrived.

    "Bite the Hand That Bleeds" was used in the film Saw and the music video is a bonus feature on one of the versions of the DVD."Slave Labor" is featured on UFC: Ultimate Beat Downs, Vol. 1.The album and its title song are referenced in the game Fallout 3 on one of the terminals, where a certain "B. Bell" reports on a terminal that the virus on the "Archetype FF06" mainframe has been cleaned, and that "the infection has been removed, the soul of this machine has improved".A remixed version of the song was featured on the soundtrack to OVA Galerians: Rion.

  42. JohnACorp782

    "The best song you'll ever hear.". That's one bullshit description. A good track nonetheless, but best? Not even close.

  43. Jasmine Rodriquez

    My mothers ex got me into this shit. Still listening in 2019. 🤘🏼


    Hello c:

    jake rudi

    Did u fuck him :) sounds like a standup guy lol 👌👌👌💋🌹

  44. Jesus Savior


  45. MedPoly

    Any1 noticed its kinda similar to state of decay ost-Armageddon ?

  46. Jason Good


  47. William

    1993 I first heard their Fear is the Mindkiller EP and been a fan ever since. 🤘🏼🎸😈😎

  48. Necros1s

    i'll never forget the first time i heard this. i was BLOWN away! so fucking brutal

  49. NeverGiveUp

    This is one of my most fave songs in metal ever. Love it so much!!

  50. J. Vinton

    This whole song is killer, but I really love that synth intro. Damn good tune

  51. Fernando Sandoval

    Que buen intro 🤘

  52. The Man

    brutal thrash speed industrial metal; cousin to sepultura and nephew to ministry

  53. ArcFlash 64

    This song hits so fuckin hard, it's a shame the band doesn't acknowledge its existence.

  54. gimilkhad16

    Slave Labor is forever ingrained in my subconscious since 2004. It's always there, lurking in the back of my mind, waiting to assault a steering wheel, a desk, whatever my idle hands come in contact with.

  55. Venim1ceblade

    Eric Lillibridge brought me here 💪

  56. shamrock32

    Anybody else hear the riff from Megadeth's "She Wolf"? Both songs are great but just something I noticed....

  57. AmateurSuperFan

    I listen to this song every single day before and after work as I slave away my life to sell my soul for stones (money), powers me to be able to withstand it (for now)

  58. Nicholas Ward

    One of the best drummers ever.

  59. Christoph Rydzewski

    7 days a week one arm i am a slave labor!

  60. W i s h m a s t e r

    The song that made this band my favorite

  61. Keith Naranjo

    ashamed to admit this is my first time hearing this song but damn it's good

  62. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    Good music never gets old

  63. Logan Gerhard

    I’m a God Reaper in comp with this song


    Fear Factory and Overwatch all day!

  64. Bastardrant

    I feel like he’s telling me how to remedy this parole problem. Gasoline. So if you pored it on problem salved. Ya to be free! Prison doesn’t correct you. Before no gas. Now pour it and light that. What? dam man it’s 84717 now fuck off

  65. Jessica wise

    Awesome song

  66. Daniel Caldwell

    Hardcore sick heavy song fuck yeah!

  67. Niknarg

    Fuck RoadRunner

  68. Miloš Đorić

    sickest drop ever

  69. EviLLivE Clan

    This has to be about marriage.

  70. Rapser

    Instant headbang : 0:10

  71. Samuel Overs

    I love this band so much

  72. Luis Barrera

    Interesting way to make this song sound nihilistic and suicidal when its actually a song abouy standing up and take responsibility by waking up the internal fires of willpower. Well played Fear Factory. Well played.

  73. Lil Scabby Mane

    Lame band

  74. moic G

    I love this song!

  75. Golbrund Volke

    If you turn the speed down its heavier

    thetbeast 3

    Holy shit it sounds like deathcore at .5 speed!!!

    Derek Fletcher

    I can't on mobile, anyone wanna link me? I've been listening to this song since it debuted and I'd love to hear it even heavier!

  76. whatroads4x4

    when i first hear this song was more than ten years and over the years ive listened to alot metal and i gotta say
    this song is by far one of the heaviest songs ive heard,!

  77. XenoKiller88 _CM_

    This makes me wanna pour gas in my eyes again! (Headbands intensely)

  78. Digital X

    Great album!

  79. YTazzkickr01

    Best song to listen before going to work a fukin' sunday. I hate my life so much...


    lmao, it's sunday and I'm going to work in a bit. randomly saw this comment haha, but hey life's a garden...dig it

    Chris jT

    Hey, try going to work Saturday....I have Sunday and Tuesdays off ughhh. No weekends.

    Fernando Luiz

    Dog day sunrise

    Xzavier Cutts

    Literally me right now. And i couldn't agree more

    Jon Iwanyszyn

    Rob a bank. O wait that kind of thing is impossible now because of all the tech that that band sings about.

  80. Tron_23

    Bizarre that this album isn't on spotify or Amazon music

  81. J. Vinton

    That intro keyboard gives me goosebumps.

  82. Neal Heimer

    I blame myself.

  83. Jesse G

    I wonder if the lyrics are a reference to that monk that immolated himself out of protest?

  84. Ryan

    Senior year on an airplane I was jamming out to this song. Got a little carried away and sang just a little too loud. Hahah

  85. Dominik Wiśniewski

    That doublebass



  86. nbaker8513

    Apparently 76 people have their panties in a bunch.

  87. Peter Pimmelmann

    The kind of song that makes you think about your place in life

  88. jordy molnar

    if this shit won't make you feel then I don't know what else will.

  89. Becky grosskopf

    why is everyone talking about Walmart??? Thought this was about their record label

    Matthew Howard

    Kim H LMMFAO

  90. Chad Hanks

    The music still kicks ass!!!

  91. Chad Hanks

    Sold my soul? LOL Those lyrics suck

    20Nick Ponce De Leon

    Chad Hanks shut up

  92. Chad Hanks

    God. Help me pour this gasoline. I"m sure you can atleast do that? Wait who?

  93. Chad Hanks

    All i can say is holy shit.

  94. Jason Colvin

    met Burton after the show last year my jaw dropped when he came over

  95. aaf1218

    Best song ever!

  96. Faust

    This song make me feel like I'm in the city it's mid night and hunting vampires!