Fear Factory - Shock Lyrics

Welcome to my world
Headfirst to the Earth
With my sights on the goddamned kill switch
I've become a fuse
Charged with attitude
Fixed and dialated by my anger
I have become a direct
I have become a current
I have become a direct
I have become insurgent
I will be the power surge
Shock to the system
Electrified, amplified
Shock to the system
Alternate to the wires
Heat my core desire
I will not stand for condemnation
I've become the volts
To lead the revolt
Fuck with me ensues danger
I have become a direct
I have become a current
I have become a direct
I have become insurgent
I will be the power surge
Shock to the system
Electrified, amplified
Shock to the system
I am the power surge
I am the insurgent
Electrified, amplified
Electrified, amplified

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Fear Factory Shock Comments
  1. MattBlakk Guitar24.7

    Most brutal song about someone poppin you with some static I've ever heard

  2. Icyn

    Wish I could hear this song for the first time again. When that first "SHOOCK" hit mixed with the bass I felt like my head exploded

  3. Chance Topp

    2019 and yet this is still probably one of the better bands

    Robbie Johnson

    No probability, they are!!

  4. Jake Grafxtitan

    Hardest hittin song ever made.

  5. Stugots666x


  6. surged


  7. Jman9999 Brett

    Shit shock

  8. Lemmy Winks

    Me in traffic

  9. Leon Mumford


  10. Billy Jenkins

    about the path to the dark side?

  11. sean cairns

    Just recently rediscovered this, it's as mean as i remember

  12. Gregory Brown

    I really love this song!!👍👍

  13. Slappy White

    This is my entrance song. My last name is pronounced shock and im an electrician... SHAAK! and i come walkin in like macho man randy savage. Hes a bad mutha shut yo mouth.

  14. Justin C

    I actually first heard this song on Stickdeath if anyone remembers that website lol

  15. Misheard Lyrics


  16. Akhamesh


  17. Irma Vep

    Found this song from a old stickdeath video of the super beast killing a cop.

  18. Eva M

    This album makes me think of the Terminator. Love it

  19. Eva M

    This band lead me to faster, darker, speed metal. Love these guys! They're a mix of industrial and badass metal. I schooled my baby Bros on this album esp.

  20. Anthony Starke

    There is a meme floating around Facebook that has an entire wall cabinet of speakers. It asks what the first song would be that you would play on that sound system. This song is my choice.

  21. Arthur Rosene

    get me out of fear factory to the safest place, i can be the oldest living human to survive. further in regards to ER tech, it wasn't exact. somewhere safer like pineapple island.

  22. Gareth Williams

    First song I heard live by Fear Factory in Newport, Wales. Must've been around 1999.

    Top band live!

  23. Sunshinybean117

    I was just listening to this and scrolling down to the comments/looking for what to watch. I find squidward sui and freaked out. Dont judge idk why im just scared of it

    Mike EKLIPZ

    TERMINATOR 2 '[¤,.¤]' :)

  24. Rick Phoenix

    Still amazing in 2019! \m/

  25. Tommy Gunnz

    That time in 99 or 2000 at xfest in indy when the guy on the fence says "these guys suck Cars is so weak" then proceeds to get his shit kicked i when they open with shock.

  26. JayyBird

    I'll always remember running up the hill to make it to the 2nd stage at Ozzfest and all I could hear was this DJenty riffs and "S H O C K!!!!!. Ran right up to the front and center and headbanged for 45 minutes. What a show.

  27. Sunshinybean117

    I listen to this while playing call of duty lol

  28. Sunshinybean117

    I got into metal in 2009 when I was 3 if it wasn't for my parents I wouldn't be listening to this right now

  29. RabbiCrochu & JacobCruchot

    Best song

  30. JCrayZ

    Slappin' Da Bass!!

  31. Sparkey Lars

    I was in shock when my girl friend told me she was pregnant

  32. Priscila Ramos

    Great Song!😍

  33. vincent allen

    got this at tower   had to have it  to see if it was good  ......im 43 now so   I guess its good

  34. Justin Williams

    Lack of identity lack of life

  35. Justin Williams

    My song

  36. Evil bunny xD

    RGT85 XD

  37. elfuuuaaa915

    Here cause of RGT 85 Shock!!! duh duh duh duh duh Shock!!

  38. Jimmy Jimmy

    Seth the hardway

  39. Twilit Saenguani

    RGT 85 brought me here talking about Soulja Boy of all things, no regrets

  40. FunctioningPsycho

    Thanks RGT 85!

  41. Antler Shed Hunter Troy Lang

    For the 80 people who gave this a thumbs down. Fuck off. Lol!

  42. eddie casañas

    Oh my god, It's Stevie Richards!

    Justin Rogers

    RGT Is why Im here also lmao

  43. IDFK

    Bass boosted as shit and it’s great

  44. Stovokor41

    the best Fear Factory song

  45. PistolManiac100

    I grew up with this, i am 32 and still like.

  46. Pemberdeer

    20 years has not diminished the awesomeness of this album.

  47. Peter Cook

    A friend of mine was house sitting in late 1999 or early 2000 when we were still in our teens. I brought over some pot. We smoked and I put on THE WALL like a generic stoner. He wasn't very familiar with the album and thought that the owners had returned during the talking segment on "One of My Turns." He asked, "Is there someone here?" I assured him it was on the CD. Sometime shortly thereafter I passed out. About 10 minutes later I was awoken to the opening sounds of this track which was the next CD in the disc changer (more his genre than Pink Floyd). It absolutely terrified me. SHOCK! Love it!

  48. Emthesage EMM

    brilliant song not every one can express like they do there simply genius

  49. Айгерим Ахат

    Electrician`s anthem

  50. doug148877

    Back in the day I made my roomie put this on his system in his car with two 12" subs and some crazy amp and it blew our minds out our assholes

  51. Final Exit77

    I destroy two subwoofer in my car with this song so heavy🤘

  52. jack Senaviev

    Mick Gordons Doom music sounds familiar to Fear Factory style, Or atleast it sounds like Mick Gordon took inspiration from them. :P

  53. Frank Schrodinger

    what is creating that 'electrical charge' sound effect?

  54. Eaggradruide

    My Subwoofer has just destroyed my house

  55. Deriaj 1

    Best show I've ever seen was fear factory, system, hed pe, and spineshank at pops outside stl.... So many good shows in the late 90s early 2000s

  56. QuesoCFH

    i have a good friend named chuck...and he swears they say "chuck" not shock. makes me laugh my ass off everytime i listen to this.

  57. Ron B

    Hard to believe this is 20 years old....

  58. Raven / Fuck Antifa

    As much as I love Demanufacture (the album), Obsolete narrowly has the better "album opener".

  59. Romain Gomard

    Obsolete=masterpiece for ever

  60. AmateurSuperFan

    maybe the heaviest drop in metal?

    Steele Taylor

    It's up there 😊

  61. Keith Naranjo

    The song that got me addicted to Fear Factory

  62. Mog

    When my friends and I were in High School (aka when this album was released aka I'moldasfuck) this particular song was our method of verifying whether your car stereo was as sick as you claimed. At 0:33 is what we described as the "shock-bomb" and could instantly invalidate your pride as it maxed out the upper threshold of your system. We maybe pooped in your fuel tank too, but that's superfluous information, now move on nothing to see here.

    Eric Harris

    Mog I remember this same scenario in the same time frame. I had a cutty, jay had a chebby 15, and in the group was an Aries, Buick Regal, 81 impala, v8 Dakota...late nights country woods and field parties... man shock was it. The city kids knew we were badass. They talked about subs and guns we had em, but we out bass the rap with this shock.


    We did it too 🤘

  63. Paulo Aloisio

    dude don't fuck with the mix, this sounds horrible

  64. Metal Music Maniac

    Good tune for cheap guitar amps

  65. Josh Black


  66. Flesh Candle

    too much bass

  67. Sable Drayden

    My FAV FF song

  68. S. man

    Best Fucking Song...

  69. Yeison Serrano

    Melda... que nostalgia .. :3

  70. Tony

    The perfect way to kill a 2000 watt Subwoofer,turn it up,watch it cry and explode :) x

  71. Journey The Crab

    That SHOCKed me.

  72. mudbreedman79

    I saw this live twice, both against the guard rail. The bass was so intense it was palpitating my heart. Best shows ever.

  73. Raven / Fuck Antifa

    Listen to this song with good headphones, you will thank me quite a bit later.

    Azer tuyop

    Oh god, that was awful.
    How come someone can upload a version that's this bad?

    Sean Curry


  74. SouthHemiTV 1

    why does this sound distorted?

    Peste Noire is nightcore for nazis change my mind

    Because it is

  75. Octavia Jones medina

    Fuck yes

  76. Ween Wang

    god dam that bass \m/

  77. MrFloppypancakes

    Bass baby! Oh man that some shit right there.

  78. Joshua Windsor

    I'm I the only one that thinks of DBZ while listening to this song?

  79. Noah Holliday

    1999 I was a team rider for GT/Schwinn and my girlfriend made a metal mix tape for me to jam while riding, and this beauty was on there. Talk about a song to hammer to! Right when the first "SHOCK!" hits it was like a turbo boost spooled up, and pumping a extra few dozen horses into my legs. Yeah, this and Nirvana's 'Negative Creep' were my favorite songs to use breaking through the barrier of pain, when you're body tries to figure out what's killing it, and you throw up as its trying to dump everything in a effort to save itself. Right after the puking though it all settles out, endorphins dump, and you feel no pain with renewed energy. The mind truly is the strongest muscle, you just have to train it to ignore the body when you're looking to do what others can't. These songs will help anybody looking to break that mustang!

  80. quickchug

    can i ask you guys a question here? i'm sure if i researched it i could find out, but i just don't really feel like it. what is fear factory singing about? what do their lyrics mean? not just random right? sometimes about government? what does fear factory stand for? the band, the term, their content, and the imagery they paint. someone enlighten me

    Azul Dream Media

    quickchug I believe they are taking about Ai. They were wayyyy ahead of their time as now in 2018 Ai has gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia in order to labor. Also Ai is said to have created Cryptocurrencies

  81. mrfuck792

    it's just impossible to not to headbang on this...

  82. Veal Slab

    dude, i have to listen to this on the 320 watt pioneer and cerwin vegas the way you recorded this. this is hilarious.

    Veal Slab

    oh- and NEVER buy a Pioneer stereo kids- they're lame, they sound like shit, they don't come with the rated power needed to run ANY speakers, and JVC WILL STOMP THE SHIT OUT OF THEM EVERY TIME.

    Veal Slab

    My 25 year old JVC stereo out-performs my 2016 Pioneer.

  83. Veal Slab

    seriously, all the bass functions of my stereo system are freaking the fuck out. lol

  84. Veal Slab

    jesus, friend, you put the bass levels up high enough before you created the video?! it's actually cracking me up because you also made it sound 'good'. HAHAHAHAH! NICE!

  85. Sunnwolf Tattoo its

    Like this song so Much good walking speed

  86. uechiryu420

    When my wife sings this song it's called "Shop!"

    Andrew Singleton

    High-intensity purchasing.


    They should've played this on a livestream of the last hours of Wii shop

    kris kibble


    André Lima

    the best commentary on whole youtube

    Gregory King

    "I will be... the credit card... shock to the account"

  87. Jm_80

    This masterpiece becomes a vice...i heard this song in a camp the guys whos listening were at the other side of a river...was so cool.

  88. Ben Hajioff

    Heard this in someone's car at 16.. it turned me out.. it like, wasn't dnb.

  89. Quinn Smith

    Saw these guys Halloween of 2015!! Las Vegas #Prayforvegas

  90. Kyle Hulen

    I've seen these guys at least three times that I can remember. The best was a little bar in Clinton, IA. Couldn't of held more than 200 people and Fear Factory was on a tiny stage. Awesome night.

  91. samuel byron


  92. Uroš Bilban


  93. Giga Force

    I wanna go back to 1998, when this was out and I was enjoying the PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, and all the newest games.

  94. Darrin Tucker

    FF is and will always be Badass. From seeing them tour on their first album and blow the fuckin' roof off a a tiny venue of maybe 200 people to the present day, this shit will remain timeless.

  95. Colton Stevens

    pure nu metal adrenaline

    Raven / Fuck Antifa

    Colton Stevens This album/song isn't Nu Metal-y at all IMO.

    Spirit of Punishment

    They are more Alternative Metal than Industrial...Industrial is more like Rammstein , Oomph, Rob Zombie...

    Sleazy Salami

    Yeah, these guys started in 1989, nu metal wasn’t a thing, this is more like industrial heavy metal


    this song reminds me, that even if you really honestly try, at anything, you will be either viewed as a monster or be broken....... and I fking love it

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