Fear Factory - Recharger Lyrics

I have become their target for revenge
Knocked down, and transform my hatred within
Dependence brings subservience
Losing sight enslaved obedience

Fight back unleash your aggravation
Recharge and train your last determination
Open your scars and the sky opens wide
See a new world in your eyes
Believe in yourself and you will survive
Live out the life you designed
Live for today or fade away
Live for today or fade away
Automatic slave
Kill the will to live
Losing hope to save yourself
Siphoning the soul from humanity
Suffering and apathy
All of this must end
All of this must end
All of this must end
All of this must end

Break free from this hypocrisy
Set free chained to bureaucracy
Dependence brings subservience
Losing sight enslaved obedience
Open your scars and the sky opens wide
See a new world in your eyes
Believe in yourself and you will survive
Live out the life you designed
Live for today or fade away
Live for today or fade away

Open your scars and the sky opens wide
The world is filling your mind
Believe in yourself and you will survive
Believe and you will never die

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Fear Factory Recharger Comments
  1. Shawn Dominique

    I don't know why, but this song always reminds me of Twisted Sister's "Burn In Hell", particularly Dimmu Borgir's version.

  2. Forrest Young

    Sounds like Heaviest Matter in the Universe by Gojira

  3. Terry Jones

    I love it when a song's instrumentals give off a very hopeless and dreadful vibe, as in: 2:16.



  5. TayAI 2

    Playing this at full volume while I speed down the highway is fun as fuck

  6. meshugeah

    Live for today or fade away

  7. Yojimbo711

    Always return to fear factory for a fix!

  8. Mike Wagner

    all ff albums are awesome

  9. James Tomlin

    Dwarven power armor, just putting it out therw

  10. Trance

    Tonex - Re-Hibulation

  11. Megafayce

    definitely the naffest song they've ever written

  12. ViperLain

    Controversial opinion: I liked The Industrialist more than Mechanize.

    Don't get me wrong Mechanize is a good album, but I just found the sound from The Industrialist much better. It kicks more in my opinion. Plus Disassemble, Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed, and Human Augmentation was a much better ending trilogy of tracks than the songs on Mechanize.


    next level


    meshugeah No song in The Industrialist is as good as Final Exit


    kingplutoxiao1 TRUTH.

  13. Shogun Rua

    the hook on this is super deadly!

  14. Raul Barros

    I believe that Fear Factory is a great influence for Slipknot!

    Richard Woo

    this stuff was released waaaay after slipknots first 3 albums


    FF was playing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay after Slipknot emerged, so his point is still valid.


    Actually Fear Factory started in 1989, Slipknot didn't start until in 1995. So Fear Factory was playing way before Slipknot was even heard of.


    I believe that Killing Joke is a grat influence for Fear Factory

    Exposing The Truth

    @Richard Woo This song was released in 2012. Pretty sure Slipknot had 4 albums out by that time.

  15. Jeremy Mongeon

    old thread? nope

  16. Jeremy Mongeon

    human machine it takes work these guys are using real instruments.

  17. Jeremy Mongeon

    it's a machine

    W i s h m a s t e r

    They play it live, so your comment is so retarded


    W i s h m a s t e r nah hes right on the album they programmed the drums with a machine

  18. Jeremy Mongeon


  19. FalconXerxes

    Catchy refrain

  20. Sexual Tyrannosaurus



    Bruno Maia

    +zodiacxkiller FUCK! It won't ever be the same.. -.-'



    Nick Sommerer

    There should be a 10 hour video of just that line at 2:15


    Fucking hell....

  21. Peste Nera

    I love this song

  22. Skorrow

    I don't know about the album, but I'm really glad they wrote this particular song. Listen to those drums, man.

    Daniel Neroese

    @Skorrow Programmed


    Unfortunately a drum machine ☹️

    Manic Cure

    It's fear factory....automated robot drums make sence.

    Michael Baum

    They may be a drum machine for ease of recording but I’ve seen them play this song live many times, there is no faking how fast that dude is.

  23. Ron Fauria

    These guys need to record a new album. I like the Industrialist but Mechanize was better all around. I thought they were coming out with a new cd by late summer? If so, its the end of July; you think they would have released a single or something...

    Ryan O'Reily

    They are in the studio as i write this. Prob an early spring next year, like Mechanize was.

  24. PlagueInjected

    They need to get Herrera back, even though Mike Heller is a great drummer. So much of FF's signature sound is based off Herrera's drumming.


    PlagueInjected yeah I felt the new record was kinda lacking in that classic fear factory sound in the drums . Mechanize sounded great because of Gene hogan . One of the few guys who can play they style Raymond played .

    Boogaloo Bandit

    There actually wasn’t a drummer for this album. Gene Hoglan walked away from the band to work on other stuff and Heller didn’t join until after this album. These are all midi added drum tracks from a program with Hoglans kit as samples.

  25. Wraith Timid

    It's a shame this album was so bad :/ There are like 3 good songs. Mechanize was WAY better. I hope their next album will be an improvement.


    I think it suffered because they rushed it and released it when they hadn't even finished fully replacing the lineup......never a good idea.

  26. john divine

    FF never gets old

  27. Kain Spider Of Death

    Fear Factory is LEGENDARY!! :D

  28. Santeri Havela

    Yeah, i know but Gene left before this album was recorded. Dino and Burton made this album themselves.

  29. tj mell

    "open your scars and the sky opens wide":)

  30. Santeri Havela

    You're right, he doesnt use a drum machine, but there's no Gene Hoglan on this album.

  31. theundeadtalkinghead

    who the fuck cares if they use a drum machine in the studio. music is supposed to be heard live and they dont use a drum machine on stage. recorded albums are just a vehicle to get you to by a ticket and go to the show.

  32. Elliot Cargill

    reality is the way it is. believing something else wont make reality change to suit what you want to believe. sorry man.

  33. Virulent Resurgence

    I think his voice has a future robot touch to it Like an audimated computer voice, and yes it does sound similar Sully Ema's.

  34. desolatefix

    ugh fuck i love FF since their demos in 1991 man they haven't stopped kicking ass

  35. Austin Bruner

    i swear to god, fear factory's music is too mechanical to be human! but that's what makes them stand out

  36. firmlygraspi1

    I'm trying to send this fucking link to my British friend but none of them work in his region...

  37. Zeon CelestialChampion

    I like how 1:41 sounds like shock.

  38. kevinerickson84

    just takes practice

  39. Rene Kivari

    Its true its a machine on this album. But, it can be tough to tell the difference between gene and a machine.


    1:41 faster version of shock?

  41. Thiago Fuganti


  42. Desolaytore

    We like to believe the drummers are the masters, not the machines...

  43. d3p3ch3mod3

    Like 99% of all these bands people think use "real" instruments always go in after recording and do things like paste samples over top of the "real" drumming or move the hits back or fowards a few milliseconds to make it sound more intense , I get sick of people putting down electronics when they can't even tell the difference enough to know that they actually listen to mostly electronics because drum machines can sound so damn good people don't even know what they're hearing

  44. leon zimmerman

    love the band

  45. sadplateofbacon

    a drum machine works for fear factory. I mean, shit...they are an industrial metal band. they should always have a drum machine in my opinion...even in live shows. it's so awesome. fear factory is like as if pantera gained weight and became robots.

  46. Marcos Matheus


  47. GetFuckingAngry

    he didnt even record the fucking drums. its a machine

  48. Danasaurus

    Yeah fellas, even on Demanufacture they used keyboard drums on a few songs. They're no stranger to electronic instruments.

  49. Seth Lamley

    You mean, WITH a cup of coffee :)

  50. slipknot789able

    not as large as he used to be he's dropped a lot of weight

  51. Butt Hurt

    holy tits they have still got the true fucking awesomeness of fear factory

  52. Tyler Walker

    its true Gene Hoglan is on hiatus from Fear Factory do to other commitments and on this album is in fact a drum machine

  53. Tanner Harrison

    0:57 I love his voice. He reminds me of Sully Erna from Godsmack

  54. Dave Fitzgerald

    True story bro..it is a drum machine..Gene Hoglan had other commitments so they had no choice bt to use a machine..and i say, big fuckin deal..it sounds killer. besides...their drummer plays it beat for beat live..who cares? welcome to the 21rst century

  55. mhzsm

    Check out 'Nightmare' by SONIQ ARMADA

  56. Kilmarro

    Mike Heller is their touring drummer of the week. He was in no way involved in this album. John Sankey was responsible for some of the demo work, but the album was entirely programmed drums.

  57. dare wolf mc crooger

    my eyes always nook back to this idea my own creating ruin re fereduntarnished R.I.P if conflicting to D.R.H of a-z keep the noise down it seems way to long a life already i tossed it at dice role.

  58. Trucker Hezekiah

    Thank you for letting me live in my fantasy land

  59. Santeri Havela

    If thats your choice :D

  60. Trucker Hezekiah

    LIEEES! I will refused to believe that.

  61. Santeri Havela

    ''FEAR FACTORY's Burton C. Bell Talks About 'The Industrialist' & Lineup Changes! '' - Thats the name of the interview where Burton himself says so...

    And you can clearly hear its a machine if you just listened.

  62. Trucker Hezekiah

    That sir is a lie

  63. templarvisonz

    Drummers name is Mike Heller this album

  64. FearOwnsReason

    Damn I was thinking the same this morning. This kickstarted my day!!!

  65. Hoonigan413

    cant go wrong with anything off their older albums lol

  66. Santeri Havela

    Drum machine on this album.

  67. Francis Kam

    How does Gene Hoghlan stay in shape to play beats like these man. The guy is a large fellow

  68. Bryan Downie

    FF are faultless. Every album they produce simply SMASHES IT, keep it coming!

  69. sparksphilip


  70. tj130196

    9 people did not recharge

  71. skullleader85

    Ah yes, a good song played at the appropriate volume. Its better than a cup of coffee.

  72. skullleader85

    Anything of theirs.

  73. scottmthw

    Thumbs up if you get a major league erection when you hear this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Jagger Mabry

    pisschrist,ressurection,shock,zero signal,scumgrief,martyr, replica, self bias resistor

  75. hammerheart14

    WOW!! This is Fear Factory's second best album ever! A return to the Demanufacture sound. Almost as good as that album, and even better than the great Obsolete and Mechanize. Way to go FF!

  76. 256mosh

    EdgeCrusher, Shock, Dog-Day Sunrise, Descent, Self-Bias Resistor.

  77. john vidas

    one of the best metal band ever!

  78. travis dane

    the album cover would make a badass tattoo

  79. Stacy Tyler

    fear factory in any one lineup kicks ass burton c bells voice is what gods voice would sound like if god spoke to us

  80. lincaster

    Fear Factory is..... INDUSTRIAL GOD!

  81. Isaac Halley


  82. DarksaberForce

    When haven't Fear Factory kick ass?

  83. nydefect

    Fugn Brutal! Each new album grows right from where dino left, Its great they are togeather again just to bad we had to loose two others, but i hate to say it they sound great the way they are now..actualy im glad to say it

  84. AzraelMisanthrope

    Drum machines...ugh, nice job?

  85. NuclearSun

    I love when people write crap like "I do not claim to own this material". That's not going to save your ass when they find you posting other people's property on youtube, it just shows that you were well aware that someone owned it and STILL decided to do it.

  86. 2010METALFAN


  87. VileInsomniaxe

    Classic sounding FF. PLease, NEVER FIX WHAT ISNT BROKEN!! This style is what made me fall in LOVE, and LOVE is the word, with the sound of FF. Hard, fast, harmonic. This is the real deal yall.

  88. Justin Blight

    Fuckin aye !!\mm/!!

  89. Muz!kFr3aK01

    Awesome2, Love it, Bring backed like the old days, when 1st album was release backed in the 90's this Track Song Is Kickin Azz for real, Off Course All their Album is Good too, and Kick Azz too...' very Epic I would say in this comments for this Track Itune Song !!! Peace Big Respect to these Guys " Fear Factory " !!!

  90. Tha_SilverBlack_16


  91. SummonThePlague

    lol cthuhlu in south park

  92. Zavi H

    With this song, I can imagine a giant Decepticon tearing through the roof of a stadium in the midst of a Bieber Concert, picking the little doucher up and tearing him in half. What does this mean? Bieber can't even compare to the epicness that is Fear Factory.

  93. Julien Del Rosario

    Its really a mix of transgression's and mechanize's covers :p

  94. Hoblem

    Nice try pal.

  95. Brent Levack

    FUCK!! Fear Factory never fails to put out an amazing album!!!
    fear factory beer beer fear factory beer beer beer fear factory beer and so on and so on untill i die....

  96. jackedup447

    Just means that you're like the rest of us, people who listen to music because they like it, not because its popular.

  97. william estes

    brittney spears' new album is way better for sure. definitely a more crushing tone.

  98. Pontiac Peach

    ssshhhhhhhhhhhh its better if your quiet

  99. Bradley Synthpop

    Probably Demanufacture. Obsolete is great too.

  100. Bradley Synthpop

    The album is far from their best, but this song kicks ass!