Fear Factory - New Messiah Lyrics

The future beings now!
The future beings now!

Hour of change, elimination
Eyes of disdain, cruel explitation
Chaos and bloodshed dominate
Chaos and bloodshed, cause of hate

A new messiah, another lie
A new messiah to be denied

The future beings now!
The future beings now!

Culture deceit, discrimination
A cross to bear, every religion
Chaos and bloodshed dominate
Chaos and bloodshed, cause of hate

A new messiah, another lie
A new messiah to be denied

The future beings now!

Who will be the chosen ones
To be aware and transcend
Who will be the chosen ones
Living in a world without end?
A world without end, A world without end

A new messiah, another lie
A new messiah to be denied

A new messiah......

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Fear Factory New Messiah Comments


  2. OBITX

    This could have been a great trailer song for a "Messiah 2" if the sequel of the game existed


    💥💥💥😜😜fascinantes !!!!!

  4. Jan Kačer

    Our biology teacher played this to us today. He is the best

  5. Daniel Codd

    Ah nothing like my ears being brutally assaulted by the Fear Factory chaps.

    These lads made those difficult teenage years much better.

  6. M.L. Crow

    a new messiah, another lie

  7. Connor Davis

    Came looking for Castlevania, oops

  8. Paul Higley

    The best FEAR FACTORY song ever.

  9. ibanezicx220

    A new Messiah....another lie....

  10. StickSh1ft

    The Industrialist album had its issues, but damn this song just has so many great riffs.

  11. Big Chungus

    I can't decide between Fear Factory and Napalm Death

    Infamous Evil

    Then don't. Two well respected bands although i like first one not second.

  12. Svetlana Lupesku

    thi song is FUCKING EPIC!!!

  13. KnucklesWTD

    3:55 is especially amazing

  14. Nameless One

    Ты чо! Пиздец! На!

  15. Shaun Bukuth

    That part at the end of the song where Burton sings 'neeeewww messsiiiaaahhhh' where they switch the pitch is just fucking badass, you can feel the power here.


    Also my favorite part. Great album.

  16. orlando echevarria

    werwe are the beans,what time in at.
    serve your shot deal thingi machingi noodle sprin table set pleaes.vcdft=mapclearlight to go.

  17. Paul Skvortsov

    guys check out my guitar covers on "Fear Factory" on my channel)

  18. francesco mazzer

    i hate drum machine present in this album!!!!.....for me "Mechanize" is very better!!!!

  19. Nick Myers

    do you even palm mute or gallop? xDDD

  20. nacho9010

    The best song of the album for me. Epic.

  21. minecraft gamer

    9 dislikes wtf cunts ff bring on the new one

  22. silversobe


  23. Trucker Hezekiah

    One thing I can say is Fear Factory has kept it consistent and awesome ever since they came to exist

  24. roninflyer

    This song is so fucking epic

  25. Samuel Young

    They're like Slipknot and Demon Hunter before either of the two existed!

    Samuel Young

    @DarkwareTheAwkwardGuy I can tell!


    +Samuel Young Except better.

    Samuel Young

    +Wolveon I actually like both DH and Slipknot better, although FF is really good.


    @Samuel Young Musically I think FF is definitely best. But to each their own. ^^

  26. MisterBrotherofMetal

    @AntonioJimenezMendoza jajaja no para epilepticos jajaja

  27. Leo Jurgens


  28. Antonio Jimenez Mendoza

    video no apto para epilepticos

  29. john divine

    personally i think they sound even better than ever


    @john divine Also my opinion. FF just kicks ass.


    Agreed, sick of people who know think obsolete was their peak.

    simon richer

    This album sounds great but Obsolete is a really good album and for 98 that was powerful the guitar tone is crushing af .

  30. john divine

    FF aren't satanists js

  31. AlexDozer

    Sounds like Demanufacture :)

  32. Ian Honour

    This is a great tune. Best track off the industrialist. Burt can still bring it!!!

  33. Glen Sterdont

    stfu fanboy.

  34. Glen Sterdont

    @revivedfears. Yes indeed. Vocals on this record reminds very much Digimortal. The only problem is that on industrialist Burt's voice is lazy, boring, uninspired and without any real passion or honesty on the singing.

  35. Ian Honour

    @Drew Griffiths agree, the vocal delivery on the whole industrialist record sounds like digimortal, only less melodic

  36. TylerPheonix

    This song reminds me of the album Digimortal,love it

  37. Bobby Bernard

    Hey what album is this song from ?

    Big Chungus

    Bobby Bernard 5 years late but it's off of The Industrialist

    Big Chungus

    1 year later

  38. Bobby Bernard

    This song is so beast I love it \m/ -.- \m/

  39. dare wolf mc crooger

    first ting when i get on tv ill show em the real hollowed moon! hahaha!

  40. Industrialist2015ofUk

    nice follow up to the awesome Mechanize \m/\m/

  41. The Last Utopia

    This is the first song on this album I heard. Love it. Glad to see Fear Factory are still making great music!

  42. Sam m

    This new album is surprisingly really good :D