Fear Factory - Human Augmentation Lyrics

I am a being
My life has value
Seek as I seek the secret design
My purpose is to relate with out bitterness
Or partiality from any motives
To which I am far removed
Fueled by antagonism
Accelerated panic
Headed towards a catastrophic event
Penetrating thoughts
Negative impressions
I don't feel...
I can't shed a tear for all the unnumbered dead
Desperate and exhausted the human character lays wasted
Like emotional distortion
Death is perceptible with definable features
I've had all that I can take
Yet the pain remains
My body is lacerated
My mind is poisoned
Ultimate revelations...

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Fear Factory Human Augmentation Comments
  1. TheArchDemon

    I play this every time I go into the synth production area of the institute

  2. andrew rosecrans

    Terminator music hand's down! Love it!

  3. Jr Kuzel

    That’s sounds like a human being in the monster at the end of the song

  4. oscar mendez castellano

    It isn't artificial entity. Is a hiperhuman in a future very ver dark and advanced

  5. tgchan

    Amazing song~!

  6. Daniel Fraser

    an artificial entity.

  7. Daniel Fraser

    It is not a human it is artificial.

  8. Jr Kuzel

    that souds liek a human i love it