Fear Factory - Final Exit Lyrics

Your Life no longer has any value
Let them tell you what your own life is worth
There is no compassion as life fades away
This self deliverance the choice you have made
Contemplate your last breath
As you see the face of death
Contemplate your last breath
Breath, slowly breath
The pain in your life I cannot perceive
Crimes of humanity I see and believe
Contemplate your last breath
As you see the face of death
Contemplate your last breath
Breath, slowly breath
Like the knife that cuts through me
Stabbing uncertainty
It bleeds my life I know
Draining my heart my soul...
Contemplate your last breath
Breath, slowly breath

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Fear Factory Final Exit Comments
  1. Jonny Hughes

    This band went to shit

  2. 000Mental000

    More and more I feel this song.
    I need help.

  3. Mike Peterson

    the pain in your life I cannot perceive, crimes of humanity I see and believe. brilliant lyrics!

  4. Scott Roberts

    My mom passed away in 2013, I've attempted suicide to this tune a minimum of 3 times. The first 2 times, this was my go to song. It still brings me to tears to hear it, but i can't get enough of it. Fear Factory is one the best underrated bands on earth.


    Scott Roberts glad someone else still enjoys their music even now

  5. Samuel Wilcoxon

    This song is amazing. It hits my emotional insides.

  6. Jimmy Thompson

    Everytime he goes into the mY SOOOUUL!!!!! Part, here come the fucking waterworks,..😭

  7. Jeff Hand

    God I love this song.


    The intensity, the melody, the metal, the harmony...

  8. MrRickstopher

    ...my soul.

  9. Digital Deathsquid

    RIP Granny

    October 10th, 1932 - October 8th, 2019

    Hunter Stonestreet

    RIP Mom November 26th, 1972-September 28th, 2010.

  10. Simon Gobeil-Duval

    This whole comment section needs a big hug ! Come here you :)

  11. VileMartin

    Every time..everyone i hear this song i think of when kirk was dying and spock got pissed at Kahn.spock watching kirk dying and spock feeling just fuck man...

  12. Charles Russell

    I know the feeling of holding someone's hand as they move from living to dead. I held my Dad's hand as he died, and my Grandpa's as he died. I've held my cats as they died as well, 2 of which I had to have put down due to incurable illness. I've lost a bunch of friends to suicide also.. some of which I spoke to only days or hours before, never knowing what was going to happen. I've lost so many people I love. I've suffered a lot over the years. This song brings a tear to my eye, but also brings me comfort. We will all suffer the same fate someday.. make the most of your time while you're here.

    Bry Dykes

    Well said. Peace brother.

  13. Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    This energy. Thank you for this upload.

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    I luv Fear Factory.

  14. Gábor Kiss


  15. President NotSure

    Bittersweet life. Amazingly terrifying.

  16. Ago Contealia

    Sophia. 🐇

  17. eliotsj houghton

    Just imagining holding the hand of of my lover as we welcome a dawn of a new and improved earth... this song portrays that moment to a great extent.

  18. zac jacobs

    So tired...so many losses. Not suicidal. But death would be so peaceful.

    I Rage

    More than peaceful

  19. Jumpy Bunny Rabbit

    Enemy: Time.

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend

  20. Nina Williams

    freaky soul for all time!!!

  21. Wasko Maleducado

    I love Fear factory

  22. Tristan Young

    Great guitars😆

  23. The Hipsterminator

    Fucking incredible.

  24. Albert Miccichè

    Am I the only one who notice of this song closure it's the same closure from "like a bird" by Black label society?

  25. KhorneDeth1

    Such a powerful song.... been a fan of Fear Factory since the 90s, and this one brings so much emotion.

  26. Ronan Crowley


  27. Karnage Fails

    .........when you blow an enemy ship core in Star Fox and barely make it back out.

  28. Sailor Ripley

    Guys, there are people that are suffering and unable to take their own lives. Assisted suicide is necessary and totally illegal. In Missouri it's voluntary manslaughter or class b felony. No one gives a shit if your depressed.... you have the ability to take action. This song speaks for those who need help to end their miserable existence.

  29. Outlaw GT


  30. Matthew Howard


  31. Mr. Timebomb Man

    Reminds me of something that could have been on Obsolete back in the day.

  32. Mightyburnt

    I used to wish to die and after several failed suicide attempts, I realized that God wasn't gonna let me out that easy. So now, instead of praying for just my own death everyday, I pray for the death of this evil human race, the majority of which are just self centered, egotistical, warmongering pieces of shit that are destroying their precious planet, of which we can't find another. So yeah, I have a new meaning in life. The destruction of all humanity. Agent Smith had it right, we're a disease that consumes and spreads and we need to be eliminated. Kiss my ass.


    Makes us wish Thanos was real.

    Señor Romántico

    This is the dumbest shit I've read lately. Several failed suicide attempts? You clearly weren't trying, just like at life. A failure at life and death. You're just projecting your shittyness on to everyone else. Don't worry, you'll die eventually and billions will go on smiling for eons to come. You'll never have mattered.

  33. Vince Fisher

    Where have I been??Fear Factory is prog metal perfection.

  34. Alex Saucedo

    Great SONG
    Great album
    Great guitar work
    Love this jam
    Fear factory 4 LIFE

  35. Amber Greyhawk

    This song hits close to home for me. I held my dying mothers hand as she faded from her body. Feeling her energy leave hurt so much but when it comes to CANCER what else are you to do when weed isn't legal yet in Colorado.



  36. chew40ie

    I used to identify as a woman - now i don't anymore

  37. Michael osborne

    Clinical depression myself,I used to try and find hope in everything to try and counter it,but the way the world is today......at least we have YouTube and songs like this to remember our good times.blessed be

  38. ricardo menezes

    "It's quite an experience
    to hold the hand of someone
    when we both listen to this" ...and resurrection...

  39. Jordi Mosqueda

    My grandmother said me, "listen fear factory and you Gonna live forever" she not lie

  40. Gabriel Fran

    I feel empathy when I listen this masterpiece, October 16, 17. When my cousin passed away

  41. twslegendary

    To paraphrase Seneca, death has already happened. The past, the life you have led until now, is in death’s hands; it is dead to us. There is only the present. The future has not happened and the past is already gone. Have faith in the wisdom and judgement of God. What is life if not a test?

    Pete Lehner

    Good shit man

  42. alina wolf

    peace from israel

  43. 21innocentbystander

    Holy shit what a song

  44. SpaceWolfHudson

    Most amazing song of all time. Period.

    There are many great songs out there but this one....

  45. Osoch

    Brings tears to my eyes everytime. One of the best metal songs ever made

  46. 666Crenado

    send that last comment forward 30 years

  47. 666Crenado

    Beautiful song, i've followed Fear Factory from the start, if this is the end, then it is fitting

  48. MrFokdieANC

    Your Life no longer has any value
    Let them tell you what your own life is worth
    There is no compassion as life fades away
    This self deliverance the choice you have made
    Contemplate your last breath
    As you see the face of death
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath
    The pain in your life I cannot perceive
    Crimes of humanity I see and believe
    Contemplate your last breath
    As you see the face of death
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath
    Like the knife that cuts through me
    Stabbing uncertainty
    It bleeds my life I know
    Draining my heart my soul
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath


    Thank you so much

    Adam Zocchi

    I really needed this. Thank you so much.

  49. Daniel Davis

    Replica, Linchpin, God Rape Souls, Final Exit, Archetype, Expiration Date... Should add'em to your personal playlist...

  50. Mitchell Scott

    Best signing of all albums

  51. Aussie50

    I love listening to this as I cuddle up with my RAV4, We really have little to live for :(

  52. Brett Taylor

    My sole goodbye

  53. Bruno Graça dos Santos

    Every tense is intense.... 👌🏻🖤

  54. Валик Канц


  55. Zdenek Micka


  56. Keith Naranjo

    I had a traumatic experience about 6 years ago and have dealt with crippling depression ever since. With that depression comes a nagging, powerful, overwhelming urge to just end my life... this idea has always brought me distress but this song makes me think that maybe it's truly the right thing to do. My contemplation will soon turn to action and I will leave this stupid fucking world behind. Goodbye...


    Are you still with us my man?

    Bry Dykes

    Hang in there Keith. Post up if you are still on this mortal coil.

  57. Bryan McHugh

    the most VIOLENT PIT I have EVER SEEN...FF in Va....

  58. J Arellano

    Chills. Great track.

  59. faithdivides deathunites

    A masterpiece truly truly epic and so soulful

  60. Lord Ordog

    Self-deliverance? What, like anally raping yourself at rifle-point? Wrong "Deliverance"?
    I read that women are three times as likely as men to attempt suicide, but less than half as likely to succeed. Bitches can't kill themselves for shit.

  61. White Smith

    This song never fails to give me the chills.

  62. Alexis P

    The writer of the book "Final Exit" that this song was based on listened to this song and liked it. Its funny to envision a 80 year old man (at the time) listening to a heavy ass song based on his work and enjoying it. He was in the comment section talking to fans of this song about his work 7 years ago, but I can't find the video with his comments.

  63. Purple _Rose

    This is one of FF's best songs ever! It's enthralling, captivating, heavy, melodious, heartfelt, chilling and the rest. Mechanize isn't even one of my top 5 FF albums but fuck me, this song! I can listen to it for hours and never tire of it. Not many songs I can do that with but this beast......what a song! And the climax is simply epic!

  64. Cameron Skaff

    They have such a sound that belong in the Alien and Riddick franchises.

  65. Alan The Clown

    Such a brilliant Fucking song!!!

  66. Joanna - Disney Rock Band


  67. Rivo Haavandi

    never before has death been put into audio form this easily

    Pete Lehner

    This track is mind blowing.

  68. Matt Van Dongen

    My family dog was put down today. Goodbye Dozer, you were a good boy. I'll see you again some day. Tell Chance, Brittany, Summer, and Weeny that I love them and miss them.


    I feel your pain my baby Harvs was put down as at the same time

    Pete Lehner

    Put my jack Russell down after 16 years. Wasnt easy.

    Big Chungus

    R.I.P Dozer

    Jason Lilly

    I love u

  69. Shane Hansen

    I like to dedicate this song to all the people who committed suicide on The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA!

  70. Christoph Rydzewski

    as the machines begin the rise to destroy the creation they once worshiped. the one that matters the most to the resistance to stop the army of metal now lays in the recovery from a heart attack. as the machines feed his life they know also of his threat to retaliation of the future. as the family stands by his side praying for his life as the machines been commanded to end this mans life. as they look up the power shuts and no generator for support. his monitor goes the alarms rise. doctors run in confusion that the hallway lights still burn with a path. attemping to feed air in his lungs they are failing. evolving to much to machines they lose moral fast and begin to give up. only if they knew of this mans true future. but his room so dark as family begin to panic. is this the end of the humanity we once stood as is this the beginning of our extermination? obsolete and broken as we dwindle in a patch of nothing we come to an new order one with a passion of full control.

  71. Pete Lehner

    it is an experience to hold the hand of someone about to pass. my dad is about to pass and its the hardest thing ive experienced in 33 years.. cancer fucking sucks. i needed a break for a min to have a beer and be alone.


    Pete Lehner I offer you ALL my SUppoRt Mr. Lehner cause I lost my Dad to cancer too & it's fuckin horrible. Stay strong & I hope you are OK. FEAR FACTORY iz a great band for unfortunate times like this.

    Pete Lehner

    Serafin Gomez my dad passed away last monday at 10:41. i was there for his last heart beat it was overwhelming. thanks for the support

    Pete Lehner

    I miss my dad, he was a good man. Its been 3 months and it seems like longer.

    Pete Lehner

    whats up man,, its almost been a year since my dad passed but mothersday brought me here. gotta take care of my mom. first one without her husband of 46 years.

    Pete Lehner

    Just after two years and here I am. People like us dont change

  72. fal1026

    This should be dedicated to the fallen of the MRM or MGTOW movements. Those who sacrificed, refused to be disposable & wanted to be heard for the injustices.


    Please dont drag MGTOW shit in here, its not needed.
    And dont sperg out, im not trying to shit all over your opinions and MGTOW in general, but it doesnt fit here.

  73. mistermoops

    this is one of the most important songs of my entire life

  74. Art

    My Soul!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Dwellceller

    this song makes me want to end it all and stay alive at the same time...brilliant!

    Pete Lehner

    Your good man. Keep your head up.

  76. Supereor

    Damn... I love this song, but the topic of it is fucking dark :(

    Gitana Maldita

    yes, assisted suicide, and I'm dealing with it every day, listening this song doesn't helps me much to aiming for life, because it's unbearable.

    Jerzy Dziś

    we can all relate to it though on some or other level

    Pete Lehner

    Its FF, this is what they are good at. Not for the weak. I've listened to this song while my dad was passing and it wasnt easy, dont get me wrong.

    Sailor Ripley

    It's a necessary topic cause assisted suicide for those who are suffering should be a completely acceptable alternative to running up huge hospital bills and extending a loved ones pain. Instead I think it's completely illegal in evey u.s. state. I'm not sure.

    Sailor Ripley

    Now I'm sure. It's totally illegal.

  77. Dylan Jewell

    The pain in your life I cannot perceive, the crimes of humanity I see and believe

    Pete Lehner

    Contemplate you're last breath. Breath slowly breath.

    Wyn Fjoer Ierde Wetter

    I luv Fear Factory

  78. Christopher Khan

    Ahhhh... hearing this just makes me feel so alive oddly enough.  Sad song but phenomenal nonetheless.  Easily their best work since Demanufacture in my opinion.  Just wish Raymond and Christian would work shit out with Dino and Burton.

  79. seekingtheentity

    i made it through 16 years of horrible depression...now i have things to live for because i never gave up..for those of you who feel that there is no hope..... there is

    N / A

    @Gitana Maldita when there is no hope I smoke some Crack I shoot some dope! Embrace the fact that living is nothing more than the precursor to dying, what is hope anyway

    Bone Jenga

    Loan me that flashlight when you get a chance. Thanks.

    Jimmy Thompson

    Thank u 🙂


    Been going through rough shit for years now. Somehow I always find a small shiver of hope left somewhere. And tonight I just happened to look in the comments of this song

    Paul Scanlon

    richardcailincavazos You will overcome. Trust me 🗡

  80. Michael Nahtblis

    how many of you have actually read the book or know it exists


    Actually, after I heard this song I looked into it. Usually when there are sound bites in a song I research their origins.

    Sailor Ripley

    Only a few of em have a clue. What could be more inhumane than prolonged, unnecessary suffering when death is a certainty.

  81. Bane destroysbatmanofcanada

    zeb vanzant don't destroy yourself your are somebody to the people around you.let this song take all your sorrows..

  82. Bane destroysbatmanofcanada

    an overload of pain and suffering and sadness....

    zeb vanzandt

    Your'e not alone my Brother Michael, that's all I can offer you as I'm consumed by it again right now, six years man.......when's it going to end......fuck I love my kids too much to go but I need it so bad

    Sean Maclaren

    zeb vanzandt Sometimes it’s the only way to know peace. Sorry you feel this way too brother. I hope you find yours in this life or the next

  83. Robert Meyer

    Fear Factory is
    Metal + Life

    Justin P

    Robert Meyer metal that touches the soul in such a powerful way...

  84. Durzo

    When I really think of it, I guess it's kind of bizarre that I've always found this song more uplifting than any other....

    Maybe it's because I have the odd sort of brain that where the rhythmic thrash-metal of Slayer is the best medicine for soothing stress.

    Bone Jenga

    I get it. I assume we are close to the same age. My wonder years were the thrash metal years. If it is less than 220 bpm, it must be a ballad. LOL.

  85. Tony Cairns

    One of the most chilling songs Fear Factory has ever made......

    Justin P

    Tony Cairns me too! Feels like I'm with my dad again..

    faithdivides deathunites

    Tony Cairns the pain in your eyes i cannot perceive

    Josh Phillips

    Justin P. I know the feeling

    Michael Ingber

    Tony Cairns such a great song❤️. One of my favs hands down.

  86. EJ Jacob

    it's a weight down..

  87. BattleRattle04

    As a combat veteran, this song hits me for not just the experiences that would make some men want to crawl inside their own asshole, but for every one of my brothers I never left behind its because of them I am able to see my family... I miss all of them and see their faces every day.... I'll drink with them again when I dismount at Fiddler's Green.

    Pete Lehner

    BattleRattle04 trust me brother. You are not alone. Lots of vets out here. Semper Fi.

    Clinton Walsh

    Respect my brothers.

    James Avery

    Its a damn good song but soul hacker will bring ya right back up lol

    Big Chungus

    Thank you for service.

  88. Helen Bradley

    This song is for my dad...he has a glioblastoma stage 4...terminal brain cancer...this man is my world, he bought me up since I was 11 and my
    Mum decided her other life was more important...I'm now 33, I have an 18 month old daughter and I get married in 3 weeks...I will be the proudest girl in the world when he walks me down the aisle xxxx

    Lee Bradley

    i'm sorry to hear and maybe we are related?

    Alberta Borst

    Sorry man sorry

    Pete Lehner

    My pops passed away the day after fathers day 2 years ago. He waited a day so we wouldn't have that burden of Father's Day.

  89. DedSysOp

    Such a pretty song...

  90. Agit D. Handoyo

    because of this song i love whole albums from FF \m/!!!!!!!

  91. meshugeah

    Your Life no longer has any value
    Let them tell you what your own life is worth
    There is no compassion as life fades away
    This self deliverance the choice you have made
    Contemplate your last breath
    As you see the face of death
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath
    The pain in your life I cannot perceive
    Crimes of humanity I see and believe
    Contemplate your last breath
    As you see the face of death
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath
    Like the knife that cuts through me
    Stabbing uncertainty
    It bleeds my life I know
    Draining my heart my soul...
    Contemplate your last breath
    Breath, slowly breath

  92. Dito

    I fuckin LOVE this song. It has me tripping the fuck out on the memories of my lil homeboy Anthony Batalla. Hey ANT where the fuck did you go?! I AM BACK! I MISS YOU HOLMEZ 😞

  93. Roofluffer

    this should of been the final end credit music in Doom '16


    science fiction is a big part of their original theme..they were influenced by movies like terminator for instance.which is the basis for quite a few of their songs and narrations

    Catch 22

    That's true, "Terminate" comes to mind instantly. I also think they had some songs on a terminator video game.


    hunter/killer is a unit that exists in the terminator universe i beleive..and yea the group mentioned at some point around the time of the 2nd albums release way back in the 90s that they were into science fiction and apocalyptic themes and even went as far to name terminator as a major inspiration


    When i was listening to Fear Factory for first time recently, some songs felt very familiar, i think that they definitely influenced Mick Gordon.
    This song however, holy shit what an emotional ride.


    Tbh I really hope that FF somehow magically does a track for Doom: Eternal



  95. Max Platz


  96. Charity Proctor

    I ain't depressed but I love this song. Heck I love them period! \m/

    Gitana Maldita

    I'm depressed and suicidal and this song doesn't helps to maintain the aim to live.
    It talks about euthanasia and assisted suicide, and I'm in so much need of help, or go away definitely.


    @Gitana Maldita I hope you get the help you need.


    I dont see how being depressed has anything to do with listening to a good song about death.

  97. Charity Proctor

    I ain't depressed but I love this song. Heck I love them period! \m/