FBG Duck - Work Lyrics

I don't want no autotune. Nope. Fuck all that shit, this how they want me to [?]
Woo! Fuck all that shit. Fuck it! This what they want me to do. Turn up, turn up, turn up, turn up!

Niggas say that we don't hit, I'mma hit 'em where it hurt
Since you like taking pics, I'mma put you on a shirt
Since you wanna take a ride, I'mma put you in a hearse
Since you always tired, I'mma put you in the dirt
I tried school, it ain't work, I tried to hoop, it ain't work
I knew the job shit wouldn't work
Then the rob shit would really work
I had a rusty revolver, pin broke on it, it ain't really work
But a nigga still let me rob him, thank God that it worked

Pussy boy, you a goofy
You let me rob you with a broke gun
All this money and no guns
You deserve to have no funds
Pussy boy, you a lame
You can't hang with the gang
They know we started the gang
They know we started to bang [?]
They know we started the "Woo!"
On the line, I got proof
Keep the sauce, I got juice
I'm hurting they feelins nigga, ooh!
I'm balling hard like a Rucker
If she bad, I'mma fuck her
Hell naw, won't love her
I'mma pass her to my brother
Free Wooski, he'll shoot
I swear my boy act a fool
Niggas hating, bumping heads with me (Loose Screw!)
He make it do what it do
Niggas steady dissing Tooka
I think it's time to be rude
They say I'm reaking, what's that smell on me?
That's that Backwood full of Nu

We gonna do the shit that y'all do
I seen your Tweets so I called you
You was talking a whole lot of jibber-jabber
Look, ain't trying to argue (Pussy!)
We ain't playing nigga, y'all'll see
Heard "Tooka Gang," ya tried to call me
We don't give a fuck if y'all deep
Pop a flat now you with Baldy
The shit I say be hurting their heart
Pray for them, "Oh my God"
Times hard, but I'm calm
Dutch filled with Sherrod
I made this song out the mud
Cause we got it out the mud
I think about the dirt I did
But shit, that's just what it was
On the S with some killers (Saint Lawrence!)
Free my niggas, free my niggas
We ride but we don't see them niggas
When we catch 'em, leave them niggas
Niggas know they really bitches
I could put that on the set
Like fuck the mansions and the ex
We gonna pull up where ya at (Money!)

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FBG Duck Work Comments
  1. Anthony Jones

    go hard fellow GD

  2. Anthony Jones

    this harder than slide this need to blow
    here before a mil

  3. Yung Faness

    i Made That Song

  4. Antoine

    One of the most underrated duck videos

  5. Tadarius 98

    Coby Mack @1:46

  6. Jamiran cuzz

    2019 shit😈🔥🔥

  7. charlar carson

    This song aint get enough attention

  8. Chris Dougherty

    JHE Rooga on the left side of FBG Duck the whole time. To the right for us though

  9. Cent Respect

    Wake up People the Lord is Coming !!

  10. robin marx

    Cannon bois bitch get in tune stupid

  11. NCG ENT

    Rooga in cut 👀 onna left

  12. ZZhnu910

    when i get sad i watch this to remind myself to stop being a bitch

  13. Phinigga

    Dope asl

  14. Julio Dominguez

    On gang shit is fireeeeeee. Yo duck this shit is gang gang gang. Made the set proud nigga. I tried the school it ain't work/ I tried to hoop it ain't work/ ufffff 💥🔫😈🔥🔥🔥

  15. Omar Antillon

    Ok rooga 2:00

  16. Fabrice Kond

    Yoo.these video has 6milion views..who the fuck tryna put these street rapper down.??they good!!

  17. Trench Bayb

    I’m late asl G folks always going crazy he one of my fAvs tbh

  18. Broskii

    Goddmn ma phone overheating 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Rob Nyse

    Fuccin love this song bro! 😈💯🔥

  20. Milwaukee Quel G

    FBG 🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿🤙🏿

  21. Josiah Ali

    The world still 😴 😂... Big Bruddah


    Still here 🔥

  23. Max love

    This video is garbage

  24. jesus cruz

    666 lmao

  25. Bull Gator

    This demonic ass song would be at 666k views

  26. Michael Torres

    Who still listening to this in 2018🔥🔥

  27. Gininho49Gunsmoke

    Dropped on my BDay🔥🔥🔥💯💯 Duck super underated

  28. Teashawn Ottley

    Yh atleaet you ain't use autorune gang gang

  29. GamingWith Tea

    This song hype asf lmaooooo😁😁😂😁😂😁

  30. Michael Countryman


  31. A1GotThemPlucks

    This better than SLIDE

  32. X King

    Cannonboiz is slept on. That editing gives off an uncomfortable ass vibe. Without it, its just dudes in a room

  33. ShadowCat3292

    I hope they is scared like oh shit how tf. Lol. All God though

  34. ShadowCat3292

    "Hell naw I dont love her Ima pass her to my brother". These females weak lol

  35. chevy chariot

    😲 Mann Chico don't luv her haha 😲

  36. Alejandro Rangel


  37. Alejandro Rangel

    😲 que camaron chico 😲

  38. Von Jackson

    This harder than slide! only real fbg fans can come at me on this comment other than that it is shouldve have a mil by now

    X King

    Von Jackson it is. Slide has the popularity because everyone and their momma wanted to remix ot

    A Boii Called Sunni

    this should've blown up tbh my fav duck song

    Marsall Williams

    Von Jackson facts


    Dats da ski mask fredo was selling online-duck

  40. Scale23 Nichols

    Play this when judgement day get here

  41. E-town Coz

    Bricksquad diss...?

  42. j krook


  43. bigg kayman

    This is fire

  44. Quinton Edwards

    man who made him mad...wow...other than that the rap is awesome...he had a rusty revolver..and it worked!!!!

  45. DaTorshiab Lumpkins she got


  46. Og’tuber Mikey

    See watt happens when ur mother leave u the house by ur self

  47. Oscar Kingtana* ALBUKRAZY, NM

    fbg shit!

  48. Tyreek Johnson


  49. cave bird


  50. Kaliko Rek

    satanic at 666 comments tho lol

  51. Nopsia

    Need more heat like this

  52. Eric Washington

    my nigga🔥🔥

  53. Darnell Noa

    ole demonic ass duck

  54. on top

    "since you like to take pics imma put you on a shirt"🔥🔥

  55. TrapHappy BxBx

    "backwood full of nuuuuuu" 😂😂


    who made​ him mad

    Ezra Brites


    Kevin Rodríguez

    Headshot Hec

    Fu*k NATO North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation

    @Kevin Rodríguez u goofy this was 2016. Spanish ass goofy

    Fu*k NATO North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation

    @Kevin Rodríguez headshot hec got headshot heced tho⚰💨🚬

    Kevin Rodríguez

    @Fu*k NATO North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation haha fuck boy

  57. Teezy Cain

    Y'all fans goofy af on polo d grave

  58. Quinton Edwards



    Hood talk's👀💣

  60. Damarquez Rodwell

    bruh go hard, real shit.

  61. Quinton Edwards

    THIS SONG WORK!!!!!!

  62. Lucio Ramos

    Ski mask?

  63. Darren Muldrow

    on black stone. I rock wit. dis

  64. ThisMy Name

    shoulda filmed at a cemetary





  67. Bobaque Altered RC

    need vid for mmmm look what i did and haha next

  68. Bobaque Altered RC

    i was just saying needed vid for this song and here it is.....

  69. YTRah

    This shit beat no woofn #SignDuck

  70. Danette Pruitt

    duck I give you this one on bloodz I'm from st.Louis you got off fuck the game up with this one and y'all niggas sleep on stl

  71. trollmaster115

    Watching this video high gots me tripping

  72. deonta anderson

    fbgk cuz he dissed nuski

    Raymond Troy

    ... fucc u

  73. Shug #EA

    S/O to #STL #SC2STL

  74. Station Oxen Mr NozOo


  75. gaming Dragon

    tried to hoop didn't work i can tell by that belly song fire tho

  76. tufly 5000

    fbg up next FACTS

  77. tufly 5000

    ain't nobody fuckin wit fbg duck billionaire black or king yella

  78. BoosieBaby

    I Swear I Started Jumpin With Him @ 2:44 .

  79. Lionel Nelson

    WORK !!!!!!!!!

  80. Albert H

    duck fuckin killin em

  81. Samuel Ibeson

    Just imagine if liljay crazy ass was out, Shit would be hectic

  82. christopherJones Jones

    This mf is dope
    nigga jus put me on this

  83. NBA Jay

    this sht cold some demonic type sht I fuk with it....

  84. Bad_vibes_gaming


  85. Ronnie


  86. Chris Burney

    This very well could be the hardest shit i ever heard...Had to go grab my pistol.

  87. Marilyn Hills

    Duck got dat Joe Pesci Flow! #TooGangsta

  88. Oscar Padilla

    you see the devil right there chillin wit em💥🔫😈

  89. 89kjackson

    All yall try to be like 6hunnt

  90. Shelby Morell

    Dope work!