FBG Duck - Who Got Bars? Lyrics

[Billionaire Black:]
Ok gun off safety so its on critical
This a be a waste of time I swear these rappers pitiful

[FBG Duck:]
And they ain't fucking with the squad cause they not lyrical
We always keep it real they just pretending to

[Kreed Da Don:]
Hating on the squad that's what they tend to do
Keep then 9 on the waist, its nothing to get rid of you

[Billionaire Black:]
All my niggas trigga happy, gate jumping criminals
Have yo momma crying all black at yo funeral

[FBG Duck:]
Don't make me send my shooters threw, do you know what they will do to you
Have yo eyes closed hands folded in a linen suit

[Kreed Da Don:]
Real niggas in the booth nothing but the fucking truth
Keep on talking crazy, you gone end up on the fuckin news

[Billionaire Black:]
My lil niggas they dangerals, oops, I mean they dangerous
Niggas keep on sneak dissin ima let my banger bust

[FBG Duck:]
Do not come in this war zone bitch you can not hang with us
You ain't bust them thangs with us or stand in this rain with us

[Kreed Da Don:]
So please proceed with caution my niggas, keep they bangers tucked
Posted on the block, with them killers posted in the cut

[Billionaire Black:]
Choppa with a knife on it smoke his ass like angel dust
Let them bullets burn I let em burn like Usher Raymond bra

[FBG Duck:]
If you ain't down with my team you must be off cocaine or something
You must think ima lame or something, you lien bitch you ain't staining nothing

[Kreed Da Don:]
Fuck round with us, get yo ass nipped and tucked
Momma should have told you not to fuck round with murderers

[Billionaire Black:]
My niggas do home invasions, kick doors burglars
Plus my name hold weight, bitch I know you heard of us

[FBG Duck:]
Red beam blue beam lookin like Papa smurf
Leave his family hurt throwing flowers on top of dirt

[Kreed Da Don:]
Keep on playing games you will end up on a shirt
Come thru spray the block, make the whole black desert

[Billionaire Black:]
Wet em up the 40 squirt, my lil niggas put in work
30shotta clip a get to clappin like a concert

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FBG Duck Who Got Bars? Comments
  1. loudboy1994

    Shit had more than 200k in the past

  2. Lil Los

    I been fucking with duck before the fame 2018 slide

  3. basko sauce'alini

    trash bags

    basko sauce'alini

    snitch rap

  4. VenzelWorld kd

    My cousin: don't make me send my shooters through do u know what we'll do to u have yo eyes closed hands folded in a lanid suit

  5. QuickFlickz

    good song

  6. Zachariah Walker


  7. wyle killiams

    Duck be dopey af