FBG Duck - Exposing Me (Remix) Lyrics

That's the way it go
Ima hit this cut, you hit that cut
Betta know which way to go
Got some information that you bitch niggas would hate to know
Niggas talk that shit but they don't even know who made the O
Drop a bag on your head, my shootas get paid to blow

[FBG Duck:]
Fuck around and slide through the O, like I'm from the O
Let off 23 then 7 more, that's how I come for bro
T. Roy ain't get shot inside his head but he ain't make it though
They got so many dead niggas, bitch I don't know who to smoke

I don't know who to smoke, but I'll take Lil Boo to go
I can see him through the smoke
Caught his ass comin' out yo crib, shot him through the door
Tweakin' off the mids, I think Lil Steve comin' through the floor

[FBG Duck:]
He got caught in traffic, Waldo ain't get to finish his status
He on the internet laughin', cappin', then got caught without it
Fuck yo homie dead, you heard what I said
Fuck Sheroid, fuck Odee, fuck D-Thang, and fuck Tire Head

You niggas hoes to me, you couldn't even get close to me
I keep my heater, It's right by my side, so watch how you walk when approachin' me
Baldy got smoked by a tree, run up on him with the stick and smoked him like a leaf
Now they chalkin' up the street, for walkin' up the street, please stop talkin' up the beef

[FBG Duck:]
J Money got it the worst of me, that's how it's supposed to be
It's a lot of niggas that I'm not even gon' mention but they where they supposed to be
Niggas be thinkin' they killas, you look like a ghost to me
Boy I been smokin' your homie, this shit chokin' me

Mentioning Scrapp ain't gon' get you shit but a new grave
We do it for Scrapp, we done fucked around and made 600 change blocks
I'm fresh off a hit, might switch up the clothes, but I got the same Glock
You know what it is, we comin' for more, might shoot up the same block

[FBG Duck:]
These niggas mentionin' Tooka, I'll fuck around, send you to meet him
I don't got my Glock, when I see an opp, on bro Ima beat 'em
I'm smokin' Lil Steve can't breath, I'm thinkin' its over
I wish I was right there when Lil Boo got smoked, I woulda ran his shit over

Pass him to me, we just add him to the family tree
Smacked his ass with the back of the heat
Stello got hit from the back of the seat
Damn, the back of the seat?
He tried to get up from the back of the seat
They left his head in the back of the seat

[FBG Duck:]
Murda? Who you murdered?
Talkin' about you flippin' shit, what? A burger?
Boy you nervous, you ain't never shot no one in person

You niggas bitches, where y'all purses?
Man you niggas went and dyed y'all hair on purpose
But was it worth it? How that's workin'?
Man I wouldn't be surprised if they start twerkin'

[FBG Duck:]
Told 'em stay in tune bitch I'm workin'
Please don't think shit chicken, this ain't Church's
Tired of puttin' niggas in these hearses
I should get a million for these verses

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FBG Duck Exposing Me (Remix) Comments
  1. PornStarJayAre

    lol I still got this video downloaded on my phone.. I wonder if they’ll delete it for copyright if I repost it.

    Nick Snyder

    Shit send me that broo

    Mexican Goon

    Facts 😂 send that shit


    Dear Iran...

    It’s Jason

    JQ PLAYS lmao I was gonna say dat too

  3. Delonte nfl Slusher nfl

    Man bet u want say it to dthang face

  4. aaron reeves

    Like if fire🔥🔥🔥

  5. The sad demxn

    what's the sample behind really nice

  6. seth shaw

    They keep asking where will at you already know he dead

  7. seth shaw

    Thank you , an shout out too my real parent’s

  8. ScythTV

    What happened to the original vid

  9. seth shaw


  10. xThunder

    Murder, who you murder? Talking bout he flippin shit what, a burger!! Lmao 😂 had me dead

  11. Dareal Savage

    All I want before I die is for the video to come back 😩

  12. teddy

    I feel like it’s wrong I know every lyric to this song

  13. Justin Benton

    "Talk bout you flippin shit what a burger" 🤣

  14. Bussaveli Brasi

    I love how they still neva dissed fredo

    Dareal Savage

    Bussaveli Brasi fredo ain’t never diss them they spoke goofy

    Bussaveli Brasi

    Are yu calln me ah goof?

  15. Leona Lace


  16. Wilson Melvin

    Can't stunt sound like they did this first


    Bruh r u mad the original had like 15m views wtf

  18. Ray Chel

    Durk corny as shit for this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I won’t be surprised if he did start twerking


    This mix was definitely better than the regular

  20. MMB Savage Rapper

    Why they removed the first on it had more views than the memo and king von

    Crappy HR

    Cause they didn't pay foe the rights to the sample so the creators decided to be petty

  21. Alec Robinson

    That’s fucked up they took the original one down hatin shitt



  23. What Up

    "Fuc around n slide thru the O like I'm from the O" 😈
    And do yall hear duck screaming as a adlib 🤣 shi goes hard

  24. Nisi Castro

    Lmaooo duck said niggas mentioning tooka I'ma fuck around and send you to meet him 🤣😩

  25. B O

    Could someone tell me why the original vid got taken down?

    Elinson To Slimey

    B O I think they reported it

    B O

    Elinson To Slimey for what though?
    The rudeness of it?

    Ortega Loco

    Copyright claims on the beat , even Memos got deleted for a min

  26. Dexter DK947

    Fuck yo homie he dead Fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead fuck yo homie he dead

  27. Mad MaxX

    Yooo Chicago Legends brought me here lmaooo

    True Tunes

    Glad to hear lol, I uploaded a Bass Boost of that one as well!

  28. 50u1m0r741

    Why the took the video down 😭

  29. Adrian Whute

    Hating ass niggas them bd's reporting damn video

    Ortega Loco

    even tho their video got reported and deleted for a min also lol

  30. Tee Streetz

    GD’s taking ova tha game #Made this post to get rid off the 300 comments 😂😂

  31. Matt Ogden

    This weak at compared to vons

    Crappy HR

    No it ain't

    Matt Ogden

    Weak. As. Fuck

    Mikey Rodriguez

    Hell nahh lol

    Matt Ogden

    It’s fuckin trash

    Oso Serious

    Vons more if a song campred to this only goofys like it cuz ain't no way you can ride to this

  32. BhBlitzz

    Smokin lil Steve rn

  33. Lechel Rodriguez

    Rooga the shoots oops betta duck!!!

  34. New Money

    That lil steve comin through the floor line was the most disrespectful diss ever. Hands down.🔥

  35. Chris Purnell

    Y’all niggaz thought I was cappin when I told you von n memo wer suing these niggaz . But now look at y’all . The owner of this channel def owe me a apology if time

    Oso Serious

    Both got took down goofy ass lil boy

  36. Chris Purnell

    I need this audio to catch up so they can be mad again

    Oso Serious

    Ultimate Goofy

  37. Brianna AliseTV

    i’m not even about this life but this is my shit 😫😂

  38. Sherman Stewart

    Who still mad they took this video down?

    Oso Serious

    Only the goofys care

    Haley Courtney

    only goofy ass opps wouldn’t care

  39. Ezron Lightbody

    That part when rooga said i wouldn't be surprised if they start twerking got me laughing all time😂😂😂

  40. Chico world gang Yoshi

    I know who made the O

    Chris Purnell

    Chico world gang Yoshi who made the o

    Chico world gang Yoshi

    Ki killed oode

    Trashawn Brown

    Chico world gang Yoshi then took a picture with his own pole 🤯😴

    Broward Perspective

    Trashawn Brown or was it scrap?


    Chico world gang Yoshi KI wooski butta scrapp and someone else was there

  41. Cashh Washington

    I love yal niggaz to death but les check da scoe 😪

    Crappy HR

    STL & TW up on Oblock, Frontstreet nd NG. MOB up on 600 and NG

    Cashh Washington

    Crappy HR u tweakin! U prolly not eem in tha city

    Crappy HR

    @Cashh Washington nah I'm Saying all facts

    sean coonery

    Tw vs ym051 over melly

  42. Bobby Hamlet


  43. Fgb 50 cal

    https://youtu.be/CSVOvY7Dbfc go check mine out

  44. westphillyOG

    Them BD's hating where's the video with millions of views at???

    Grizzly ER

    they been hating lil jay had more than a million views on most of his videos but they got taken down


    i don’t like got taken down at 100mil

  45. Glock 21 ACP

    Remix was to fire 🔥 🔥🔥😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. SOS Jenkins

    Listen to Death Race On all platforms And listen to the welcome2DawgLife Mixtape

  47. Mason Reed

    "Stelo got hit from the back of the seat " The disrespect 😂

    Grizzly ER

    he tried to get up shot em back in the seat, they left his head in the back of the seat

    Grizzly ER

    Oso Serious stfu nigga thats the lyrics and they go hard


    Oso Serious bitch u white stfu

  48. Mr non stop

    6 to 24 🤔 but they songs better what matter more

  49. J G

    Ion know if I'm trippin' but in the video near the end I peeped one of the dudes holding up a strap doing L'A sign. 👀

    Saleena Rodriguez

    He threw it down as a sign of disrespect my boy

  50. Bobby 32

    This is the original man
    100 no comparison.memo regret fucking with the beat .duck and rooga schooled him btfu

  51. Explicitfilms

    Bopping in Pittsburgh

  52. Jacob Ramage

    Fuck ki lol

  53. Luis Perez

    Search up di reacting to the song it shows the video

    Luis Perez

    Dj ghost*

  54. ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    Fuck lil durk lil Reese got what lil durk needed

  55. Quan Entertainment


  56. Quan Entertainment

    Y’all go check out my exposing me remix it’s 🔥

  57. bigsmoke doodaa

    wonder y tha music video gone lol mfz hatin on bro

    Oso Serious

    Both did duck didn't care to get it back

  58. Sincere Montega-Bey


  59. Aiden Baker

    Rooga snapped on 7mile


    Aiden Baker which side?

  60. Sim Ple

    What this fbg nigga jack?

  61. James Smith

    rooga u got fat as fuck bruh

  62. Willie Jones sr

    FREE Beans

  63. Sam

    GDK we don’t play them FBG nigas is so gay

    Alhaji 164

    David Cartier word

    eLe gang

    Sam yu ain’t no BD 😂 you not even from Chicago bitch stfu net banger

    eLe gang

    Alhaji 164 you don’t know d thang nor Steve yella 😂 fuck is you talkin bout I’m jaro city bitch fuck brick city n odee n yo bitch ass tooka suckers 😂


    Everybody in this thread lame asl


    Jesus’s step causin nigga i is frm Chicago

  64. Andre’ Margiela

    Where The Video At ?🥴

  65. skip slick

    Lol they out here copywrite striking in the streets? Where they do dat at?


    lol durk n von mad fbg got more views

    Chris Purnell

    Lmao naw von made they left him on the song n he not getting his cutt

  66. Mr Jaye

    O block some real live bitchass negas Bro bro str8 up

  67. Kardiare Kasmirr

    Ion know who to smoke 🤷‼️

  68. Eddie Kush

    We that video bac tho

  69. G4GMF STL

    Most disrespectful drill song Eva and did the VIEWS MEMO HAD TO REPORT THE VIDEO 😂😂🕵🏾‍♀️

  70. Jojo Rucker

    Where tf the video go

  71. Darell Brown

    GDN 16.13.12

  72. NoCap Zone

    What Was The Reason Why The Video Got Taken Down Tho 😒

  73. Grimmy Dollaz

    They murdered this beat

  74. elijah alverio


  75. Tina Childs

    What up

  76. John Doe

    Fbg Duck been making hits like if u agree

    Bmoney go dummy

    Check out my sixnine diss check out my slim Jesus drill time

    Daquon Simmons

    Lol who

  77. Marcel Buchanan


    go oo

    Marcel Buchanan black balled my guys😣

  78. CBM

    Bro it had 20 Million views 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    Marcus Johnson

    ESPN 98 16.5 million they were ahead 6.5 million views


    Marcus Johnson dam

    Marcus Johnson

    ESPN 98 My Bad it was 20.5 million.


    I’m a fan of bds and shit but no cap this the hardest exposing me remix I done heard


    @神Avitals nigga i ain't say they bds is yall retarded? Ima fan of bds music but this shit go hard


    Look at your profile
    Picture goofy emo ass boa


    @神Avitals "anti social club" this white boa reallytweakin


    TA'VARIELL PRICE Its a brand goofy ass 😂 get your fan ass on talking about being a fan of “bds” lmfao you a lame


    @神Avitals nigga don't you listen to the music to the for all I know you probably think your hard listening to drill music go dig yourself 6 ft under white boy and keep your dick sucker closed

  80. Jay Dee

    Good thing i downloaded the original video 😂😂💪🏽

    Cure Autism

    Upload it to yt

    MarioBG _

    I need dat

    Marcus Johnson

    Jay Dee I need that heat brother it makes this even more disrespectful.

    Jacqueline Farjeat

    Put it up

  81. Jay Dee

    Dam Durk nem dat salty that they got the video took down ? 🙄

    Andre Erdna

    Power move

  82. Davon Clemmons

    Video was took down so Sony records won’t c it and fire 🦆 from the label they don’t want a drill artist tbh

    Davon Clemmons

    Marcus Johnson memo people shut it down the producers an shit

    Marcus Johnson

    Davon Clemmons 😂😂😂

  83. Linda Barrera

    Bruh they really took down the video, their was to many guns lol aha

    Tanisha Summerville

    Thats bullshit every damn video from Chicago had guns in it...This song is just to fire they had to take it down

  84. Frankline Osieny

    this song goes hard men

  85. Chadwick Davis

    These niggas mentioning TOOKA?! I fuk around send u to meet him🤯👏

  86. The GLO Chasers

    Lol why the video not up no mo?

    Chris Purnell

    The GLO Chasers they got sued

  87. Mr non stop

    The reason they took it down cause the families was complaining von and memo got they shit back up dor

  88. cadeem88

    T roy aint get shot inside his head but aint make it doe, they got so many niiggas bitch i dont know who to smoke.

  89. Copper Bull

    They started war with this shit 👀 🎶

  90. Kyle Adrien

    Lame how they took the video down. Shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  91. Jayjay Myers

    😂😂😂 they took the vid down because it had way more views then the original

    WhoIsZxch ?

    Lavish & Mani daaaaamn lil Marc need to hop on a remix 😈


    Its because fbg duck is signed to sony and they don't want to represent a killer. So it was either lose his deal or take it down

    PotHead Music

    @Tarrance Martin💯

    Sharon Purnell


  92. Roosevelt Darbey

    Vicious diss record

  93. Sincere Montega-Bey


  94. True Tunes

    Like this comment if you want the Music Video back up 💯

    Maino Da Realest

    @Savage Knock Official he disrespected that man too bad

    Jacob Haddad

    Why'd it get taken down