FBG Duck - Chicago Legends Lyrics

This shit I'm about to spit to y'all
This some real shit
This the realest shit I've never wrote
Ay Trey P I don't want no auto-tune
Fuck all that shit

First off I want to tell y'all my own man
You don't understand it you didn't become a grown man
Then again we ain't got to be friends
We ain't got to hang together
We ain't got to hold hands
But real niggas they gone respect it
Hold on just give it a second
I know I ain't the only nigga notice we lost a lot of Chicago legends

First we gon start off with the Jojo
He had the BDK movement bussin'
I don't even think that I gotta discuss it
Small nigga but he wasn't for nothing
Somebody tell Swagg I feel his pain
I know how it feel to lose a fucking brother
Even though the gun was bigger than him
I ain't gone lie he still was gone bust it
Ouu that moment was tragic
But I got to tell you Tied Up still a classic

Now we gone talk about Pappy
I can vouch that young nigga was savage
Every time you heard a song by Pappy
Chromes clapping, domes splatting
You felt the realness, you felt the madness
That's why I played that shit with the passion

You know what got to me? (what got to you?)
When a nigga killed ZackTV (that's a bitch move)
Let me hear you say "fuck them niggas" if you feel me (fuck them niggas!)
They don't know I know you before the interviews, YouTube (all that, all that)
First nigga step a foot in every hood
Now you got these niggas trying to do what you do (look what you started)

Now let me tell you a story about Lil Marc
He was a demon but he had a good heart
Plus he was Tooka brother that's the good part
Niggas ain't play with him he wasn't a guitar

It's only right that I talk about Dooski
You know I'm finna tell your ass it's a movie
He got y'all poppin' jiggas gettin' groovy

Okay enough with the bro ties
Nah I ain't crossing over a bitch I'm not a bow tie
But I made this track to be fair
It's only right that I talk about both sides

So now we gone talk about Nuski (talk about him)
But I barely knew him like that (I don't know much really)
But I heard he kept the strap (no disrespect)
I mean that with no disrespect (I mean that)

Can't forget about Fredo either (talk then!)
Business man tried to keep it legal (that's 100)
Stand up nigga he fed his people (I know that for a fact)
Hell nah I ain't talking no pizza

Gotta talk about L'A cause he a legend too (talk then dawg)
I ain't dick riding just thinking ahead of you
All of the legends you could compare them to
Trying to show the badder you it's a better you (gotta think about it though)

You know I ain't nding this shit without talking about Lil Mister
I just be thinking damn lil' bro
How the fuck you let them niggas get you?
Boy you started no lacking
Why the fuck you ain't have your pistol?
I just want to send my condolences out to his mother and his sister
You one hunnit with me forever
You gone always be official

But how about we talk about Smylez
Man Smylez was my nigga (Smylez was 100)
Smylez did shit when niggas didn't
Smylez was cookin' up when niggas wasn't in the kitchen
Smylez was all about business bitch, you hear me?

Ay look though
Every motherfucking name I just spit is a Chicago Legend
Don't matter if he from this side or that side
This shit don't mean nothing, now all the bullshit aside
If you don't fuck with them you a fuck nigga
If you don't feel this you a bitch nigga
Chicago Legends

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FBG Duck Chicago Legends Comments
  1. Tayler Nicks

    Chicago comin with the strings? 👌🙏

  2. Ty gaming

    Why is the title of this song Chicago Legends

    But Pappy ain’t in it

  3. Jayshun Hunter

    I cried no bs this shit is actually great rip to all and yo brova

  4. Tadarius 98

    If duck dies , STL/EBT,TW,MOB will terrorize their opposition like how Oblock went insane on STL when T-Roy was killed , you have to lose someone important for the war to continue and if this nigga die it’ll be a complete war zone, shit sad I hope he leaves Chicago before it’s to late.

  5. Necobi Lambert

    Don't forget FBG Duck you're one of the biggest legends from Chicago I just pray that nothing ever happens to you you're Cut From a Different Cloth I was a fan since duck put out right now love that song and been a fan ever since stay safe and keep you and your guys safe keep getting money fuck the streets you need to die of old age

  6. Wam Team Rico

    So me how many people love this song 👍👇

  7. Chris

    This that shit fr fr

  8. Manto Danto

    what about kts von???.

  9. Robert Phillips Jr

    This would be official to see Chicago rappers start remixing this track like the chiraq freestyles. This shit here was hard. Growth and maturity. Good shit Duck.

  10. Moneyright _

    This shit trash bruh. I understand where he was going. Still trash tho

  11. Rio Productions

    You forgot about Capo

  12. Anthony Owens

    Too coldd

  13. AJ Sotoo


  14. battle rap fanatic

    My nikka came wit dat real man shit salute my dude I feel dis shit its strong

  15. The Witcher Geralt

    This mans like US Rapman 😂

  16. Anthony Martin Jr

    La Capone lil jojo juice wrld otf nunu king pappi

    Anthony Martin Jr

    Fredo Santa

  17. Concept Mist

    If niggas would’ve came together on this rap shit Chicago would’ve been untouchable.

  18. Glocc

    Menaces got feelings too, He going down as a Chicago Legend.

  19. Serenity Camarillo

    “Yu felt tha real ness , yu felt tha madness. That’s y I played that shii wit a passion” RIP Pappy 🥺

  20. Dxjoひr

    what happen to capo?

    Rio Productions

    Exactly lol

  21. Jimmy Den

    Do a part 2 famo💪🤔

  22. Nathan Martian

    Fuckkk man jojo still gets me we were kids bruh in lock down

  23. Chris Sosa

    This supposed to have AT LEAST 100M views

  24. JDuBz MoBEnT

    Thiis That Str8 G-Shiit

  25. Regilio Pinas

    I hope they dont delete thiss...💯❤

  26. Sean west

    Duck burnt out. Drugs age tf out of people.

  27. Donterious Meeks

    Real Shit

  28. John Skiii

    Keep replaying 🔥🤯💯

  29. yo daddy

    He for got cali slim 🤣 8300

  30. James Johnson

    Ay this james my gmail is [email protected] mail hml

  31. King mays b

    Man i hope this start a trend in chiraq #putthegunsdown

  32. Coterie Records

    Honorable ✊🏾

  33. Loon Nawhead

    R.I.P to all day folks on both sides. Chicago Love ✡️ free da guys ✡️

  34. Owee


  35. Loon Nawhead

    Bruh I'm from Chicago and I can see all y'all taking over the game on every end once we get it together. Oml mf outside da city wanna see y'all kill each other

  36. Chicago chiraq Talk

    He was a demon but he had a good heart and niggaz and play wit him because he had the guitar😈😈

    What Up

    That's not what he said lmaoo

    Chicago chiraq Talk

    What Up then wat he say you goofy

    Chicago chiraq Talk

    No I’m saying he had the guitar

  37. Curtis Gee


  38. Chief beef SoSA

    Capo t roy blood money aka biglo rip😢

  39. Globoy-_-

    Where’s capo?

  40. Skylar Banks

    I new i loved this dude for a reason🤦🙏😪 Damn it's so sad that are people loosing there lives like this.. And i mean talented!!! Respect 100 Duck!! Pray to God to cover us all🙏 Damn when I seen zack tears rolled down my eyes so bad😪 rip too all!!!

  41. Miafacetj

    Humble dude how could you wanna see bro loose 🤔

  42. Young trey

    Man fuck all the violence we losing to much brothers I hope other people feel this

  43. Ki Cassanova's Black Gums

    Fbg duck : drops Chicago legends

    Lil reese : “ SMOKIN DAT TOOKA IM CHOKIN ”


    fuck duck

  44. Gbl Lamar

    I swear I knew it would be Duck that would rise and elevate above all the fuckerie proud of you fam

  45. Adrian P.

    Respect earned but u forgot juice

    tG Straight from th78 blockz

    Adrian P. It was made before his Dead

  46. Ice Mingle


  47. AssassinX

    3,000,000th view ❤️

  48. Visuality Confidence

    Respect keep that FBG duck shit going

  49. Talkin' HORSES with Corlo-G

    A bro...real shit,that shit hard as hell..I’m from NAPTOWN but that shit was cold and I appreciate you for yo loyalty to yo city...keep gettin it in 💯

  50. OGrow420

    3 mill views!!! good shit duck!!

  51. Janae Clay

    Naw I ain't crossing over bitch I'm not a bow tie. 🔥🔥


    Got beats you should check out hmu [email protected]

  53. BUBBLES Gang

    Juice ?

    What Up

    He died after he made this

  54. Turrell Jackson

    G Herbo a Chicago legend

    Yo yo yo

    Turrell Jackson he ain’t dead

  55. Jevonte Hegwood

    Bro u gne bring chicago together G fr💯🙏💪❤

  56. TSK L

    RIP ZACKTV 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  57. Draco Draco

    Who else miss them days 2012 13

  58. Qumair Madison

    Zacktv would be proud 🙏💯

  59. Aziz Wynder

    RIP to Ms. Destiny Harrison. I didn't know you personally but what happened to you was tragic. I wish I could trade my life for yours, too young, too beautiful to go out like that. #DestinyHarrison 💕😪🌷

  60. Octavio Barrera

    @djghost hit this mf review already Whole diff outlook on fbg 🗣🚫am opp that can speak on other section is a man w a dream . And hes dreaming on keeping the legends alive

  61. flexico Flex

    Respect big duck

  62. Kevin Hill

    My God, I’m impressed. This is a great song and this guy is very articulate for a Chirak savage. 👏👏👏

  63. Kendrick DAWSON

    ima dallas TX nigga and I been told yall duck was a solid nigga... he the type that's gone diss yo homie if you dis his homie... shout out to Chicago i got homies down south from the CHI.... RIP TO my lil brothA and my niggas I only fuk with muzik i can relate too

  64. Curtis Sims

    I’m from Philly and I feel this the 🐐💯🔥🔥

  65. King Solo

    Memo got 912 accounts

  66. EveryDay Life

    This man I fckin demon on the rap side
    Damn duckkkk

  67. Stunnaman Nick

    Real shit!

  68. Akira Levi

    This song raw asf

  69. Seth Crocker


  70. Jon Mac

    Goofy ass song 👥👌🧠🛌

    Slim 21

    Jon Mac nah you just a goofy

    Jon Mac

    Damn.. you right!

  71. MRhoodmoney20

    Fire somebody finally grew up it takes the bigger man growth and development

  72. L4m TbgLilJay

    Fuck pappy #Tbg lil Jay “how I’m coming” video out (pappydiss) https://youtu.be/oOjWdknOsEg

    tG Straight from th78 blockz

    L4m TbgLilJay L

  73. Tyheem Johnson

    nah duck this g shit u just did rip to niggas on both sides rip jojo rip LA rip otf nunu rip pappy. i grew up listing to both sides u with black and the clout lord himself pappy then sosa dirk LA rondo on the other side nd both sides had talent simple facts opps to each other or not yall niggas raised and taught a lot of motherfuckers.

  74. Pamela Wilson

    He talkin sum real azz shii💯

  75. Summer J

    I thing 4 sho 2 things 4 certain part 2 betta be duck on whoever wanna jump on it from both sides #wegottachange4thebeyterchicago

  76. JayGloUp

    Put this on apple music🔥🖤

  77. Tommy James

    Damn duck mad respect for Fredo speach fr fr that’s my favorite rapper

  78. Bdk Hustla

    My ghetto angle ✡️🔱

  79. Air stxched

    not even gonna cap i stared crying while listening to this😂😂😂

  80. Kodak Tony SG

    FBG DUCK IS A LEGEND AND REAL MAN people like this I respect ✊🏼💯 like if u agree with me

  81. NR40 CLOUTA

    Rip pappy:(( he was the best man

  82. tripd

    This made me cry as a fan who keeps up with the movement much love from Florida 💯

  83. Blake


  84. Trelly Trell

    I fwt Fashow on Jesus Christ hella respect for dis big brah

  85. Chitownkid_E07

    I really wish I new Fbg Duck so that we can start networking more with other artist to take his career to the next level and make his way so that he won’t end up like all those Chitownnation legends he mentioned in that song, rest up Chicago legends ✊🏾💯 #RIP

  86. Deadlocc

    Real respect to shouting out others even if u didn’t fw them u real 🤧


    Damn where Billy

  88. Dion Rutcosky

    do a part 2 to this song there is way more legends bro

    Jose Pena

    Yes if left out capo..

  89. MotorCityOctane

    Not only the dead niggas but the ones locked up, these Chiraq niggas woulda took over the rap game. Imagine if we never lost Biggie & Pac too. Respect from Detroit

  90. Thetruebryce

    Now thats how show luv 🖤

  91. white shadow

    LA was probably my favorite rapper he would of made it big, but RIP to all, good song 👍

  92. SocialClub ingi

    Almost at 3m views ... keep going🔥🔥

  93. Jamar Williams

    big respect bro

  94. seangibson3054able

    Should’ve put melly in it, he don’t rap but he damn sure had a fan base like he did

  95. No Limit Krazy

    Been with duck since the "I ain't got my gun on me I ain't tryna box rite now" days 🤣💯 keep going big homie ..legendary

  96. Fbg Duck

    #RIP #juicewrld999 He a Chicago Legend To🙏🏾


    @XxvonnXx-YT k what about me?

    Chris Sosa



    juicewrld drop the forks

    SmokeWeed Everyday

    You Shoulda Said And For All The People That Got Killed in Chicago Due To Gang violence RIP I Promise It Would Of Gave me A Different Effect Still This go Nuts duck

    Jordan Hird

    Bruhhh you a real ass nigga for this 💯💯💯 even shouted out the opps. Man yall Chicago niggas deserve better than this. Gotta stop the warfare bruh 🎯💯🧡