Fazerdaze - Take It Slow Lyrics

It seems so far already
It seems so far ago
I don't know if I'm ready
I'll take it slow

Take it slow
Take it slow
Round and around we go
Take it slow

And when we're lost together
We seem so far apart
I don't know where we headed
We'll make a start

Take it slow
Take it slow
Round and around we go
Take it slow
Take it slow
Take it slow

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Fazerdaze Take It Slow Comments
  1. Dhenny Saputra

    Dec, 2019 ? 😂

  2. Jake Universe

    wooow had no idea these guys from Auckland, so dope

  3. Muhammad Afif Azzindani

    Gua kawinin lu mba amel

  4. wpxy yay


  5. 돌고래

    This video feels so good !!

  6. Tucker Runningwolf

    This Song reminds me to easy up on the small things that bother me Respect to Fazerdaze

  7. Askar Seitov


  8. i'm not cyborg


  9. Saadat KB

    > tfw no gf

  10. T f r

    This music video is simple but captivating.

  11. kala captain

    wtf this is kino

  12. Kpax

    🇬🇱 music💯%

  13. Vol deMort

    i think ive found another ear candy...nice

  14. Sentient Meat Computer

    The world needs a video of Rich Brian, Amelia Murray and Dougie Mandagi eating Indomie Mi Goreng in Indonesia.

  15. Bara Wisesa

    mbak nya ayu tenan koyok mantanku. kok mukanya indo bgt yah, oh ternyata memang ibu nya indo. mbak nya bikin aku kangen mantan :(

  16. Three Utama

    the singer like an Indonesian beauty girl..?

    udah enak

    iyak. blasteran.

  17. Ok Computer

    this beauty is the kind that doest need a make up...

    Herlina Florist

    Just need a cloth.

  18. 박건희

    어우야 힐링노래 너무좋잖아 ㅎㅎ;

  19. kC bank


  20. Tole 69

    What this genre of song please tell me

    Nasrul Abba

    indie rock/indie soul

  21. praisethelove

    so chill.

  22. Dewa Saputra

    I should never have seen her ... :|

  23. Gerardo Aguilar


  24. Hat Dag Cat

    A woman's life is so easy when they're pretty.

  25. names' chink, chinky spicster

    daddy fucking likee....

  26. Paul Exile

    Thank God I found this, welcome to my day.

  27. James Rimamate

    lmao how did you make newzealand look asthetic? XD

  28. joe life

    I want to make a band :)

  29. fita yuniar

    Seriously she should work with Real Estate band or Beach Fossils. They're like musically made for each other

  30. 愛子伊藤


  31. dread knot

    not hipster overload thank goodness.

  32. 김범진


  33. Deddy_ Romansyah666

    vokalnya ada muka-muka indonesianya

    Aditia Sulistiyono

    fyi aja bung, yang nyanyi memang ada darah indonesianya ( blasteran indo, red ) 😂

  34. Y0ungContrarian

    Fazerdaze is my new favourite!

  35. Learning Guitar

    That tele <3

  36. Иван Бельмесов

    Your videos are from 90-s, it's very cool. I love the atmosphere of those times, thank u! U r da best♥♥♥

  37. sab •

    Thanks, i needed this

  38. Sriram R

    Rich people music ?

  39. Ash Dumbass

    Her music is really good ik but Damn! She's mesmerising!

  40. Iqbal Ramadan

    i had a dream, i can move to new zealand, btw i'm from indonesia, seeing fazerdaze in little uneasy video is the reasons why i want to move. Hi amalia murray?, when you come to indonesia again??, i missed your show in jogja

  41. Rayson Rockwell

    I love her

  42. Azmi Fitriansyah

    feel nostalgic about something i've never experienced

  43. Vinyl Eyezz


  44. Muhammad Asrudin

    She is pretty

  45. Shella

    she's cool

  46. Sancho Aben

    Do feminists get offended by the fact that she is making toasts for the rapists?


    Lol XDDDD


    Why you so beautiful hah? 🤣

  48. IqbalPratama

    Indonesian girl😍

  49. Psyfreak124

    Great track.....her talent is inspiring

  50. Jéssica Adélia

    Eu amei seu estilo de música, e daqueles que coloca pra ouvir na estrada. 🇧🇷❤️

  51. Tommaso Croce

    My fav 2017 record. Everything in it is so simple yet so right

  52. Emma-Elviine Bürkland


    happy vibes coming :)

  53. Arif Rahman

    Im so proud of you amelia , ur half of my country INDONESIA. I guess that when i see ur clip for the first time if u r half from INDONESIA.

  54. Aleksa 432

    virgins would say...

  55. Big Negão

    karaiu pia q fita

  56. Rilo Alvr

    Hai Amelia Murray salam dari Indonesia

  57. Pranjal Sensua

    She's a lucky girl

  58. กระเพราหมูชิ้น ไข่ดาวไม่สุก 2

    Love song

  59. Josue Galicia

    Se parece a mí ex

  60. Roman

    you forget about the money listening to that, don't you? recall Motorama though

  61. xarmanhs k afragos

    This band is the reason i googled 'is new zeland a great place to live?'
    Edit* it seems its expensive

  62. clo3 K


  63. mix

    Feliz Navidad


    Feliz Año Nuevo

  64. Cris P.

    What a beautiful song!

  65. gil-nam Moon

    me: *Discovers Amelia Murray*

    oh Jesus, pls bring back the nineties pls

    Jesus: as you wish, my child

    *unemployment rate gradually gets worse*

    me: That's not what I meant!!!


    Lol hahahahahaha xD

  66. Grand DeSade

    I'm so stoned out ~


    kanyaah bunda :*

  68. Knowledge Will Increase

    reminds me of a mellow STONE ROSES

  69. dammbleth2

    these hipsters are not very good at sports

  70. Alan Michel

    just picture this scenario: fazerdaze + men i trust + alvvays playing in your cd player while chatting with your friends and having some brews on your backyard some random weekend. Sheer happiness :)

    kenny bob

    Or how about 6 months ago when i handed Fazerdaze a copy of Alvvays new C.D. and she said she loved the first one and hadn't heard the second album.

    Alan Michel

    @kenny bob i don't know how that is related xD, nevertheless I'm pretry sure that would be a happy moment too, thanks for sharing that memory :)

    kenny bob

    @Alan Michel I know it's not related, but it was a cool moment, and to top it off, going to see Alvvays this weekend in Toronto. They sold out 4 shows, so they added a 5th. ( 1500 people per show ).

  71. Rafi Azano

    3 lucky boy

  72. Abdullah Saleh


  73. MeChameDe _ Margarida

    Meus sonhos: aprender a tocar um ukulele e criar belas músicas como esta ♡

  74. Diaz Albani

    great recorded and mixed audio, her voice more beautiful.

  75. Tontical

    Threetards brought me here :3

  76. asking alexandriafans


  77. siddhartha ganguly

    Marry me amelia !!

    kenny bob

    Hey, hey she might marry Archie.


    @kenny bob lol XD I got it

  78. GO • MAMA abdul haq

    cantik nan indah, kyk wajah khas org indo

  79. Charlie5thumbs

    Whoever her boyfriend is, he is the luckiest guy in the world!

    John mark Secuya

    fuck your boyfriend

    John mark Secuya

    and fuck your family

    John mark Secuya

    fuck you charlie smegma shit

    Sit DamnYou

    My biggest ambition in life is to be that man!!!

  80. Ryan Marlans

    Indonesian Women..Beutifull Girll...

    Ahmad Zuhdan fathoni

    Ryan Marlans dia dari mana bang. 🙋

    Diaz Albani

    blasteran indo sama nz

    Ahmad Zuhdan fathoni

    Diaz Albani ow,. New zeland.?

  81. polarbear242

    She's the coolest girl to ever walk on earth. Thank you universe, for Fazerdaze. <3

  82. RUSH2012



    Good song

  84. Lavender Town

    Shes so pretty

  85. Jody Wheeler

    the video has them pumpkins' 1979 feels

  86. survivor geek

    she came singapore and i missed the gig because of ns lol smh

  87. Marilyn Gonzalez

    [email protected] gracias por estar en tus canciones son mis preferidas y me gustan bastante.
    Te amo mucho mi vida no dejes de ser tal cual eres. Eres lo máximo

    Edwin V

    Marilyn Gonzalez siempre estarás en mis canciones :3 Te amo linda tu y yo “let’s take it slow” ❤️😘👰

  88. Roe Azi

    80s filter, vintage..nice

  89. luizcodelico

    she is beautiful

  90. Chadwick Blue

    Each one of the band members is bidding his time..

  91. Estefany Velasco

    Mi favorita❤

  92. Firman Fahrulrozi

    Selamat, kamu baru saja punya satu lagi fans berat! <3

  93. Tsai Chou Zhang

    I hate it every time blonde gorgeous dude appears, am I homophobic?