Fazerdaze - Shoulders Lyrics

Waking soft
Waking slow
Fading into focus
Every breath
Every pulse
Holding in the moment
Every fall
Every rise and fall of your shoulders
And I'm trying not to try so hard for you
I'm trying not to try so hard for you

Wake me soft
Wake me slow
Fade me into focus
Every breath
Every pulse
I hold you in the moment
And I'm trying not to try so hard for you
I'm trying not to try so hard for you

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Fazerdaze Shoulders Comments
  1. Umar Sarhan

    Im trying not to try so hard for you!

  2. Rooben Kardona

    i think shes hot af

  3. Yudhistira Setiawan

    Gw lg keinget ama orang, terakhir nyanyiin lagu ini bareng di jogja, thx amelia, thx land of leisure for bring me back to that situation

  4. Odd Man

    she reminds me of my first love thats kinda sad

  5. MJ Music

    She doesn’t write bad songs and plays so clean

  6. Christopher Smith

    I don't know what it is about this young lady from New Zealand. It's either her subliminal lyrics or her musical composition that's stirs me. She has the goods.

  7. aazaranis

    If you love this, you will love Needle In The Hay by Elliott Smith!

  8. Reg Hunt

    That is a happy little Mustang

  9. Ermanı Gevur

    Sounds like Sum41 "Pieces" or Paramore "Future"

  10. Kimberly Pike

    I relate to this because I am dating someone with depression.

  11. Ana Moura

    I really want to learn this version of music on my guitar, but I can't find any chords about ;----;
    But it's a really pretty song, thank u💕

  12. edwin septiandi

    I don't know how could im here, but i really glad i found this. Cheers from Indonesia

  13. ᚲᚨᚢᛚᛞᚱᛟᚾ ᛃᛟᛏᛁ

    She makes me want to fall in love... how?

  14. bradleeregister

    God I love this

  15. olterega

    Kalau ada yang bilang bahwa pada suatu saat
    Di suatu tempat
    Akan ada yang namanya keberhentian waktu dan lenyapnya segala hal yang ditakdirkan untuk menyesalkan banyak hal
    Saya percaya bahwa saat dan tempat itu adalah Fazerdaze

  16. guilherme santos

    love her

  17. Esteban Guzman

    that death stare at 2:03 thou

  18. Dad's Theme

    god only knows how much i love that guitar :c

    pd: feel free to check our stuff c:

  19. Will Stuckey

    y’all are talking about her but honestly that guitar is making me wet

  20. Sammy Hilman

    I like this version better 👌🏻✨✨✨

  21. Rikda Adi

    gak ada orang indonesia njirrr

  22. pipit yananto

    Squier or fender ??

  23. marcannabeast

    I wish I were younger...I am so crushing....www.artwanted.com/andrewmarx

  24. Убийца скуки

    и ноги кривые

  25. Убийца скуки

    не хватает аранжировок

  26. Devid Higgens

    Beautiful !😍

  27. Smoove J

    I’ve been whistling this melody all day. She has a wonderful talent for writing these catchy little earworms.

  28. ストラト

    I am happy because I knew her. I cheer her from Japan.

  29. lopez lopez

    I wish I was ther I wouldn't have taken my eyes of hers

  30. Denna

    So lucky I've met her and been hugged by her :')

  31. John Lewis

    Well done.

  32. Zazexter's Labyrinth

    Her ears are bit awkward .. like Vegeta I think 😁

  33. Ernesto Gonzalez

    el proceso creativo de componer una buena canción es complejo desde su inicio hasta su final. esta es una buena cancion en mi opinion.

  34. Ernesto Gonzalez

    la neta me gusto la chinita

  35. Christopher McConnell

    Just found out about Fazerdaze about a week ago. I've been missing out, this is incredible

  36. Stin Haffin

    Minecraft sounds at the beginning

  37. Rock King


  38. jimmylies

    Love Fazerdaze... Come to the Mexico City, please!!!

  39. Eternal vivacity

    Que música bonita! Tão calminha, tão distante... c:

  40. Just Jay

    Still listening to you in 2019. . ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  41. jrregan

    Amelia - SFC - So effing Classy


    Why you so pretty hah? 🤣

  43. Dead & St.

    I love your Fender, i love your voice, and i started love you

  44. Psyfreak124


  45. Safira A

    This song just hit me

  46. SuperKingbunny

    Sorry but it's better at 1.25x

  47. Phil Weight

    Is that Suzanne Vega? No it's Fazedaze......... great stuff.

  48. Gisela Swaragita

    hi anyone can pls tell me what kind of dr. martens those are?

  49. Yago Ferreira

    BRAZIL ♡

  50. zen dai

    go flip burgers in mcdonalds

  51. payetteman

    Sounds sort of like Adam's Song by Blink 182, even though they're much more pop sounding.

  52. Kevin McLaughlin

    Damn patriarchy whistling in the background, jeeezus!!!!

  53. qantar

    love that ASMR intro

  54. Deadbeat Mother Deadbeat Adopted Grandmother

    Great video, support from Golden-voice

  55. Hydraulic

    Greeting from Brazil <3

  56. Hippocrates Noah

    Sounds like Elliot Smith a bit... I likes its

  57. Elena's Lover

    Wow! She looks like black haired Karen Page

  58. remington anding

    Wow from malaysia.. this song melt my heart!

  59. krust

    Anyone know the chords ?


    @krust F Dm C Bb
    These are the chords :)


    Guitar chords?


    F Dm C Bb
    These are the chords :)

  61. Adrian Tomo

    I like her a lot, but she looks like my mom. goddamit


    yo mama hot

  62. I'm Jeff 孤独

    I love your mustang

  63. Miguel Angel Lopez

    wow, I really like the song, and feels so rich even tho is only one guitar. nice job!

  64. André Oliveira


  65. Twix gauche

    j'aime bien le bruit des graviers ..

  66. Vlad Kasatkin


  67. arcoz elio

    So glad YouTube put this in my homepage

  68. kate

    this song makes me wanna really take time to notice all the small things and just appreciate it all.

  69. matt kaluza

    so nice

  70. Daniel Castro

    Hey, girl your music is amazing, almost magical.

  71. hiitsgian 08

    Love from Philippines 💓💓💓

  72. Lolina Melina

    She's so lovely. Is she half asian?


    Actually she's half indonesian

  73. スーパーカー


  74. Morning Side

    2:03 those eyes :)))

  75. Armando Perez

    Ufff....... 🇲🇽

  76. Gabriel Calvin

    I dont understand why the fck 75 dislikes happens in this vid. Maybe they thought its a download button.

  77. GO • MAMA abdul haq


  78. Rifat Pahlawan

    Blasteran indonesia nih?

  79. Charles D von

    Es bella :)

  80. ac almogela

    uuwuu uuwuuu
    uuwuu for you uwu

  81. Charlie5thumbs


  82. Rizky Aufa

    mbak ameel cakep bener si

  83. Christopher Smith

    She's a really talented singer songwriter. Fazerdaze hasn't made a corny or bad song yet. Everything she's done is good.

  84. Doomer Guy Al

    I am a simple man, I see Amelia Murray I click like

  85. Fai Sultan

    Omg, girl! You rock! I love your style ♡

  86. ibnu arif

    i love u

  87. TheFreshestTechnique

    Randomly stumbled across this, absolutely brilliant

  88. yayan puji

    2:03 little uneasy xD


    @yayan puji XD

  89. The Crate Collective

    i melt....

  90. mouldy acid


  91. andreh

    I've been loving her work for almost one year... hope she get the attention she deserves